The Devilish Immortal Chapter 250 The Orc

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Time flew by. 10 years had pa.s.sed.

One day, on the dark lake in the south part of the Nether Big World, a splash burst through the surface, and then a figure came out of it while mumbling, “Is this the Nether Big World?”

The man was exactly the missing man after the explosion of the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage, Lyu Liang!

That day, after he desperately killed the people from Infernal Purgatory, he was suddenly swept away by an unexpected s.p.a.ce gap when he was almost done Soul-Searching.

Although he wouldn’t die with the help of White and Black, it was still unacceptable for him to wander around in the Chaotic s.p.a.ce forever.

Only Lyu Liang, who had the Divine Body and the Tianxuan Holy Rattan as well as the great s.p.a.ce power of White and Black, could survive from that deathtrap.

The most terrible thing about the s.p.a.ce whirlpool was surely the s.p.a.ce gaps that could occur at any time.

If one was lucky and appeared on the side of the whirlpool, people would be directly swept away just as Lyu Liang had experienced before.

But if one was unlucky and the gap appeared right upon the body, even a powerful figure at the Emperor Level would also be ripped apart, with his soul flying and scattering…

Black was in charge of finding out a s.p.a.ce node where it was possible to cut out another pa.s.sage. And White would prevent Lyu Liang from being devoured by other s.p.a.ce gaps.

According to them, the place they were in at that moment was the one-dimensional whirlpool after they left the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage. If they could find a s.p.a.ce node, they would be able to make a pa.s.sage to leave that s.p.a.ce whirlpool.

However, if they were unfortunately devoured again by another s.p.a.ce gap in the one-dimensional whirlpool, they would enter the two-dimensional whirlpool, where it was very likely that they would be floating in the s.p.a.ce whirlpool forever…

During the first three years, there were still several times when Lyu Liang was nearly devoured again by an unexpected s.p.a.ce gap even with the help of White. He finally had a break when Black accidentally found a relatively stable s.p.a.ce.

Afterward, Black just focused on finding a useful s.p.a.ce node. Lyu Liang kept cultivating and gradually recovered, and then he started to carefully study the two rare treasures he’d gotten from those people of Infernal Purgatory.

One treasure was the strange black net, which was covered with a layer of dark light. It could shield any magic power.

The other one was the divine spear that could even impale the Divine Body easily. That old man called it the “Breaking Divine Spear”. Lyu Liang knew nothing more about it, but it was indeed a priceless treasure already due to its ability of cutting the Divine Body as though it was mud!

Swallowing Spirit saw them and said slowly, “You got precious treasures again! The material of the net is the unique Chaotic stone only existing in the Immortal World! And that spear, it’s actually made of the Red Flame Refined Gold! Infernal Purgatory is really rich!”

Lyu Liang heard that and understood that the two treasures in his hands were real treasures. They were hard to get in the Mortal World, so they could not be more suitable to be the new trump cards for him when facing enemies in the future.

“Infernal Purgatory is a killer organization that is equal to the Skull Spirit Temple in the s.p.a.ce of G.o.ddess Nyu Wa. The style of the Skull Spirit Temple is to kill their enemies in one blow and always act prudently, while Infernal Purgatory is just the opposite. They are like maniacs when fighting and have created a lot of Men of Sacrifice inside the organization, so their attack is always earthshaking.” White was introducing Infernal Purgatory with his brows furrowed, apparently showing that he had no good feelings toward it.

“No matter what kind of organization it is, I will never let them off when I make it to the s.p.a.ce of G.o.ddess Nyu Wa someday!” Every time he came to think of that tragic scene before, his heart was in so much pain as if it were bleeding!

The small Blood Dragon and Wen Ying were definitely dead. Lyu Liang, such a strong man, would also probably die in that situation even with the help of the Divine Body and the Tianxuan Holy Rattan.

The bursting aura spreading from those five Men of Sacrifice was absolutely equal to the power of a Supreme Master. As for the reason that they could still create such fierce self-detonations in the Mortal World, it might be related to the “remaking” that White had talked about before.

The second group that rushed in included Yang Ying, Xu Mubai, and Fatty, but no one knew what had become of them in the end. Besides, there were also some people who were plotted against in the pa.s.sage. There was nothing Lyu Liang could do about it except pray silently that they would be okay.

Terminating Infernal Purgatory had definitely surpa.s.sed all the other dreams in his heart. Even when he learned that his mother was killed by the Seven Disciples of the Blood Divine Sect that year, he didn’t have as much hatred as he did at this time!

During those 10 years, his whole body would burst out a thick beam of Death Qi every time he thought of that painful moment. In addition, his Cultivation Method was also gradually improving. At last, the Power of Law in the Ghost Soldier Transforming Realm had been actually promoted to a new level.

Liu Linger explained that it was Lyu Liang’s pain resonating with the Yin-h.e.l.l Qi, which had the same quality. Until that time, he did have the qualification to control the absolute Field Domain, the Ghost Soldier Transforming Realm.

During the last period of those 10 years, Black finally found a stable s.p.a.ce node to cut after all his efforts. Although he didn’t know where it was going to lead, chances were that it would lead to the Nether Big World.

Lyu Liang and Zhu Yu used to cut a pa.s.sage together in those years. At the moment, he could also handle it easily all by himself.

But then he was surprised to find that the exit was connected to a lake…

The world at that time was covered by starlight, clearly indicating that it was night. However, when Lyu Liang was trying to figure out what to do next, some noise rose up from a distance not far away.

Next, three figures became visible to them. When Lyu Liang saw them clearly, he couldn’t help calling out, “Orcs?!”

The three figures running toward them from the front all had animal heads and human bodies. The two stronger ones had wolf heads, one of whom seemed to be carrying a wounded person on his back, who had a fox head and looked like a girl.

Before Lyu Liang had figured out what he should do in this situation, the three orcs before them had reacted.

The minute they saw Lyu Liang, the person with a wolf head in the forefront suddenly said something that sounded quite weird to Lyu Liang. Then he brandished two big axes in his hands and directly rushed at Lyu Liang to attack!

Lyu Liang had been prepared for a fierce fight before coming to the Nether Big World, but he never imagined that he would come across such weird people who would attack him for no reason, while he just arrived there less than 30 minutes ago.

That person with a wolf head had no Spiritual Qi coming out of his body at all, but he was very fast. Just after a few breaths worth of time, he was already near Lyu Liang. Then he jumped into the air and formed a powerful posture to hack at him!

“You want to die!” Lyu Liang hummed. Without even taking out the Kunwu Sword, he waved his golden fist to meet that man!

Combating the Divine Body in a close fight was like eggs. .h.i.tting a rock. The orc would never win unless his axes were also made of Red Flame Refined Gold!

But when Lyu Liang was ready to attack that person fiercely, White called out rapidly, “Stop fighting, man! Don’t kill him!”

Everything happened really fast. Although Lyu Liang reduced the power of his fist the second he heard White, it was still impossible to hold back his hands, as both of them moved too quickly!

“Boom!” A loud noise came along with one axe being cracked and its owner directly flying backward. At the same time, Lyu Liang closed his eyes in pain…

Although he had reduced his strength, he already threw his fist, containing at least 60 percent of its power. The man with a wolf head using such rough weapons was definitely not a powerful figure. After being hit by the fist, he was probably not going to live long, if he was not dead right on the spot.

When Lyu Liang was thinking about how to explain it to White, White called out again, “Leave these orcs alone. Do everything you can to stop or kill the cultivators that are chasing these orcs!”

Lyu Liang followed all the orders from White. He perceived at once and found that several beams of bursting aura were coming from a distance nor far away.

“Three Tao Masters… Eh? Also two Heavenly Masters at the Middle-stage? The fiery-red clothes… They should be in the same sect. Good, I can ask them what this place is!” Lyu Liang turned his eyes and had already come up with a plan.

At that moment, the man with a wolf head that was. .h.i.t before stood up, surprisingly. He shook his head and some blood shed from the corner of his mouth. He shouted something to the other two, who already had looks of desperation in their eyes.

Next, his whole body was bursting with aura and he rushed at Lyu Liang one more time!

“… You stay still!” Lyu Liang had been admiring his strong body at first, but when he saw the familiar scene of self-detonation, he went directly at him with an instantaneous flash and then stretched out his hand to touch the man’s head. The violent man instantly closed his eyes and fell to the ground unconscious.

Seeing that, the other man with a wolf head howled into the sky. He said something to the person on his back and then ran in another direction desperately.

Lyu Liang frowned. He raised his hand to cast a black net, which directly trapped the two orcs inside together with the Realm-positioning Pearl. Then he just waited for the red-robed people who had already shown their figures.

Lyu Liang was confident that he could handle the five red-robed people. But if the orcs ran randomly and accidentally brought some more powerful people there, then he would be in great trouble. That was why he immediately stopped them.

The minute Lyu Liang finished trapping them, the five red-robed people had also arrived. They saw what Lyu Liang did just now and looked him up and down. Then a big man with the highest cultivation said loudly, “Are you from the Icy Peak, my friend? I’m a Heavenly Master with a high-level fighting capacity in Burning Ridge, Gao Youwei. May I have your name, please?”

Lyu Liang had just arrived in the Nether Big World. His appearance and cultivation hadn’t changed. His vigorous cultivation seemed like a Middle-stage Heavenly Master, so the big man and his companions showed much respect to him.

“Icy Peak? Burning Ridge? They must be regarding me as a man of this world. Well, that’s good!” Lyu Liang laughed in his heart. He nodded indifferently at first and then cupped his hand, saying, “I’m a Heavenly Master with a high-level fighting capacity in Burning Ridge, Murong Wuji. Nice to meet you guys.”

After hearing that Lyu Liang also had a high-level fighting capacity, they all looked envious, except for the big man as the leader. Then a red-robed youth with the cultivation of an Early-stage Heavenly Master said at that moment, “You’re able to get a high-level fighting capacity even with your cultivation now. I have to say that I’m very jealous! Well, we’ve been chasing the three orcs for almost a day. Now that you’ve already captured them easily, how about we discuss how to distribute the beast souls of the three orcs?”

After that conversation, Lyu Liang generally knew their goal, while White instructed him more directly, “Try and kill the four of them in an instant, and then capture one for Soul-Searching.”

To be honest, Lyu Liang was unwilling to fight with people showing kindness, though they were indeed enemies rather than friends. At least, they were not hostile to him at the moment. Just as Lyu Liang was hesitating and didn’t know what to do, another two red-robed people arrived there instantaneously, who were real Middle-stage Supreme Masters!

“Senior brother Mu! Senior brother Tong!” the red-robed Middle-stage Heavenly Master exclaimed. Then he led the other four companions behind him to bow to the two newcomers.

“What’s going on? Is it so hard to chase those three injured losers?” The red-robed person called senior brother Mu was seemingly questioning his people, but his eyes were glancing at Lyu Liang from time to time.

The one called senior brother Tong seemed to have gotten a secretly transmitted voice and stared at Lyu Liang arrogantly, saying, “I know all the Heavenly Masters with a high-level fighting capacity and a special-level fighting capacity, but I never heard of one named Murong Wuji. You may only have a medium-level fighting capacity and pretend to be a stronger man here. For the sake of your sect, I won’t blame you for your pretense of having a high-level fighting capacity. If you are smart enough, give those three losers to us and leave here quickly! Oh, wait, your net is interesting. I’ll take it back and have some fun with it. When I go to the Icy Peak afterward, I will give it back to you!”

“Brother, it’s not that I don’t keep my word, it’s just that our senior brother already said this, so leave whatever should be left and go away!” The red-robed Middle-stage Heavenly Master still sounded friendly as before, but his expression had turned disdainful.

Lyu Liang sighed. At that moment, he did see the true facts even though he’d already heard a lot about it before! Yang Ying used to say that the powerful people got all the respect in the Nether Big World. At the time, he finally knew that what she said was actually the most appropriate description!

“Dude, this place is a middle-level world. The side effect for you activating the Divine Mark before was minimal. That’s because the power of your moves was also restrained then! If you activate it here, after only 30 minutes or you just improve one level, as soon as the Divine Mark disappears, you will become weak! Therefore, be careful when using it!” White warned him in time. Then he continued, “Your moves will also have much more power in this place. If you can figure out how to kill the two Supreme Masters, the rest of them will not be a problem anymore!”

“Well… Seniors, this net is owned by my Master. If I can’t go back with it…” Lyu Liang looked like he was in a difficult position.

“Your Master? Saint Han Bing or Saint Luo Xue? It’s not a big deal. My Master will let them know. Cut the c.r.a.p. Just leave them to us and go now!” senior brother Tong said while staring at the black net greedily. Later, he turned his eyes and continued, “Come here. I won’t take your things for free. I have one treasure here. You can go back with it and report to your Master!”

When he finished speaking, he gave a signal to his companion with the eyes. Then, those red-robed people behind them all seemed to understand the situation.

At that moment, through Little Tian, Lyu Liang could clearly perceive that they were ready to fight, though they all looked peaceful on the surface!

“They want to kill me and get all my treasures! All right, now I won’t feel guilty anymore when I kill you!” Lyu Liang made up his mind. Then he pretended to move slowly toward them fearfully while releasing some Primordial Qi on purpose, as if he was on alert. As soon as he came near them and punched them with all his power, it would be hard to tell if they could live, even for the Tao Ancestor, let alone the Supreme Master!

However, when the distance between them was less than 10 feet, senior brother Mu suddenly shouted with wide eyes, “Stop! Your clothes are similar to those of the Icy Peak, but the decorative patterns are wrong! Besides, you… you look familiar!”


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