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Finding the heroes wasn’t hard, as the Hero of Light was illuminating the area for the rest of his party to see and help him fight. The problem was, they were in a marshy area, and none of his party seemed to be overly thrilled with doing much.

Aella watched, from the shadows of an overgrown tree, as he fought and killed the monsters that overran the area. They were plants that had vines growing all around, that could grab any prey in the area and drag it back to a waiting bulb-like mouth, where thorns took the place of teeth to chew them up. It was glaringly obvious these plants had not traveled here from either set of mountains, as they were firmly rooted in the ground.

Of the 4 people with him, one was a woman who seemed to be able to walk on top of the water. Another was a man who was sending streams of fire at the dead plants, to burn them up completely, so they were guaranteed to be dead. As she thought about the possibility of the two being the Heroes of Water and Fire, she became certain that was who they were. She couldn’t explain the feeling, and decided it must have something to do with her being the Hero of Air. Would they be able to recognize her?

The other two people, a man and a woman, didn’t seem to be using any magic powers. The man was slicing the vines that got too close to them with his swords, but the woman was standing still, clutching her bag, trying not to get too close to be attacked. Why would they travel with people who weren’t heroes?

As she watched the Hero of Light flip and dodge the vines, killing the plants with a carefully placed slash here and there, Aella could tell he was very experienced with fighting. She would like him a lot, if he wasn’t so small. In fact, all of the people were tiny. None of them, except maybe the Hero of Light himself, were over 6 foot tall, and if he was, it was only barely. Could the humans have sent children?

As the last of the monsters were stabbed to death by the Hero of Light, Aella noticed a gentle bubbling commotion behind him, where the water got deeper. The Hero of Water noticed it first, among the group, shouting out a warning as she sent a wall of water to block the new monster’s attack.

Jumping out of the way, Aella got to see the speed of the Hero of Light as he became a blur to avoid the jaws of the giant beast. She had never seen a dragon before, but she had heard of one from her father, when he would tell her stories occasionally. Whatever had happened to this dragon, had left it rotting and decayed. However, someone seemed to have neglected telling it, that the dead shouldn’t still be walking around.

Itching to join the fight as the Hero of Fire sent a blast of flame that skittered across its hide without causing any harm, Aella saw the tail surface from the muck next to her. If she could stab it between the skull and the vertebrae, it should become paralyzed and unable to move. As it somehow sucked air in to breath magical flames at everyone, she stopped fighting the urge and ran along the spine towards the back of its head. It didn’t get a chance to attack back, as it was spewing blue flames at the wall of water that was protecting the group.

Her glove changed into a long sword as she ran, so the moment she reached the skull, Aella stabbed it into the hallow that presented itself, and had it transform into a morningstar. The spikes broke through in several places. The unholy blue glow that emanated from the interior of the beast, sputtered as she heard a slurping sound from inside her head, coming from her magical weapon. She decided it didn’t matter if the thing had a brain, because it seemed as if her weapon incredibly enjoyed the snack, quickly sucking all of the magical light from the undead corpse.

Feeling more than seeing anything, Aella glanced up as the undead dragon began to collapse back into the murky water. Above her the Hero of Light was freefalling with his sword held above his head, as if to deal a death blow to the dragon, but his movements were frozen as he watched her curiously. Jumping down to the semi-solid ground, as the head of the dragon sunk below the water, she turned to the hero when he landed beside her.

“Thank you for your a.s.sistance,” he said, holding out his hand to shake hers.

Aella shook his hand with amus.e.m.e.nt, noting her glove seemed to really like him. The counselors would be going crazy if they knew she was shaking the hand of the Hero of Light.

“What brings you to these lands?” she asked, looking over his party.

“We’re supposed to be going to the Demon Palace and killing the Demon King that was crowned the other day,” complained the Hero of Fire, “But Alfred thinks we need to kill every monster we come by.”

“We are the Heroes. We should do hero things, like kill the monsters that would trouble and kill the people who have named us heroes,” argued the Hero of Light, Alfred, with a wave of his hand.

“It is our job to kill the Demon King before he raises an army to march on our cities!” cried the Hero of Fire in anger.

“Robert, we’ve talked about this. We will make our way to the Demon King, but I refuse to let even one monster remain that can harm the people.”

“We’re not even around our people, anymore! There’s only filthy demons around here!” raged Robert, waving his arms around, as if to make a point.

Aella fought not to raise an eyebrow. None of them seemed to notice she wasn’t human.

“All of you fighting is annoying! Can we please get to a town to rest for the night? I’m exhausted!” demanded the woman holding her bag and glancing around her fearfully.

Why was she brought along?

“You were a very impressive fighter. Would you be willing to travel with us?” asked Alfred, ignoring the woman.

Aella looked over the group carefully. If she chose to go with them, she would have to neglect her people in the palace, as the king, but wasn’t her main priority taking care of the Heroes? She wasn’t sure she could take out Alfred in a fair fight, so the best bet would be to attack each of the heroes in secret, once they had been separated. Nodding thoughtfully, Aella said, “I would be willing to travel with you for a while, but I have business that may take me away here and there. If you need an inn, I know of one close by?”

“That sounds wonderful!” exclaimed the woman who spoke up before.

“We can’t take her! We’re on a secret mission from the church!” exclaimed the unnamed man. He had just finished cleaning off his swords and putting them up in their sheaths.

“Curt, she already knows who we are and what we’re supposed to be doing,” answered the Hero of Water, with a sigh. She must be used to Curt’s stupidity.

“In that case, she has to travel with us!” exclaimed Curt, just as enthusiastically. “We can’t risk anyone else finding out about our mission.”

“It would be good to rest in a real bed, instead of the ground, but I’m afraid we don’t have the coin necessary to pay for such a luxury,” said Alfred with a shake of his head.

Aella smiled in delight. She couldn’t help but picture the commanders face when he discovered the Heroes were spending the night in the same inn as him. The enjoyment she got out of the mental picture was enough to convince her.

“I would be willing to pay for all of you to spend a night at the bar. It would only be fitting for the Heroes to be treated, especially after they managed to do so much for the kingdom,” she said. Even if she was expected to kill them all, what fun it would be to see the looks on their faces when they realized who she was.

“That is a n.o.ble offer, but I’m afraid,” began Alfred, the Hero of Light, but he was quickly drowned out as every single one of his companions quickly jumped in to accept her offer.

“We haven’t had a proper meal in ages!” cried Robert, the Hero of Fire, gleefully. “I wonder if they will have anything decent to eat?”

“Anything hot would be appreciated,” said the Hero of Water with an exhausted look on her face. “Fighting undead creatures always takes it out of me.”

“You’re better at healing us, then fighting things, Josephine,” said Alfred.
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She gave him a tired smile, as they continued trudging along towards the village Aella had left not too long ago.

Aella took the time to study each of the people in the Hero’s party. Alfred, the Hero of Light seemed to be far older than any of the others, making her wonder if he had fought the last Demon King. After seeing him fighting, the possibility seemed plausible. Robert, the Hero of Fire, had a hot temper, and was quick to tell whoever made him mad, off, but Aella wasn’t sure some of it wasn’t for show. Watching him banter with the other man, Curt, she wondered if he wasn’t putting on an act, to make the others dismiss him. Curt, on the other hand, was every bit of stupid, as he initially portrayed. The man barely understood anything other than how to use his swords. Apparently, the human church had named him the Hero of Swords, even thought he had no magical powers to back up the claim.

The women were the most interesting of the group to Aella. Josephine, the Hero of Water, seemed to be worried about something, as she often got quiet and whenever someone spoke to her, she gave off a feeling of exhaustion. The other woman, Bridgette, was a Sage. Her love for books had given her an incredible a.r.s.enal of intellect, that made the human church force her to go on this journey. She was to help the Heroes with her intellect, but it was clear to Aella, that everyone, except maybe Alfred, thought she wasn’t as important as the church believed she was. Aella knew better, and couldn’t wait to get a chance to talk to the woman alone.

These Hero’s were horrible at keeping secrets.


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