The Demon King's Hero Of Light 139 Chapter 139 The Power Of Lemons

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“The realm just wanted to thank me for freeing all of the magic stored in those crystals,” said Aella, looking between Bridgette and Josephine, before turning to Jozef. “Do you remember stuff about the heroes now that you’re free?”

Jozef nodded and said, “There was one hero per race, and the humans in the church convinced everyone to come to them to train future generations of children, but accidents happened. I don’t know if the other races remember because it’s been so long, so you need to check with them.”

“Wait, you mean all of the heroes weren’t always human?” she asked, remembering talking to Bridgette about some of that.

“No, they’ve been inbred with other humans so much, you can’t find any heroes with non-human traits. I personally think they killed any child born with any non-human traits to make sure of that, but I don’t have any proof.”

“So, what are you going to do with Jozef now?” asked Bridgette, looking at the large hulking demon.

“He is not going to be the Demon King,” said Aella, waiting for him to protest.

“I am fine with that. It’s been so long; I really think I need time to get used to what others think. In fact, I was thinking I could work on relations between the humans and demons here, since we’re away from the church now,” he said thoughtfully.

“That isn’t a bad idea, actually,” said Aella. “There’s such a small population of humans in this city, it would be really easy to move some of the demons over, to lessen crowding over in the main capital.”

“I still can’t believe you spoke with the realm and are already moving on like this,” said Bridgette, shaking her head.

“Honestly, I’ve had so much weird c.r.a.p happening since I left that pit, this is just par for the course anymore,” sighed Aella. “Is the glow at least fading now?”

“Yeah, it’s not as bright as it was when you first showed up,” said Felix.

“Good, Josephine, did you find out what Bridgette thought about the disease?” asked Aella.

“Oh, that’s right. Bridgette, everyone in the capital has come down with low grade fevers, coughing and runny noses, but nothing else, and none have died from it. It sounds magical only because of the fact no one has died, and I wanted to know what you thought on it.”

“Hmm, let me see,” Bridgette said, turning to a stack of books and quickly shuffling through them. Holding two, one in either hand, she thought for a minute before setting one down and rifling through the other. “Ah, here we go. It looks like a parasite in the upper nasal cavities. Let’s see… it looks like it comes from the local dinosaurs, which makes sense, so… hmmph. Okay, everyone needs to drink some hot tea with lemon. The parasite doesn’t like citrus.”

“Citrus?” asked Aella, not knowing what that was. “I can probably get some lemons somewhere…”

“Bridgette, that gets rid of the parasites for the moment, but how do we deal with them in a more permanent fashion?” asked Josephine.

“The parasites live in the soil, because the dinosaurs have lived here for so long. Other than using magic, there isn’t really a permanent way of getting rid of the parasites. You could try growing the citrus trees all around the cities? It says here the roots of lemon and lime trees gives off a chemical that kills the parasites,” said Bridgette.

“Where do you get these books?” asked Felix in wonder.

“Well, take me back to the other city, and I’ll start doing what I can while you search for lemon trees,” said Josephine.

“And I’ll start getting to know the humans in this city. Do they have a lord or mayor yet?” asked Jozef.

“I don’t think so, but I was planning on putting Alfred in charge of the city. Since he’s not just a human, but also a hero, they would turn to him easier than a demon I think,” said Aella.

“Great. I look forward to meeting him, too,” said Jozef, heading for the door.

Aella watched him walk out, wondering for a moment if she had grabbed the right brother, then shook her head. If the evil brother had been grabbed, she didn’t think he would be this calm about anything. Not to mention the creepy doll he seemed to be using. She was glad that thing was gone.

Teleporting Josephine back to the capital, she left her with some of the sick while she went to check in with Varnin in the throne room. Maybe the advisor had gotten over being scared of the hydra by now.

“Your Majesty! What do you think you are doing with that monster!” shrieked Varnin, her normally pristine hair in complete disarray, as she glanced wildly back at the door, as if expecting the baby hydra to come in at any moment.

“What’s wrong, Varnin? It’s only a baby hydra, perfectly harmless,” said Aella, heading to sit on her throne. She didn’t feel tired, but exhausted from the stress overload. Where was she going to get lemons? Maybe the kitchen found some seeds when they got them from the magical cupboard? She would have to check.

“Harmless?” asked Varnin, horror and disbelief on her face. “With all due respect, Your Majesty, but hydras are not harmless! They will eat everything till there is nothing left! I can’t believe you brought a baby one here!”

“It’s fine, Varnin. I’ve got a magical lock on it so that it doesn’t feel hungry, and shouldn’t grow any bigger. It will stay cute and small forever.”

“Wait, is it your pet?” asked Varnin, her voice falling away to a whisper as if the implication terrified her.

“A pet? I don’t know about that… I was thinking more of a mascot. You know, something to keep everyone’s morale up when they’re feeling stressed,” said Aella, jumping up from her throne after sitting for only a few minutes. She needed to check in the kitchen before getting everyone together to start heading for the elves. She had put it off for long enough, and while everything in the old kingdom was taken care of, she needed to get started on the next thing.

“Mascot?” muttered Varnin, her eyes drifting off as she thought about what that meant.

“Get everyone together for me to take with me to the elves. I think Frederik and Alfred will be all I need. The generals need to be notified, as well as the other advisors and the n.o.bles. I want to get that over with, now that the other kingdom is off limits,” said Aella.

“Wait, why is it off limits?” asked Varnin, snapping out of her daze.

“The palace collapsed, sending a magic cloud far too toxic to approach into the air. Anyone who tries to go there will die quickly from mana poisoning. We’re on our own now, in regards to supplies and such. I need to see if I can get some lemon seeds from the kitchen. Send off word to everyone while I’m gone.”

Varnin barely managed to blink, much less respond, before Aella had teleported to the kitchen. The cooks and kitchen staff were paused in their duties as Frank and Louie were explaining to Ruth that she didn’t need to eat anymore, because she wasn’t hungry.

“I know! I not hungry, but smells soooo good!” groaned Ruth, shoving her snout into a large soup pot and taking a slurp.
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“Ruth!” said Aella, stomping her foot and putting her hands on her hips.

“Ahh!” shrieked Frank and Louie, trying to dart away but getting caught with Ruth’s head knocking the entire soup pot out all over her, burning her horribly.

As they all felt the pain, the hydra darted towards the door, to get away, causing Ruth to hit her head, with the pot still on it, against the wall. The pot went careening off across the room, as Ruth’s red scales flashed even deeper red then normal. They fell and skidded across the floor in the dining room, bawling in pain.

Aella rushed after them, wondering if she could take the heat away with her fire abilities, when a strange sight met her eyes. Ruth raised her head up slowly, looking at Aella with huge eyes filled with tears.

“I just wanted a taste!” she sniffed, before starting to cry.

A fourth head had formed, and rose up with wide panicked eyes, darting all over the place.

“Uh oh,” whispered Frank. “I don’t think that was supposed to happen!”

“What?” asked Aella, pointing at the new head. “How?”

“Normally if we get one head cut off by bad guys, a new head can grow back, but I think because of the magic, whenever we get hurt, we’ll get a new one now,” said Frank, glancing at Louie to confirm, and Louie nodded. Or maybe it was Louie talking and confirming with Frank?

Aella sighed and hunched down to look at the newest head. It seemed to be even younger than Ruth, and very sleepy. It didn’t have a very long neck either.

“It might go away after a while, since we’re not actually being attacking,” said Frank, or was it Louie?

“Can it do that?” asked Aella.

“Yeah, I think it’s our bodies way of protecting us when we’re having to fight bad guys,” said Frank, or Louie.

“Okay, wait, this is so confusing!” said Aella, holding up a hand.

“What is?” asked Frank/Louie.

“I have no idea who each of you are. I need some way to tell you guys apart. I don’t want to get your feelings hurt when someone calls you by the wrong name.”

“That would be bad, especially if someone called Ruth by one of our names.”

“See? How are we going to fix this problem?” asked Aella, standing up and crossing her arms as she tried to think of something.

“I know!” chirped Ruth with a wide grin, as everyone looked at her hesitantly.


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