The Cold Prince Dotes On His Wild Wife Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Be Gentle to Women

Mo Youyou carried the tray and walked down the stairs. After that, she absent-mindedly stood in the corner and kept wiping the tables.

Suddenly, a hand tightly grabbed her wrist. Without saying a single word, the hand holding her pulled her out of the restaurant. In a flash, she was inside a carriage, and Helian Yi’s sitting figure appeared in front of her.

Rubbing her slightly red wrist, Mo Youyou frowned in pain. She glared at the murderous Helian Yi and muttered:

“Are you still a man? Don’t you know how to be gentle to women?”

“Didn’t you already verify whether I was a man or not last night? Speaking of which, I truly want to ask why you’re here. Who let you leave the house?” Helian Yi slowly bent his body, closing the distance between him and Mo Youyou. Knowing that the two of them are now staring at each other, Helian Yi continued:

“Twilight is a place where fish and dragons mix. There are a lot more bad people than good people. What is your purpose in coming here? Or could it be that you have been following I?”

Mo Youyou looked at him speechlessly, was it not a coincidence that she came across him? Why does he think so complicated? Why would she follow him? Does he think she’s a pervert?! Ah Really! Rolling her eyes, Mo Youyou leaned back, maintaining a wide gap from Helian Yi before she replied:

“Royal Uncle, I’m telling you, I just wanted to go out for a stroll. Unexpectedly, I met an uncle selling candied fruits on this street, so I wanted to buy a few from him to try. However, I didn’t bring any money with me, and the old man even despised me, so I walked along the street in a bad mood.”

Seeing that Mo Youyou stopped midway, Helian Yi stared at her with his sharp eyes, indicating for her to continue. Mo Youyou pouted her lips and could only pitifully resume her words.

“Then, when I pa.s.sed by here, I saw a group of beauties shouting for me upstairs. I-I got so excited and came in…”

After she finished speaking, Mo Youyou lowered her head to look at her fumbling fingers. If she knew that Helian Yi was also in the tavern, even if he gave her money, she would not go in! What a miscalculation! There was still that fairy to watch tomorrow, now, she could only silently beg Helian Yi not to fuss about it with her.

Helian Yi’s cold voice suddenly rang out, startling the thinking Mo Youyou,

“How dare you enter the Twilight when you have no money? You sure have a lot of guts!”

“Why can’t I go in? Who made the rule that without money, one could not enter the? You are all looking down on me! It’s so obvious that you’re all discriminating against me! I truly suspect if you’re the biological child of that old man who sold candied fruits!”

Mo Youyou glared at Helian Yi, who had asked so casually. Helian Yi could see that this reckless woman was cursing him in her heart, and was too lazy to bother with her, so he ordered the carriage driver outside coldly.

“To this Prince’s Manor!”

“Yes, young master.”

Mo Youyou exasperatedly stared at Helian Yi, and thought:

“This guy seems to be good at holding back his temper. Maybe he’s been enduring his anger the entire time? Well, let’s forget it. I’ll return to the house with him. If I anger him too much, he would surely throw me back to the Mo Residence! Then, my life would be in danger again!”

As the carriage slowly moved forward, the noise coming from the busy street entered inside. When Mo Youyou heard a familiar voice, her eyes suddenly lit up. Doesn’t this voice belong to the uncle who sells candied fruits? For enemies to meet each other on a narrowed path, the world certainly is small!

However, when Mo Youyou thinks about the sour and sweet candied flakes, she couldn’t help but swallow her saliva and quietly settle down on her seat.

Suddenly, Helian Yi opened his mouth.

“Stop the car!”

The horse carriage quickly stopped. Mo Youyou looked up Helian Yi and asked,


“Just wait obediently for me!”

After reminding Mo Youyou, Helian Yi got off the carriage and personally bought two skewers of candied fruits for Mo Youyou.

Mo Youyou stared at the candied fruit in Helian Yi’s hand, licked her lips, and spoke with a beaming smile:

“Hehe, Royal Uncle, why did you buy so many candied fruits?”


“Um…Royal Uncle why don’t let Youyou help you with it? Just look at your clean and brilliant clothes! It’s not good to get them dirty.”

Helian Yi originally bought the candied flakes for her, and upon hearing what she said, he pa.s.sed the two candied fruits in his hands to Mo Youyou, then closed his eyes and dozed off.

Mo Youyou’s heart felt like it had eaten honey. She stared at the two skewers of candied fruits, wanting to eat them but not daring to.

She would occasionally steal a glance at Helian Yi, and seeing that he had no intention to open his eyes, she decided to take some for herself.

However, just as she was about to bite down, Helian Yi suddenly opened his eyes, grabbed the candied flakes from Mo Youyou’s hands, and threw them to both sides of the carriage.

After finishing those series of movements in one go, Helian Yi quickly picked Mo Youyou up, jumped up through the roof of the horse carriage, and stood on top of the cart.

Mo Youyou unsteadily fell into Helian Yi’s embrace. She looked around in surprise.

On each side of the carriage, a man wearing night attire was lying motionless on the ground with her candied flakes stuck between his brows.

Around the carriage, there were eighteen black-clothed men. They held long sabers in their hands as they carefully watched them, waiting for the right opportunity to make a move.

Mo Youyou was stunned, she stared blankly at the group of people, and asked softly:

“Royal Uncle, what is… what is going on?”

Helian Yi shot a glance at the around them and said to Mo Youyou in a low voice:

“Who did you provoke this time?”

Mo Youyou looked at him speechlessly. She had only been here for a day, who could she have offended?

“How can a kind and gentle woman like me, who can’t hurt a chicken, offend ?” Suddenly, she thought of a possibility and asked Helian Yi.

“Could it be that someone was jealous of my looks and wanted to take my life?”

Helian Yi coldly snorted and said:

“Why can’t I see what you just said? Stay here and wait obediently!”

Mo Youyou nodded her head in a daze as she stood there alone at the top of the carriage, watching Helian Yi fight against the

Seeing the seven black-clothed men surround Helian Yi and chopped down at him, Mo Youyou could not help but shout:

“Royal Uncle, be careful!”

Helian Yi glanced at Mo Youyou and coolly knocked the seven of them to the ground.

Mo Youyou couldn’t help but praise him. “I never thought that Helian Yi’s martial arts would reach such a great level. I don’t know if my fighting technique is better than his.”

Just as she was in a trance, she suddenly felt a cold light attack from behind her. Mo Youyou’s body leaned forward quickly, lifting her right foot backward, she fiercely hit the black-clothed man’s neck. Mo Youyou swiftly yanked the man, and with a “geji” sound, the black-clothed man’s eyes rolled back as he fell off the carriage.

Soon, the surrounding’s of the carriage regained its tranquility, most of the got killed by Helian Yi, only the unconscious black-clothed man remained. It took numerous effort for him to wake up before he was suddenly kicked on the neck by Mo Youyou, who had jumped down from the carriage, and died.

At this moment, Mo Youyou was especially delighted in her heart, because just now, when she fought with the black-clothed man, she realized that all of the skills she had learned in the modern world were still there! She could not let that wake up, nor could she let this cold and arrogant prince see any flaws! If she killed him like this, Helian Yi would suspect that she did not do it on purpose.

Yue Er had said before, that Mo Youyou was the waste of Mo’s Residence, so she could not reveal her ident.i.ty or else she would be burned to death by these people as if she was a monster.

Although she is weaker than Helian Yi in terms of martial arts, she is still the most outstanding of the twenty-first century. In the future, it wouldn’t be a big problem to protect herself or kill those small fries.

After sighing for a moment, Mo Youyou immediately jumped into Helian Yi’s embrace and placed both of her legs on his waist, pretending to be afraid. Mo Youyou whispered into his ear:

“Royal Uncle, I killed someone? What should we do? Youyou killed someone! Wu wu…”

After saying that, she ruthlessly pinched the inside of her thigh along with her crying. When Mo Youyou felt the pain, her tears fell on Helian Yi’s neck.

Helian Yi looked at the who was trampled to death by Mo Youyou coldly. There were clear marks of fighting on the right side of his neck. He was sure that this had never fought with him before.

When he was dealing with these, he had been paying attention to Mo Youyou the whole time. She didn’t have any internal energy, but she was able to knock the man off the roof of a carriage.

When he left the palace today, he did not let the hidden guards follow him. Instead, he ordered Wu Shang to stay in the Duke’s Palace to watch over Mo Youyou.

As he stared ahead and felt the warmth on his neck, Helian Yi finally regained his senses. His voice did not have a trace of warmth.

“Come down!”

Mo Youyou was like a rogue little monkey, hugging Helian Yi’s neck tightly, leaning on his waist and sobbing, as she kept muttering to herself:

“Royal Uncle, I’m scared.”

Helian Yi only felt that his lower abdomen was getting worse and tight. This little girl was seducing him! d.a.m.n it. He was becoming more and more unable to bear the temptation of this woman!

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