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Chapter 106 – Anger, Uncomfortable in the Stomach

Helian Yi didn’t pay any attention to Mo Xie. Instead, he shot a cold glance at Yue’er. Feeling Helian Yi’s cold gaze, Yue’er was so frightened that she hurriedly retreated.

Helian Yi closed the door with a wave of his palm, then walked to Mo Li and asked in a low voice:

“Why are you angry?”

Mo Li raised her head and glared at Helian Yi. Yue’er and him cuddling downstairs. Okay, cuddling up was just to save Yue’er, but what was with him and Yue’er looking at each other lovingly? Alright, although she didn’t see Helian Yi’s expression … Anyway, she wasn’t happy!

“I’m not angry! Why should I be angry!”

“Look at This King!”

Mo Xie turned his head around and looked at Helian Yi. Suddenly, Helian Yi’s cold hand reached out and pressed against his jaw, and he said to her coldly, “Speak! Why are you angry? This King will not coax a woman to be happy, but This King will definitely not allow his woman to sulk. “

In this world, there was a type of man that couldn’t speak sweetly or understand romance. However, his unintentional words were enough to move you for a lifetime. For Mo Liangyi, Helian Yi was such a man.

His refusal to make peace with Mo Li would not allow him to be moved. Then, looking at Helian Yi’s firm and profound eyes, Mo Xie’s tone softened and she asked:

“What do you think of Yue Er?”

Helian Yi sized up the little girl in front of him. Just then, she suddenly got angry and brought up Yue Er. Could it be … Did she see him save Yue Er just now? Her eyes suddenly lit up. Could it be that this little woman was jealous?

The evil smile on Helian Yi’s face disappeared in a flash. He deliberately replied, “Yue’er is very obedient, and she also looks like she’s capable of attracting tender affection from others. Not bad at all.”

After hearing Helian Yi’s words, Mo Li gritted his teeth and asked in a low voice:

“Are you speaking the truth?”


Helian Yi had expected Mo to jump to his feet when he heard his reply, but he did not expect that this woman was always out of line. When he heard her words, Helian Yi’s face immediately darkened.

Mo Xie stood up and faced Helian Yi, and smiled at him, “Hehe, since Imperial Uncle thinks that Yue Er is good, why don’t we have Yue’er accompany him and marry into Jing King Manor?”

Helian Yi stepped into Mo Long’s room, and when Helian Yi felt the weight of his body, he leaned against the table and fell backwards. The two of them leaned against the table in a very ambiguous manner.

Helian Yi pressed his body against Mo Li’s body, he slowly leaned over Mo Li’s neck, his warm voice resonating in her ears, he opened his mouth and asked in a hoa.r.s.e voice:

“Are you speaking the truth?”

Mo Xiang felt a little guilty, “That’s true!”

“But why does This King feel that you are jealous? It’s more like you’ve lost your temper with This King and said something to vent it! “

Mo Xiang rolled his eyes speechlessly, this man, he knew that he was jealous of her, but he still said it out loud, how could she take back his words? Mo Xie felt his face turn red, and felt a little hot. He raised his eyes slightly to look at the cold and handsome face before him.

“Helian Yi, don’t be so sentimental. Who’s jealous?”

“I only saved her because she is your servant. If something were to happen to her, I’m afraid that you would be hurt!” You must believe in this king. “

Suddenly, Helian Yi’s deep and pleasant voice entered Mo Li’s ears, causing her heart to clench. He felt Helian Yi’s body pressing tightly against her chest, her heart was beating nervously.

“Royal Uncle, you’re suppressing me.”

“Just now, who was it that directly called This King by his name to vent his anger with This King?”

Mo Han laughed, “Hehe, Imperial Uncle, you must have heard wrongly. Who dares to call you by your name? Let’s talk properly when we have something to say … Hehe, well said! “

Feeling that his body wasn’t that heavy anymore, Mo Xie heaved a sigh of relief. It seems that she had really misunderstood this man. However, what Yue Er thought of him was not what she had said. Her intuition was very accurate. Yue’er must have had some thoughts about Helian Yi.

Helian Yi saw that the little girl was lost in thought, her thin lips lightly pecked her forehead like a dragonfly lightly. Just as Mo Xie was about to recover his senses, a string of candied fruits suddenly appeared in front of her eyes.

Mo Xiang’s eyes were wide open as he looked at Helian Yi. This man had really bought her a candied fruits just now! She quickly took away the candied flakes in his hands and fiercely bit down on the one at the very top.

A little honey was stuck to the corner of his mouth, and Helian Yi’s eyes were filled with gentleness as he stared at Mo Xie’s face, ordering her, “Don’t move!”


Just as Mo Li was raising her eyes in curiosity, Helian Yi’s hand had already landed on the corner of her mouth, and gently wiped the sugar dregs clean. He dotingly said to Mo Li,

“You are about to become this king’s consort’s man. Why do you act like a child?” With that, the magnetic voice with a tinge of gentleness asked, “Is it sweet?”

Mo Li nodded as she ate. The sweet gourd was naturally sour from the sweet fruit, but her stomach had been uncomfortable for the past few days, so she decided to take a bite. Eating it made his stomach feel much more comfortable.

Thinking about Yue Er, Mo Liu felt that she had to find a time to investigate Yue Er’s background. Otherwise, if she left a ticking time bomb by her side, she would definitely lose her life! As she thought about these things, a bunch of candied fruits were left uneaten by Mo Li, while Helian Yi stood quietly at the side, watching her.

He couldn’t figure out what this little woman was thinking. There was no clue as to her ident.i.ty, and the only thing mufei knew about was that she had been executed. Now, the only thing she could do was to take a step forward and see what was going on, but no matter what their relationship was, he still had to take her as his wife! From old to old!

At noon, Helian Yi personally brought Mo Liangliang back to General Mo’s residence. When he left, he warned Mo Liangliang that she was not allowed to wander around the manor, Mo Liangyi said that she wanted to go out to buy candied fruits to eat, but when she returned to the manor, someone would bring him a packet of candied fruits every six hours. Mo Lianyi knew very well that this matter was caused by Helian Yi, so she could only stay in the orchid garden and wait for Jing w.a.n.g Mansion’s bridal sedan chair to pick her up.

When it was ten o’clock in the evening, Mo Li went to bed early. Wan Qing whispered to Yue’er, “Yue Er, my stomach isn’t feeling well. You stay here with me. I will go out and buy some medicine and I will be back very soon.”

Yue’er was startled. She turned around and nodded to Wan Qing, not asking any further questions. After Wan Qing left, she sat alone outside the chamber, gazing at the full moon in the night sky.

What happened during the day had already made the young miss wary of her. She was regretting that she did not have any intentions towards Helian Yi, and even more so, she should not have played any tricks to seduce him! And now, he was left with no choice.

Wan Qing left the Orchid Garden, but didn’t leave the manor. Instead, she headed north. Along the way, she carefully scanned her surroundings, afraid that someone would discover her. Only when they reached Second Madame’s palace did they relax.

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