The Charm of Soul Pets Chapter 1306: Ning Maner’s Escape Route

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On the second day, the Demon Beast Palace sect gate master personally visited.

This gate master was an older middle aged man. He wore a brown long roab and the first thing he did when he entered the mountain villa was tactfully ask for forgiveness.

“There really was an honored guest yesterday. I hope that Young Lady Xiao Xiao can forgive me.” said the Demon Beast Palace gate master.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I happen to have a few things to ask you.” Xiao Xiao waved her hand and let the old gate master sit next to her.

“Please ask, young lady.” said the old gate master.

“My senior martial brothers are currently investigating the people that had committed the Quiet Forest crime. I heard my Uncle Sun say that you had some information, so I came to ask.” said Xiao Xiao.

“So it’s Xuan Master Sun’s interest…” when the old gate master heard Xiao Xiao use Xuan Master Sun’s name, he immediately nodded his head and said: “I don’t have much information, but I found something a few years ago in the jurisdiction I was administering.”

“Tell me.” said Xiao Xiao.

“Back then, there was a group of people among them that wasn’t in Quiet Forest. Instead, this group was chasing a group of creatures fleeing from the forest. There were about 50 of them. When these creatures pa.s.sed by Heaven Boundary Monument, they were intercepted and a huge battle broke out there.” said the old gate master.

“That happened? Tell us the details.” Xiao Xiao’s eyes lit up.

When the Quiet Forest crisis happened, many creatures had fled Quiet Forest. Yet, 50 of these creatures had been pursued all the way from Quiet Forest until Lin City. Clearly, these 50 creatures had something very important on them. Perhaps the Messiah Tree’s seed was among them.

“Because there were too many experts then and my strength was meager, I could only watch from afar. I didn’t dare get near and my knowledge was very limited.” said the old gate master.

“What were you afraid of? You are an immortal rank person.” Xiao Xiao said, dissatisfied.

The old gate master’s face went red. He coughed and continued: “Young Lady Xiao Xiao, the scene was very chaotic and regardless if it were the 50 creatures from Quiet Forest or those evil men, they were all very strong.”

“Did you recognize anyone?” immediately asked Xiao Xiao.

“This… this old man cannot say…” said the gate master.

“Why can’t you say?!” immediately pressed Xiao Xiao.

“If Xuan Master Sun personally came to ask, I could tell him since this matter involves… oh, that’s right. The honored guest this time is Upper Official He from Divine Sect. He’s also investigating this matter. Would Young Lady Xiao like me to introduce him?” said the old gatemaster.

“I don’t have any interest. What else do you know?” asked Xiao Xiao.

At this moment, Pang Yue moved up to Chu Mu and asked: “What’s an upper official?”

“Divine Sect is divided into master, upper, middle and lower officials. Upper officials should be the highest t.i.tle for those in the spirit dominator rank.” explained Chu Mu.

Chu Mu remembered Lu Yuqin was a master official. Chu Mu had previously thought Lu Yuqin had peak dominator rank strength. Later, he learned that in order to obtain the master official position, one had to be an immortal rank expert.

If Lu Yuqin had wanted to forcibly take away the spectral Jinrou, there really wouldn’t have been anyone capable of stopping her.

But this also showed how Divine Sect’s Lu Yuqin was very honorable. If it were another immortal rank expert, why would they care about honor?

Divine Sect’s positions were normally higher than those in other factions. Although Demon Beast Palace’s old gate master was an immortal expert, he should have sat equal to Divine Sect’s master officials. However, due to the high status of Divine Sect, even though an upper official was the one who came here, the old gate master had to personally greet him.

Xiao Xiao continued to try and pry information. However, at the same moment, Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao who were strolling around the sect came back with angry expressions.

The two of them had gone out early in the morning to find a place to spar. Who knew what happened, but when they returned, they were angry and their voices could be heard even from the front courtyard.

“Who was he. Really… what is he playing at. If it weren’t for so many people with him, I would’ve beat him up already!” Ye Wansheng’s face was full of grievances.

“That’s right. How did us sparring bother him at all. Didn’t we just shatter the barrier and scare those women behind him? We even went up and apologized.” Chao Lengchuan also looked unhappy.

“Did you remember his name?” said Ye Wansheng.

“I don’t know. I just know the people around him were calling him He something.

The two of them spoke as they entered the main hall. But as they entered, the old gate master, Chu Mu, Xiao Xiao and Pang Yue all looked with wide open eyes at them.

The old sect master’s smiling face had frozen and he quietly asked: “The one you’re talking of is Upper Official He?”

“Yes yes yes, that’s him. I heard the people around him call him that. I remember now…. Uncle, don’t you feel he’s also very unpleasant?” Ye Wansheng instantly remembered.

The old gate master’s face turned black.

The two of them just had to go provoke the person from Divine Sect!

“You didn’t get into too big of a conflict, right?” the old gate master calmed himself and asked with a black face.

“It wasn’t anything. We just cursed him a few times.” said Chao Lengchuan.

“That’s fine then…” the old gate master’s complexion eased a bit.

“Prince Chao, you’re so tolerant. Even when humiliated, how could you just curse him a few times? When I apologized, I secretly spilled a bit of poison flea powder. I’m going to guess he’s scratching through his tender skin right now. Hahaha.” sc.u.mmily laughed Ye Wansheng.

“What is poison flea powder?” asked Chao Lengchuan, confused.

“It’s a unique poison powder. It’s colorless and odorless. It’s also very hard to detect when using soul remembrance. It was something my younger sister concocted for herself to use on cla.s.sless and vile men who didn’t stop bothering her. I’m sure you can imagine how glorious it is to sprinkle some of that flea powder on someone else which will attract those tiny poisonous insects. We’re on a mountain right now and small poisonous insects are all over a mountain. If the small poisonous insects from all over the mountain run to him, even if they don’t bite him to death, he’ll have lost a layer of his skin within the hour!” said Ye Wansheng.

While Ye Wansheng was speaking, he had even casually walked next to the old gate master and sat down. He continued to vividly narrate how he had secretly sprinkled the poison flea powder onto the man named He.

Ye Wansheng was a thick-skinned fellow, and didn’t realize that the four people already sitting down had strange expressions. Moreover, Chao Lengchuan who was a little slow himself was just foolishly nodding his head with vigour, telling Ye Wansheng that this was a great trick!

For some reason, as he listened to Ye Wansheng tell them about the poison flea powder, Chu Mu felt uncomfortable all over…

Poison flea powder that even soul remembrance couldn’t detect.

What on earth was Qingzi concocting this for?!

Suddenly, Chu Mu realized if he made Qingzi angry one day, he could die a miserable death while Qingzi faintly smiled with cold intentions.

Normally Ye Qingzi was a girl who could hold back her temper. But he slept with her every night and what if one day she had a sudden impulse to do something to him…

As Chu Mu was thinking that he needed to treat Ye Qingzi better in the future, the old gate master whose hairs were standing on end from Ye Wansheng could no longer sit still. He got up and hastily exited the mountain vila.

“Hey, this Uncle is definitely going to go see how miserable that man surnamed He is. Haha, he’s so old but can really hold a grudge! I would guess he really hates that man surnamed Jia, otherwise, why would he be so emotional when I just spoke.” laughed Ye Wansheng.

“The two of you…” Pang Yue didn’t know what to say.

Xiao Xiao didn’t think anything of it and pestered Ye Wansheng for any more of the poison flea powder. She could also use it to deal with lechers.

“Speaking of which, Xiao Xiao, did you find out anything?” Ye Wansheng asked as he gave the poison flea powder to Xiao Xiao.

“We only learned that there was a group of people chasing 50 soul pets from Quiet Forest. They also fought a battle at Heaven Boundary Monument. That old man really is something. What would it matter if he told us. I dare say he definitely knows who was among that group of people.” Xiao Xiao carefully put away the poison flea powder.

“The old gate master was actually just using his eyes to silently hint something to you.” said Chu Mu.

“He was hinting something to me? HInting what?” Xiao Xiao asked, confused.

“He was hinting to you that there were people from Demon Beast Palace among that group.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu had detected this detail, but unfortunately Xiao Xiao wasn’t as perceptive.

“People from our Demon Beast Palace? Oh? Could our Demon Beast Palace’s people have partic.i.p.ated in this event…” said Xiao Xiao with a face full of shock.

“Probably. Xuan Teacher Sun had also secretly told us this.” said Chu Mu.

When Xiao Xiao thought back to what Xuan Teacher Sun had said, she immediately understood. However, this news greatly shocked her. She was a member of Demon Beast Palace and Demon Beast Palace was criticizing this event. How would she imagine there were people in Demon Beast Sect partic.i.p.ating in this criminal event.

“Oh, Chu Mu, where are you going?” Xiao Xiao saw that Chu Mu had stood up and was puzzle why.

“I’m going to look at the Heaven Boundary Monument.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu remembered Hai Qie telling him that in Wan City, there was a huge group of people chasing over 20 wild soul pets which were trying their best to protect a young girl.

The same thing had happened here at the Heaven Boundary Monument. Did that mean when Ning Maner and those guardians fled Quiet Forest, they fled along this path and were intercepted at Heaven Boundary Monument before being reduced from their original 50 to 20?

When Ning Maner fled to New Moon Land, she didn’t have the Messiah Tree seed on her. If Ning Maner had taken the Messiah Tree seed when she fled Quiet Forest, there was a chance she could have hidden it somewhere as she fled.

Chu Mu felt that Heaven Boundary Monument was likely to be a great place to hide the seed. Indeed, Ning Maner’s path of escape had taken her to Lin City’s Heaven Boundary Monument and then to New Moon Land. And New Moon Land also had a Heavenly Boundary Monument.

If this wasn’t just a coincidence, there was probably a reason behind this.

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