The CEO's Painted Skin 17 Glass Walled

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The CEO’s Painted Skin is a Webnovel created by Lizabelle88.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

John watches the bustling streets below from the 15th floor where he was currently standing, it was a breathtaking sight to behold. It never fails to mesmerize him, the way the cars were moving in constant motion in all directions and the people that were milling around in the streets lost to their own thoughts, it’s like he was being there amongst the crowd in the midst of the activity yet he was equally a distant figure, far away. He can continue watching them for hours yet they can’t see him.

The entire 15th floor of Infinity Jade Tower was his own private flat, the whole building was gla.s.s walled from top to bottom. The 15th floor was fully equipped with the trappings of luxury living. It got its own swimming pool, a theater room, billiard room, gym room, a s.p.a.cious wide living room, clean and kitchen but no one uses it for cooking. The 15th floor also has a mini office that John can work if he doesn’t want to go down to conduct his business dealings in the 13th story where his main business headquarters were located. This place is his own private kingdom.

Across the street is a fine dining restaurant which opens 24/7, this is his favorite restaurant where he can order all types of foods for him and his bodyguards any time of the day and it will be delivered to his doorsteps within fifteen minutes. A cleaning lady will come and clean the entire flat four times in a week to do his laundry and do some errands around the flat.

The 14th floor is a storage room and also had a bodyguards room, that housed his three most loyal and trusted bodyguards.

The 13th…12th and 11th floor housed his business headquarters. The 10th story all the way down to the ground floor was rented by various businesses such as pharmacy, bookstore, cafe’s, pizza parlor, p.a.w.nshops, boutiques, and other businesses. The bas.e.m.e.nt area is where the parking area was located.

John entered his mini office and scanned through the newspaper’s headlines that were lying on his table. Scanning for interesting news, he began reading some hot issues regarding the nations economy and the recent developments in the business world in general.

Done reading the news. He set the newspaper aside.

The intercom beeped.

“Sir, breakfast is ready in the dining room,” Ramon’s voice echoed in the room.

“Okay, I will be there.”

John rose to his feet and exited his mini-office. He went to the dining room area and the foods were already served hot in the table. He got fried rice, beef steak, chop suey and two slices of raspberry cake for his breakfast, together with a hot cup of coffee latte.

He eats alone most of the time, but during the time when the loneliness is getting too much on his nerves, he would request his bodyguards to accompany him in the dining table. This time he wants to eat alone.

He just finished eating his breakfast and was sipping his hot coffee, when his cell phone rings.

“Romeo, what’s up?”

“I already have the NBI results of Catherine Ramirez residing in Cavite City, there are seven of them residing in that area. I already sent it to you via fax, let me know if you still need more information.”

“Thanks, bro,” said John and the line went dead.

He finished sipping his coffee quickly and leave the empty cup on the dining table. He did not bother to clean the table, someone will take care of it for him. Normally he would clean the table on his own after eating if he was in the mood, but this time he was excited!

He sauntered towards his office with a new found energy.

He immediately scans the NBI files that were emerging from the fax machine. He checked the women’s images, they were all named Catherine Ramirez, there were seven of them. And at the bottom list was his very own lovely Catherine with her new complete address in Cavite City! His heart suddenly jumps with joy around his rib cage.

“I got you Catherine!” he kissed the last image of the woman who clearly resembled Catherine.

He smiled broadly staring at her image.

He pressed the intercom connecting to the bodyguards quarter.

“Ramon, come here to my office immediately!” John spoke with great enthusiasm in his voice.

When Ramon entered the mini-office, the first thing that caught his attention was John’s bare face, he tried not to stare long enough. The scars were blatantly displayed on his boss’ face, it’s the first time he saw his employers face. Now he truly understood why his face was always hidden behind a mask. Ramon kept his thoughts to himself. It’s the ugly scar that must have scare Catherine so bad that’s why she runs away from him. One thing he notices is that today seems to be a special day because his boss is smiling from ear to ear.

John’s face was radiantly happy and he keeps grinning. “Sit down Ramon,” he offered the bodyguard the chair in front of the table.

Ramon sat down on the chair no longer looking at his employers face. His eyes were drawn to the NBI records of different women displayed above the table. Then he saw Catherine’s face! His boss found the girl! Now he understood why John was happy.

“You found her, Sir?” asked Ramon to be sure.

“Yes, I found her! The exact address was on her record. Ramon, I want you to send Allan to that address and investigate Catherine’s affairs. I want to know where she and her family was currently staying. I want to know where she was working and who are her friends. If possible I want to know all the small details regarding her new home and her daily activities,” said John.

Ramon frowned. “Sir, why we have to go all the ha.s.sle? I can go directly to her and bring her to you.”

John shook his head. “No. Don’t do that. That is not exactly what I wanted to happen. It’s clear that she doesn’t want to see me again. I don’t want to scare or force her back to me. It might only make things worse between us. I want to take things slow this time, regain her trust and friends.h.i.+p if possible. Our love story started on a wrong footing! So, I have to start from the very beginning and make things right for her this time.”

Ramon stared at his boss’ face, mouth agape. He really is serious with the girl!

“Okay, I understand you, Sir. I will send Allan to Cavite City right away with per your instruction,” said Ramon. He scooped Catherine’s NBI records in his hands and rose to his feet ready to exit the office.

“…And also prepare the Armored Range Rover, Ramon. I want to visit Dahlia in the cemetery this afternoon,” said John with a faraway look in his eyes.

Ramon turned around and nodded, but he was frowning. The last time they visited the cemetery that was eight months ago. Why his boss suddenly remembers his long dead ‘ex’? Anyways, he was just a mere employee so he’d better keep his mouth shut and just follow his boss’ order.


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