The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy Chapter 1020 – His Right Hand Had Now Become His Greatest Disadvantage

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Chapter 1020: His Right Hand Had Now Become His Greatest Disadvantage

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Mo Fei tied the other end of the wire to the helicopter and shouted at the four men, “Let’s see if you can climb, we have already given you a chance.”

The four men began to climb the wire desperately.

“I wouldn’t consider it a loss even if they don’t make it,” Mo Fei grumbled and went back to her seat. The helicopter had been shaking in the sky because of the incoming tsunami.

Qian Yikun flew the helicopter carefully, trying to keep their flight as level as possible. “Do you think everyone in this world would kill as they please like you do?”

“Isn’t that what do? That is our job; why would we be otherwise? Don’t you agree?” Mo Fei asked smilingly.

Qian Yikun was speechless. Why did he have to bring that topic up in front of this woman?

“Help Ye Yuwei get in here, Gu Juexi’s right arm was injured before this,” said Qian Yikun.

“His right arm was injured before? You must be kidding me. He could defeat me easily by just one punch with his right hand, how is that not good enough?” Mo Fei scoffed as she walked towards the helicopter door to help Ye Yuwei. Anything other than sitting there and looking at that man would be fine.

Gu Tianmu had become unconscious after Gu Juexi helped him out of the sea. His back and arms were horribly burned from the explosion and the wounds were terrifying to look at.

Wen Jie had to worry about her son while taking care of Gu Tianmu in his condition now.

“Give me your hand, Wei Wei,” said Nalan Chunbo who was at the helicopter door sticking his hand out to Ye Yuwei as she slowly climbed up to the helicopter.

Ye Yuwei lifted her head to look at Nalan Chunbo who was almost within her reach. Already exhausted from climbing the rope ladder, Ye Yuwei struggled to get closer to Nalan Chunbo and stuck out her hand towards him.

Just before Nalan Chunbo could grab Ye Yuwei’s hand to pull her into the helicopter, a rogue wave hit the ladder and pushed Ye Yuwei off.

Ye Yuwei let out a scream as she fell off the ladder.

“Wei Wei!” The impact from the wave almost knocked Nalan Chunbo out of the helicopter too, and he quickly looked down to check on Ye Yuwei after balancing himself.

Gu Juexi managed to catch Ye Yuwei as she fell, and she was now hanging in the air above the roaring sea.

His right hand.

Ye Yuwei’s wrist where Gu Juexi was grabbing began to hurt, and what hurt even more was the fact that Gu Juexi’s right hand was sustaining her whole body.

“Wei Wei… d.a.m.n it! Can’t the helicopter pull up the rope ladder, Qian Yikun?” Mo Fei shouted loudly as she tried to manually pull up the rope ladder.

Qian Yikun had already tried pressing the b.u.t.ton to pull up the rope ladder but it was not working.

Mo Fei slowly pulled up the rope ladder with Nalan Chunbo and Qiao Yi’s help.

Ye Yuwei’s wrist was hurting even more now. Gu Juexi was using so much strength to hold onto the rope ladder that the veins in his left hand stood out, while his right hand hurt so much that he could barely feel it anymore.

“Let go, Gu Juexi,” Ye Yuwei looked at Gu Juexi whose face was ashen and knew that he had reached his limits.

Back then, Gu Juexi could easily carry Ye Yuwei with just his right hand, but his right hand had now become his greatest disadvantage.

The tsunami was howling behind them. The sea breeze blew and the rope ladder shook, making it even more challenging for Gu Juexi to hold onto it. Two of the four men at the end of the ladder had fallen off and disappeared into the roaring sea.

Ye Yuwei watched them disappear and pursed her lips. “Let go of me, Gu Juexi. Didn’t you tell me to get lost? Why are you holding onto me now?”

The sound of the waves almost drowned out Ye Yuwei’s voice but Gu Juexi managed to hear every single word.

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