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Chapter 44
Chapter 44- School Prince, A Little Stingy (43)Sponsored Content

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Su Yan’s footsteps paused, and she turned, saying in a serious tone, “You don’t need to make me.”

She paused. “I’ll go with you, and after this, can you appear in front of me as little as possible?” She asked.

Yao Yufei’s complexion was blue, but thinking about what would happen afterward, and she held back. “Okay.”

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This time, Su Yan nodded and followed her.

Xiaohua was shocked. “Host, don’t go, she’s not a good person.”

Su Yan raised her hand and stroked the earring lightly. Then she whispered, “It’s okay.”

After she said it, she frowned, raised her hand and rubbed her brows.

Her head hurts.

Sure enough, she shouldn’t think about many things.

While walking, she pulled out a piece of strawberry toffee from the pocket of her skirt, and unwrapped it and put it in her mouth, and followed Yao Yufei downstairs step by step.

The two people walked out of the KTV and came to a dark alley outside, with a trash can next to it.

The lights were dim there, very dark.

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Yao Yufei stood at the mouth of the alley, raised her hand and pushed Su Yan inward.

Su Yan took a step, her back stuck to the wall.

Yao Yufei sneered, “It’s a real lie.”

Su Yan looked around and wondered, “Why brought me here?”

Yao Yufei sneered, approaching her step by step. “Why? Because you want to ruin your reputation, make your life worse than death!”

At the moment her voice fell, dozens of people were holding steel rods behind her appeared.

The leader had a bald head, a nose ring, and full of anger. “Yufei, who almost killed my second brother and sent him to the hospital?!”

Yao Yufei’s eyes were cold as she pointed her fingers at Su Yan. “Yin Kun entered the hospital and she will bear the main responsibility. Brother Long, I’ll leave this person with you.”

In fact, Yao Yufei didn’t know that it was Su Yan who brought Yin Kun to the hospital. She just wanted to stigmatize her, so she could take the opportunity to clean up Su Yan.

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The words fell, and the leader looked up and down Su Yan, “Her?”

Brother Long thought of how his brother looked like when he saw Yin Kun in the hospital, and then thought of his description.

Following that was his inquiry, “Are you Su Yan?!”

Su Yan stood there and nodded honestly. “Yes.”

Brother Long did not expect that this thin girl was really Su Yan. At this time, Yin Kun’s description of a vicious face was thought to be a powerful character.

Although he was smirking, he couldn’t relax his vigilance.

This little girl had probably practiced something. Otherwise, all seven or eight brothers couldn’t have been beaten by a little girl like her.

He raised his hand and banged the steel bar on the trash can. The trash can lid became dented heavily.

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“d.a.m.n, dare to mess with my brother, even if you are female, I won’t be polite!” Yao Yufei looked at the situation and knew that the plan was successful.

She stepped back two steps, then gave a smug smile to Su Yan, and turned to walk in the KTV.

#KTV box#

Jiang Ran waited for a while, but Su Yan hadn’t returned yet. He thought, really shy?

He stood up and went out to find her.

But just out the door, he heard a loud noise from the alley outside through the window, and originally had no intention of listening, but he suddenly faintly heard the phrase, “Even if you are female, I won’t be polite!”

His mind suddenly thought of what Su Yan looked like. His heart jumped, and he immediately strode to the alleyway at a fast pace.

Su Yan’s back was against the wall, looking at the menacing man in front of her.

She looked down, silently took out a piece of candy, unwrapped it, and ate it.

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