The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 1454 – – Chenxi, Are You Dating?

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Chapter 1454 – Chenxi, Are You Dating?

Lu Beichen felt it was ridiculous.

The next day, Gu Jingyan listened to Fu Chenxi.

“I think we should forget it. Lu Beichen and I are actually not that matching.” She felt upset as she said this.

Gu Jingyan said, “Nonsense about all this matching. Matching or not is not up to others to say. What makes you think you guys are not matching?”

“It’s just that… you guys are from the same world.”

“Ha, so we quarrel every day and we’re from the same world. You’ve never quarreled with him and you’re from a different world?”

“I….” Fu Chenxi looked at Gu Jingyan. “Do you really think we’re suitable for each other?”

“Isn’t dating supposed to be about feelings? Why do you have to look at the suitability? If two people feel it, then they’re suited for each other. Just say if you like him or not. Isn’t that enough?”

Gu Jingyan spoke simply. She did not care so much when it came to other people’s relationship issues.

Fu Chenxi bit her lip.

She liked him, a lot. And because she liked him, she did not have a sense of security.

Fu Chenxi did not attend and followed Gu Jingyan towards her tuition cla.s.s.

As they walked, Gu Jingyan stopped.

“Alright, he’s here. You guys have a good talk. If there’s nothing else, I’ll make a move first.”

Fu Chenxi turned her head and saw that Lu Beichen was already walking over.

She was surprised. Seeing how natural Gu Jingyan was, she realized that it was Gu Jingyan who had secretly informed Lu Beichen.

Fu Chenxi did not know what to say. She only lowered her head.

Gu Jingyan said to Lu Beichen, “Treat me to a meal next time.”

Lu Beichen smiled and signaled her an “okay” with his hand.

Gu Jingyan turned around to leave. When she looked back, she saw Lu Beichen and Fu Chenxi talking and as they talked, Fu Chenxi had lowered her head down.

It looked like they were reconciling.

She looked keenly for a bit before leaving.

The end-of-term examination was approaching and Gu Jingyan continued being the top-scorer in the entire school.

As for Lu Beichen, his results seemed about the same, and was ranked as the second in the entire school.

Everyone was in disbelief.

The teachers were amazed too.

What medicine had Lu Beichen taken?

Fu Chenxi was amazed when she saw the results.

Gu Jingyan turned to look at Lu Beichen. “Didn’t you say you didn’t want to study?”

Lu Beichen raised his eyebrows and leaned back complacently. “Ha. I, the lord, would like to tell you that it’s not that I can’t study well. I just think it’s too simple. I can’t be bothered to study. Look, with just a bit of effort and I’ve caught up.”

Gu Jingyan felt somewhat amazed but Fu Chenxi was completely dazed.

She had thought that being with Lu Beichen and with their studies were not being very good, they were of different worlds from Gu Jingyan.

Never did she expect that Lu Beichen would discreetly…

In fact, only Lu Beichen knew about this matter.

He was not used to seeing Gu Jingyan getting all the praises, excelling in studies, being so smart, and capable. He thought about this matter. As long as the effort was put in, anyone could get good results. Studying was such a simple thing.

Thus, discreetly, he really put in a lot of effort.

He just did not expect after trying for more than a month that he would still not surpa.s.s Gu Jingyan.

He felt a little disgruntled, especially when he saw that he missed out by 10 odd points.

However, he put on an appearance like he did not put in any effort at all, making people grit their teeth.

The teacher did a special mention and said jubilantly, “I’m very happy that this time, 2 students from our cla.s.s are in the top 10 of the entire school. The first is still Gu Jingyan. She has been in the first place for the whole year and the pride of our cla.s.s. As for the other student, I really have to take my hat off him. He’s none other than Lu Beichen. After half a year of effort, he managed to enter into the top 10 of the entire school from having just entered the rankings. He’s now in the 8th position, fighting along with our cla.s.smate, Gu Jingyan, which is also something to be proud of. May I please invite these two students to come on stage to share their experience.

Gu Jingyan looked back at Lu Beichen. He had already jumped up and he waved to her.

Gu Jingyan had no choice but to follow him up to the stage.

Fu Chenxi watched and felt her hands clench tighter.

The image of them both going up on stage was dazzling. It made her feel that the distance between them was getting further…

Why? Why did they have to be good at everything? Even their brains. Just studying haphazardly and they could get good grades. As for her, no matter how hard she worked, she could only be in the last few places.

This made her very upset.

By the time the two of them had finished sharing their experience, Fu Chenxi was already out of sight.

In any case, winter vacation had started.

During the holidays, Gu Jingyan was still putting effort into all her learning.

As for Lu Beichen, he was still taking it easy and meeting up with Fu Chenxi. Other than that, he was busy at home.

Just that when he sent Fu Chenxi home, her parents had already found out that they were dating.

“Chenxi, who’s that just now? Why was there a car?” Her family immediately questioned her when she got home.

Fu Chenxi replied impatiently, “None of your business…”

“Chenxi, you’re a girl. You can’t go down the wrong path. You’re so young. Don’t get fooled by those older guys. Tell your mom…”

“Mom, what are you gibbering about? That was my cla.s.smate, not some older guy.”


“No, we don’t believe it. Don’t think you can lie to us, Chenxi.”

“Mom, why would I lie to you? It’s really my cla.s.smate. My school is powerful. Do you know how many powerful cla.s.smates I have?”

Her parents looked at each other and immediately understood.

“Then tell me… are you dating?”

Fu Chenxi blushed unknowingly.

Her parents started being even more concerned.

Though still too young and dating was not a good thing, when she enrolled in the school, they had heard that the school was very powerful. All the wealthy people were in it. It would be a lie if they were unmoved. If she got in and found herself a rich man, she could marry in the future…

They knew that it was luck that their Chenxi managed to get into the first year. It was not because she had the capability. They did not have much hope of her making it to university and getting a job. Thus, her other ideal option was to find someone adequate enough to marry.

It was just that they did not expect it to happen that fast. They were very surprised.

The Lu family. That was not an ordinary family…

The next day, a group of people arrived at Fu Chenxi’s door.

The outsiders were shocked, seeing a few cars stopped outside the Fu family’s home.

Fu Chenxi’s parents were even more puzzled. Coming out of the car was a tall man in his forties.

“Is Fu Chenxi your daughter?”

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