The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 1097 – Still Couldn’t Put It Down

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Chapter 1097: Still Couldn’t Put It Down

Qin Qing brought his parents down with him.

Mother Qin got down and saw that beautiful garden not far away.

Lin Che gave their family two invites, so Qin Qing could only bring one person. However, the Qin family was not happy and begged Xue Mengqi to bring one of them. Xue Mengqi also had her ways. She made someone else give up their invite so she could take the spot. That was how he was able to bring both parents with him.

Even so, the Qin family was still dissatisfied. They exclaimed, “Seriously, why did the Gu family only give us two invites? This place is so huge. Couldn’t they allow just one more person in?”

Qin Qing said, “It’s not good if too many people end up coming either.”

Father Qin said, “Nevermind. Mengqi has the ability. Aren’t we all here now?”

Xue Mengqi was naturally good. Mother Qin liked Xue Mengqi from the bottom of her heart.

Not to mention, her family background was excellent. What was even better was her actions. Xue Mengqi knew how to be amicable. She especially knew the right words to say to please people. How could anyone not like her?

The Qin family hoped that Qin Qing would hold onto to her properly and not let anything bad happen again.

The family of three was about to go in when they saw Lin Che arrive at the entrance. She was heavily pregnant, but the belly could not be seen from her back. They could see her get out of the car with many people helping her at the side. She went straight in without noticing what was going on here.

The Qin parents saw her and only glanced at her with despise. Then, they turned back to Qin Qing. Seeing that Qin Qing was looking in Lin Che’s direction, Mother Qin was a little worried.

“Okay, okay, let’s go in. Mengqi is probably already waiting for us.” Mother Qin hastily ushered them.

The family of three entered the place.

Gu Jingming was not here yet. At a banquet like this, Gu Jingze also had to entertain guests. He could not be by Lin Che’s side all the time.

Lin Che rested at one side as attendants brought her food to eat. She saw Qin Qing already arrived on the other side.

As she looked over there, her eyes met Qin Qing’s and she smiled. Qin Qing saw her, paused, and instinctively walked towards her.

Qin Qing still could not behave indifferently when he saw her. He could feel that he still wanted to talk to her. He wanted to talk to her very much.

Upon seeing Qin Qing approach, Lin Che smiled. “Here to have fun?”

Qin Qing said, “Yes, I just came for fun.”

Lin Che asked, “What do you think about this banquet?”

Qin Qing said, “Yes, it’s very good and very chic. It looks special.”

Lin Che’s eyes curved into lines as she smiled.

Qin Qing was practically enamored by those eyes.

He knew back then that Lin Che was beautiful when she smiled. It was just that he never had the desire to preserve this smile.

After that, he suddenly sensed something was amiss.

“Hey, don’t tell me you organized this banquet?”

Lin Che nodded and looked pleased. “It was me.”

Qin Qing’s heart sank.

This kind of huge family banquet was something no ordinary person could pull off.

Only a powerful family like the Gu family would be able to hold such a banquet. Otherwise, who could have that much money to spend? Who could get so many people involved in this?

And it turned out that Lin Che was the organizer for such an important banquet.

This meant that Lin Che at least had a certain place in the Gu family.

This kind of feeling made Qin Qing feel that he was so far away from her.

But at the same time, he also felt that Lin Che had changed. She became very confident. She was able to plan the banquet according to her own ideas and she did it well.

She had changed to be more and more capable.

Qin Qing was very happy for her, but he still felt sad.


In the distance, Xue Mengqi looked around but could not find Qin Qing. When she found him, she immediately saw him standing beside Lin Che. She could not hear what they were talking about, but Lin Che smiled happily and Qin Qing was focused on talking to her.

Xue Mengqi’s eyes hardened and there was more thought in her expression.

Qin Qing’s parents were still walking around.

They were extremely happy to be able to enter a banquet like this. They wanted to take in all the sights here.

“Uncle, Aunty, you’re here.” Xue Mengqi smiled as she walked over to them.

Mother Qin said, “Yes, yes! It’s all thanks to you that we could come to such a huge party. It’s so beautiful and there are so many people here, but I don’t see Mr. President’s daughter.”

Beside her, Father Fu said disdainfully, “What do you know? An important person like that wouldn’t be around so casually. Do you think we’re at a normal full month party where the hosts receive their guests? The Gu family has people doing that. They don’t need Mr. President to do it personally.”

“Yes, yes, yes. I have indeed never attended such a grand banquet.”

Xue Mengqi said, “It’s alright. The banquet is just like this. It’s also my honor that you can come.”

Mother Qin simply liked how she talked.

Just as Mother Qin was about to say something, she saw Qin Qing.

He was in the distance, standing with Lin Che.

Mother Qin’s face almost wanted to burst.

She already saw the photo of Qin Qing and Lin Che previously. Lin Che never made any move after that, so she thought that there wouldn’t be anything else. Seeing them together again today was really infuriating.

However, she could only tolerate it since Xue Mengqi was right in front of her.

Once Xue Mengqi left, Mother Qin then said hatefully, “That dreaded vixen!”

Mother Qin thought that she needed to have a proper talk with Lin Che. She wanted to tell Lin Che not to ruin Qin Qing’s marriage.

After some time, she then saw Lin Che slowly get up from her seat and head outwards.

Mother Qin quickly followed.

However, before Mother Qin could take another step, she was already held back.

Lin Che’s personal guards did not let Mother Qin go over at all.

“You guys… Who are you?” Mother Qin exclaimed. She looked at these few cold-looking guys and was surprised.

“You’re not allowed here,” the guard said emotionlessly.

“Hey, Lin Che is right over there. Why can’t I go? I know her!” Mother Qin exclaimed.

However, the guards ignored her. Seeing that she was making a scene, they simply wanted to drag her out.

On the other side, Lin Che already heard the commotion and she turned around to look.

She squinted and saw Mother Qin. She stopped and asked Dong Zi, “What’s going on over there?”

Mother Qin saw that Lin Che had stopped walking. She yelled incessantly, “Lin Che! What are you doing? Who are these people? Tell them to move aside! Why are they holding me back? Do you not dare to see me?”

Lin Che was amused. Wasn’t that Qin Qing’s mother?

She saw that her guards were blocking Mother Qin and she waved her hand. “It’s okay. Let her through.”

Mother Qin watched as these people really moved away at the wave of Lin Che’s hand.

She scoffed, straightened her clothes, and walked over to Lin Che. “Lin Che, what exactly do you want? Why are you still trying to get close to Qin Qing?”

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