The Anarchic Consort Chapter 1280 – Encounter 1

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Chapter 1280: Encounter 1

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If that was the case, it would explain why Bai Zhun came to University A for military training.

It was because Ajiu was here!

He missed her so much that he was excited to be here.

Despite being outside, Li Hailou grabbed Bai Zhun’s arm and asked excitedly, “Ajiu is a new student who came to register this year? Which cla.s.s is she in?”

This kind of action would naturally attract the attention of Vice commander Zhang, who was already displeased with them.

After hearing the noise, Vice commander Zhang looked behind him. The expression on his face was clearly saying that they were too noisy.

However, Li Hailou did not care about that at all. His hand was still grabbing Bai Zhun, insisting on an answer.

Bai Zhun, on the other hand, curled his thin lips. He seemed to be in a good mood. “I don’t know yet, but we should be able to see it when we gather later.”

“Oh right, when we gather, all the new students will be there.” Li Hailou laughed heartily. “I wonder what Ajiu has become now?” It has already been more than three years. The little fellow should have grown taller. Back then, what she cared about the most was her height. She really wanted to hug her. Brother, when the time comes, she will be surprised to meet you.”

Calmly, Bai Zhun looked at him and said, “It’s okay to look for her, but hugging might be impossible.”

Li Hailou was rendered speechless.

Apparently, Bai Zhun started to get jealous.

Although the four people following behind did not know what had happened, they seriously felt that the Master Bai today was very different.

Who were they looking for actually?

Weren’t they here to give the beautiful university students military training?

Why did it become looking for someone?

The question confused the corps who couldn’t figure out Lord Bai’s thought.

On the other side, in the noisy female dormitory building.

Three roommates were working together to dress up their cute junior sister.

“How about drawing eyeliner?”

“Ajiu has such beautiful eyes, so there’s no need to draw eyeliner. If you draw it, she will look evil.”

“Then, what about fake eyelashes?”

“Ajiu, do you still need to stick your eyelashes? Don’t blink. If you blink again, I will pull out all your long eyelashes!”

Ajiu, who was threatened, sat down obediently. She hugged the little white cat in her hand and said very seriously, “You have already discussed it for fifteen minutes. Why don’t I have a meal first and you guys can discuss it later?”

“No way! We can only have inspiration after seeing your face!”

“That’s right! This face is really pleasing to the eye. It’s also smooth and tender to the touch. Oh, I got it!”


“Doesn’t Ajiu have a pair of tiger ears? Let her wear it! Then draw a small heart on her left cheek. We shall leave otehr parts untouched to preserve her natural beauty.”

Not all girls were suitable for drawing hearts on their faces, but like Ajiu, once she drew it, her small face would appear even more youthful. With a pair of furry cat ears, it was simply perfect!

“Okay, use this face to seduce the instructors!” One senior looked at her masterpiece with satisfaction.

Another roommate directly handed the big steamed bun he had bought to the cute pet. “Ajiu, when the time comes, you don’t have to do anything. You just have to stand there obediently and look at others with your big round eyes. That’s acting cute.”

“Oh…”As Ajiu said that, she took the steamed bun over and ate it with her big eyes.

The three of them could not resist her silly and cute look. They all pounced on her and kissed Ajiu.

Her body twisted because of the kiss. She did not forget to say, “You have to leave your pa.s.sion for handsome guys.”

“No handsome guy will be more attractive than our cute Ajiu. Let me give you another kiss.”

Looking at the rice b.a.l.l.s and snacks that the three of them bought for Ajiu, it was clear how much they liked her. After all, not every dormitory had such a cute pet.

After the few of them finished dressing up, more than half of the time had pa.s.sed.

No matter how beautiful they were, they could only be beautiful for one day. After a while, after the gathering, they would be given uniforms. Within ten days, they would not be allowed to wear skirts and s.h.i.+rts. Moreover, they would wake up very early every day, not to mention putting on makeup, they would not even be able to sleep in properly.

Therefore, the girls would cherish this last day. They would dress up as beautiful as they could. After all, it was the nature of every girl to make themselves beautiful. It was because of this that they would appear especially adorable.

When the bell rang, groups of freshmen gathered on the field. There were students from all Looking over, the scene was really spectacular.

The hundred-year-old famous school was not just a casual talk. It was already large in scale, and with the appearance of the school, everyone who stood in the middle could feel the youth of their age.

“Alright, students, please be quiet!” Prof. Liang laughed as he stood on the podium. “Let’s invite all of our instructors this time.”

As soon as Prof. Liang finished speaking, the sound of uniform footsteps could be heard on the field. It was the sound of military boots stepping on the ground when they were walking forward.

In an instant, the boys started clapping as well.

Of course, at most, the fangirls wanted to see the handsome guy!

Everyone stood on their toes and watched.

“Is the instructor who came last in the morning around?”

“Yes, yes, I saw him. He’s right at the front of the team.”

“He’s so handsome! I don’t think I will be able to move my eyes away!”

“We must ask him to be our cla.s.s’s instructor later!”

“Leave this matter to Zitong. There’s definitely no problem!”

The teams were divided according to cla.s.s. Ajiu’s cla.s.s was at the far right corner.

She also tiptoed to take a look. There was an ear on her head, but she could not see anything. She lowered her head to stare at her tummy, which made her look like a small animal wagging its tail.

Ajiu had a roommate standing behind her and said in a low voice, “Ajiu, remember what the sisters said. It’s up to you to keep the most handsome instructor here!”

“I think it’s a little mysterious.” Another person touched his chin. “Did you forget that there are a few beauties in this batch? The most compet.i.tive one is Liu Zitong from the Acting Department. Although she’s not as beautiful as our Ajiu, her department is standing in front of our department. In the end, the Archaeology Department is not popular. People say that we are like our department because all of us are old-fas.h.i.+oned. We are either macho or obsessed with ancient tombs. Just thinking about this comment makes me want to cry.”

Just then, Ajiu raised her big eyes and said very seriously, “It’s very fun in the ancient tomb.”

“This child thinks that she has been to the ancient tomb again.” That person shook her head and patted AJIU’s head. “Alright, be good. Stop daydreaming. Going to the ancient tomb is something that happens after graduation. Now, your main task is to act cute and attract the instructor. Mind you, we want the most handsome one.”

Ajiu then let out an affirmative sound and said, “This kind of thing depends on fate. When I went out today, I tried to calculate the Bagua of our cla.s.s.”

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