The All You Want System 121 Chapter 121

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“Young man, I know you want to say something, so please start. I am listening.”

The old man men said with a serious expression. He was the tribe elder and he had the power to decide what will happen in the village.

“You know we are new here and we do not know anyone. I wanted to know if you would allow us to settle down in your village.” Said Haytam after a time of thinking.

“Why do you want to stay here in this little village without power?” Replied the old man with a question.

“To be frank with you, we had everything we wanted before. We were the leaders of billions of people and we had everything you could imagine.” Haytam said till here and then stopped.

The old man asked then: “And what happened?”

“There are always people, who wish more than they could get and that was the problem. The harmony of our civilization broke, and we could only recover it after a long time. After we got rid from those people and gave peace to our people, we decided to start from zero.” Haytam stopped again and saw the old man looking at him with interest.

Then he continued: “We were the strongest ones, but once we reach this place, we discovered that we are no longer the strong ones and we are now like normal people.”

“You are the first one to meet that is in the same realm like me and I was shocked to know that, then you are only the tribe elder of a small village. I do not want to discriminate you, but from where we come a tribe elder cannot even say a fuss in front of me.”

“So, we decide to settle down here with you and learn about this place. We are not afraid about going to a city and live with others, but we are tired. All the bureaucracy and schemes that happens there are not suitable to cultivate.”

“Your simple method of life, that is peaceful and dangerous at the same time is what we are searching. If you have nothing against it, we would like to stay here.”

Haytam said and explained the tribe elder everything. He wanted to be frank with the boss here and do not create problems because of lies or similar. Yes, he let out that about they come from another dimension, but that is not important here.

The tribe elder began to think and then he asked: “How can you contribute to our village? If I let you stay here, what contributions will you bring?”

Haytam smiled, then this was a good sign and if he uses it carefully, then he would win the confidence of the tribe elder.

“We can change the whole village and made this village heave like, but I am sure you would not like that foreigners change the village you worked hard on it. But I am sure that we can help with the food supplies, we can help you to build new houses that can stand the winter, then I saw that you are preparing for the winter and the houses are all being fortified. Our medical knowledge is unparalleled, and we can contribute to a lot of things, without changing the character of this village.”

The tribe elder was surprised about what he heard, as he asked about contribution to the village, he was only thinking about hunting and water. But what Haytam offered him was much better and it could help the village.

“Ah, if I am not wrong, you have a discussion with the Crow empire, and I think we can help with this matter too.”

“Ok, you can settle down in our village, with the condition to not change the nature of the village, unless it is for our better. You as a little folk in our village, you can govern yourself and I will not interfere as long as the people from the village are not affected. Ah, at first I wanted to ask you to pay taxes like the other villagers, but I see that you have other things to offer instead of money.”

“So, is that now officially?” Asked Haytam smiling.

“We will write a contract and we can sign it in front of everyone. In the contract will be written all the things we discussed today; I hope the people will accept it.”

Haytam and the Tribe elder finished the negotiations and as they finished, they saw the men coming back from the forest with a lot of corpses of beasts.

The villager was all shocked, then they never saw this number of corpses, it was the thrice of what they hunt usually.

The tribe elder who was beside Haytam smiled and said: “I think I was not wrong to let you stay here, at least we will have more food in the village.”

“Everyone listens to me! Today is a happy day, we will have a feast, and everyone is welcomed to take part in it.” Shout the tribe elder and then Haytam translated the same to his people.

That night two folks that had nothing to do with the other had a happy feast and everyone was happy and ate and danced to the fullest of his heart.


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