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Chapter 235 – Grand Obliteration Fist


Chen Xi wasn’t surprised in his heart. All the cultivators that had entered Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault this time were Golden Core Realm experts of the younger generation, and they were people with great reputations in the entire Darchu Dynasty. Chen Xi being capable of obtaining the result of fourth place while relying on a cultivation at the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm was something that was sufficient to be proud of.

Of course, he felt slightly regretful in his heart as well. The 12 Dao Grade martial techniques left behind by the owner of the treasure vault were surely distinguished by quality. So if one was ranked in the first three positions, then one would naturally be able to choose a cultivation technique that was the most superb in quality, and the cultivation techniques that remained after being chosen by the top three people probably possessed slightly inferior quality.


Right at the instant Chen Xi was pondering, the surrounding white light swiftly parted to revealed nine things that emitted misty rays of light. Emerging before Chen Xi’s eyes were jade slips, they were around the size of a thumb and appeared dark gold in color, and their surfaces actually emitted traces of Dao Insight fluctuations as divine music drifted out from them, causing them to seem extremely miraculous.

“Divine Waterfist, a Dao Grade martial technique that’s divided into 36 moves. Its moves are like raging water and violent storms, roiling and billowing, and those with extremely strong comprehension ability will be capable of comprehending Ragewater Dao Insight…” Chen Xi opened the first jade slip, and it recorded the Dao Grade martial technique Divine Waterfist. But there was a formidable restriction set up on this jade slip, causing him to be only capable of reading some of its introduction yet be unable to see the content behind.

“The Ragewater Dao Insight is only a Minor Dao, and it’s a branch of the Grand Dao of Water. Moreover, it’s not suitable for me to utilize my strength, so it doesn’t matter if I don’t cultivate it.” Chen Xi scanned it for a moment before shaking his head, and then he immediately looked at the second jade slip.

Dao Grade martial techniques were divided by quality as well, and if one wanted to distinguish its quality, one only had to figure out the quality of the Dao Insight it contained. A Grand Dao was the best, its might was formidable, but it was the most difficult to cultivate. Even though Minor Daos were slightly inferior, yet they were easy to get a hang of, and so long as one completely grasped its profundity, then its might would be terrifying to the point of being shocking as well.

Actually, the principle was extremely simple. When all was said and done, martial techniques were used by people and its might depended on the cultivator’s comprehension ability and strength.

So, when one cultivated a Dao Grade martial technique, not only must one pay attention to its quality, one also had to see if it was suitable to one’s cultivation.

“Azurelotus Divinelight Slash, a Dao Grade martial technique that’s divided into 18 levels. Every level is fiercer than the previous, and when cultivated to the limit, a myriad of lotuses will bloom to cover the world. One with extremely high comprehension ability will be able to comprehend the Azurelotus Dao Insight…” Chen Xi shook his head once more. The Azurelotus Dao Insight was similarly a Minor Dao and belonged to the Grand Dao of Wood. He’d already grasped the Grand Dao of Wind, so cultivating the Azurelotus Dao Insight was instead a misuse of ability, and he once again looked at the third jade slip.

“Icesplit Yin Palm…”

“Blazing Prairie Seven Styles…”

“Shadowless Steps…”

“Minor Ghastly Composite Sword…”

“Seven-Emotion Annihilation Point…”

“Snowlion Soundwave…”

After he successively looked through eight jade slips, if it was in terms of fondness, then Chen Xi was fond of all of them, yet none of them caused his heart to palpitate and made him feel unable to bear to part with them.

Actually, he himself knew that he was slightly too picky. If these eight Dao Grade martial techniques fell into the outside world, then every single one of them would cause cultivators to fight with their lives on the line for it. But how should it be said? What was unsuitable was unsuitable, and Chen Xi was unwilling to force himself.

If he still didn’t take a fancy on anything in the end, then he could only give up his original objective and choose the Dao Grade martial technique that he was most satisfied with.

Unfortunately, only a single Dao Grade martial technique remained for him to look through at this moment, and the number of choices that were available to him was pitifully few.

Nevermind. If it really doesn’t work out, then I’ll choose the Snowlion Soundwave. I can grasp a rhythmic Dao Insight that would allow me to take my enemies by surprise, and it’s not bad… Chen Xi sighed in his heart as he looked at the last jade slip.

“Grand Obliteration Fist, a Half-step Dao Grade martial technique and an incomplete technique that’s divided into three levels. In this fist technique, one is Yin, the other Yang, one forward, the other reverse, and its strength is divided into two extremes. Ying and Yang collide with each other, forward and reverse repel each other, when the two extremes stimulate each other, its might is so great it’s capable of obliterating everything and turning everything into powder… However, with my ability, I was only capable of obtaining superficial comprehension of the Dao of Obliteration and was unable to attain perfection, sigh.”

A Half-step Dao Grade martial technique was also called a Pseudo Dao Grade martial technique, and in the cultivation world, it usually pointed towards those Dao Grade martial technique that hadn’t been perfected. In other words, this Dao Grade martial technique was only an incomplete technique, and unless one’s cultivation in martial techniques attains an extremely terrifying state, otherwise, it would be impossible to perfect it and comprehend the Dao Insight contained within the martial technique after cultivating it to a substantial amount.

For example, this Grand Obliteration Fist only contained a superficial amount of Obliteration Dao Insight, and to ordinary geniuses, no matter how they cultivated, they would be unable to grasp the Obliteration Dao Insight contained within it.

No wonder no one chose this cultivation technique. So it turns out that it’s a Half-step Dao Grade martial technique created by the owner of the treasure vault, and it’s only at the level of being an incomplete technique… Chen Xi’s heart jerked abruptly instead, as he faintly felt that this fist technique was extremely suitable for him.

According to his deduction, after he cultivated this fist technique, even though he would be unable to grasp the Obliteration Dao Insight within it, the skills contained within this fist technique were instead capable of allowing him to utilize the Yin, Yang, Fire, Water, Sky, and Ground Dao Insights with it, and it would create unbelievable might with these Dao Insights.

After all, the six Dao Insights of Yin, Yang, Fire, Water, Sky, and Ground were all pairs that repelled each other and were Dao Insights that were on two extremes, whereas, Chen Xi had already grasped these six Dao Insights. If he utilized it in the Grand Obliteration Fist, every single move would contain Dao Insight, and its might would surely be on par with other Dao Grade martial techniques.

To sum it up, according to Chen Xi’s thoughts, he would take this Grand Obliteration Fist to be a sh.e.l.l, a skill to utilize his strength, whereas, the essence of the strength utilized in the skill will instead be changed from the Obliteration Dao Insight to the Yin, Yang, Fire, Water, Sky, and Ground Dao Insights.

A thought like this was extremely bold and novel, but only a freak like Chen Xi would be able to think of it. After all, not everyone was like him and capable of mastering many Supreme Grand Daos. Perhaps there were shocking geniuses like him, but at this moment, only Chen Xi was able to see the Grand Obliteration First, and only he dared think like this.

This was called a fortuitous encounter, when it was fated, one would obtain it, yet when it wasn’t fated, even if one tried forcefully, it would not appear.

“I’ll take this!” Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to bit open his finger and pressed down the fresh blood on the tip of his finger onto the final jade slip.


The jade slip was suffused with a layer of billowing golden light before it obediently descended into Chen Xi’s hand, and with a brief look, he felt a wave of excitement in his heart. As expected, it was as he’d deduced, because this Grand Obliteration Fist wasn’t completed, it provided him with room to utilize it freely. Moreover, the utilization technique of two extreme forces was even unbelievable and filled with powerful and unconstrained creativity. If it wasn’t for the situation disallowing him from doing it, he wished for nothing more than to sit cross-legged on the ground right now and properly comprehend it.



“Dammit! It’s actually this b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

“Miss Zhen had the honor of taking first, Young Prince Huangfu occupied second, yet I never imagined that the fourth person would actually be you, kid!”

Within a beautifully decorated hall, two men and a woman stood there at this moment.

Chen Xi knew two of them, they were respectively the Young Prince of the Wise King’s Estate, Huangfu Chongming, and the Dragonshark Isle’s Liu Fengchi, whereas, he didn’t know the remaining woman.

This woman had bright eyes and clear skin, her figure was graceful, and her jet black hair was coiled into a beautiful and simple high bun that caused her appearance to seem gorgeous. She was Mist.w.a.ter Pavilion’s Zhen Liuqing.

Obviously, these three people were the top three that were the first to pa.s.s through the first test, and that Zhen Liuqing had even crushed Huangfu Chongming and Liu Fengchi to be ranked at the first!

Needless to say, this mysterious female cultivator that usually kept a low profile was indeed worthy of Emperor Chu’s praise. Just for the fact that she was the first to pa.s.s the first test left behind by the owner of the treasure vault, one was able to deduce exactly how formidable her strength and Dao Heart was.

Chen Xi wasn’t afraid when he saw these three people, as he’d already discerned that Zhen Liuqing was obviously not of the same group as Huangfu Chongming and Liu Fengchi, so he didn’t have to be too worried. Even if it was only Huangfu Chongming’s group of two, even though he wasn’t certain of his ability to defeat the joint forces of the two, he was still capable of safely escaping.

He had this type of confidence because after the extremely absurd mutual cultivation he experienced with Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan, his strength could no longer be compared to the past. Even if he encountered Qing Xiuyi who was a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, he would still dare fight her, much less Huangfu Chongming and Liu Fengchi.

Huangfu Chongming was first shocked when he saw Chen Xi appear, and then he was greatly delighted. At this moment, he spoke out with a cold and indifferent voice, and his eyes were already emitting killing intent. “Hahaha! You avoided the path to the heavens but chose to force your way into h.e.l.l. I’ll give you a chance now, hand over all the treasures you plundered in the treasure vault and the Dao Grade martial technique you obtained earlier, and I’ll let you die a swift death!”

Huangfu Chongming truly hated Chen Xi too much. In his heart, since this fellow Chen Xi had entered the Oceanic Desert, Chen Xi’s strength had been advancing by leaps and bounds and Chen Xi even possessed heaven defying luck. The demon beasts in the Five Element Ruins didn’t kill Chen Xi, but instead caused Chen Xi’s body refinement cultivation to improve greatly. He, Qing Xiuyi, Liu Fengchi, Man Hong, and the others had surrounded and sieged Chen Xi with the intent of seizing the three Immortal Artifacts in Chen Xi’s possession, yet who would have imagined that Chen Xi had destroyed their siege with a strand of a mysterious Heavenly Immortal’s will, and Chen Xi had even taken away the treasures they were proud of!

Most infuriating to Huangfu Chongming was after they entered Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault, they originally intended to plunder it without restraint. But unexpectedly, all the s.p.a.ces behind the doors they pa.s.sed all along the way had been wiped clean by Chen Xi, to the point of being clean and slippery, and they even didn’t get any leftovers. Who could possibly endure this feeling of rage and grievance?

Only by killing Chen Xi and seizing all the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession would Huangfu Chongming be able to vent the billowing flames of rage in his heart!

“Exactly. We’ll do as Brother Huangfu says. This kid is too detestable and must be eliminated!” Liu Fengchi stood out as well and laughed coldly.

When faced with this, Chen Xi’s expression was calm like water. He even turned around and didn’t spare another glance on the two of them. He instead started sizing up this beautifully decorated hall with interest, and the att.i.tude of disregard that he unintentionally revealed irritated Huangfu Chongming and Liu Fengchi to the point that their expressions instantly became exceedingly unsightly.

I’ve actually been disregarded by an ant at the Golden Hall Realm?

I’ll kill him!

No matter what, I must hack this b.a.s.t.a.r.d into a thousand pieces this time!

The aura on their bodies erupted with a bang, and they revealed their entire cultivation without the slightest scruples, and they were about to attack and kill Chen Xi in unison.

However, right at this moment, Zhen Liuqing that was silent since the beginning spoke out abruptly, and her voice was like the cry of an Oriole in a silent gorge, pleasing and moving. “Fellow Daoists, even though I don’t know what enmity you have between each other, but I have to remind you that it’s impossible to injure another until these three tests have pa.s.sed.”

As she spoke, her starry eyes revolved as she took a glance at Chen Xi, and she couldn’t refrain a wisp of curiosity from flashed past the depths of her eyes. Exactly who is this fellow? He only possesses a cultivation at the Golden Hall Realm, yet how did he offend Huangfu Chongming and Liu Fengchi to the point that they’re gnas.h.i.+ng their teeth and intend to kill him?


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