Talisman Emperor Chapter 1949 – Chen Xi Enters The Fray

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The Undying Fire Shaman tribe!

It was one of the tribes in the last era that was the most difficult to deal with. They possessed practically undying vitality, and they possessed a ferocious reputation that shook the world.

Even though Yea Chen wasn’t aware about all of this, when he saw Lie Fuluo being instantly revived and possessing an even stronger imposing aura after being killed, Yea Chen instantly understood how terrifying Lie Fuluo was.


Yea Chen attacked once more. In a short moment of time, he’d blasted Liu Fuluo to death for more than 10 times, yet it seemed to have been done in vain every single time.

Because Lie Fuluo would recover in less than an instant. Moreover, his imposing aura would rise every time he was killed.

At this point in time, Lie Fuluo’s imposing aura had simply arrived at an astonis.h.i.+ng height!

All the others were horrified. This descendent of the Undying Fire Shamans is truly too terrifying! Can anyone even do anything to him since he possesses the ability to be undying?

Most shocking of it all was that his imposing aura was rising steadily as he was killed, and it would be simply astounding if it continued without end!

Yea Chen had clearly realized this problem as well, and his expression had become solemn. He stopped attacking impatiently, and he started to observe Lie Fuluo carefully with the intention of locating Lie Fuluo’s weak point.

“You’re not attacking anymore? Then it’s my turn!” Lie Fuluo seemed to have seen through Yea Chen’s intentions, and a wisp of a ghastly smile arose on his face.


In the next moment, his figure shot out like a bolt of lightning while his body that was like steel and contained explosive energy caused rumbling to resound as it crushed through s.p.a.ce. He directly arrived in front of Yea Chen, and then he raised his right palm, causing an extremely delicate flower tattoo to envelop down towards Yea Chen.

He had a ferocious body, but he’d released a flower tattoo that was delicate to the point it seemed like a gust of wind could destroy it. It was two completely conflicting auras, and they caused an extremely strong visual impact.


The petals of the flower fluttered and drifted out piece by piece. They seemed extremely gentle as they stuck onto Yea Chen, yet they caused him to be instantly frozen on the spot.

One could clearly notice that the vital energy within Yea Chen’s entire body was flowing in the opposite direction, and then they were actually being madly devoured by the flower petals. In an instant, the blood in his entire body seemed to have been completely extracted, and his skin had turned white like wax.

On the other hand, the flower petals revealed an extremely gorgeous bright red color. Lie Fuluo held the flower tattoo up in his hand before he put it away.


At the same time, Yea Chen crashed to the ground, and his fate was unknown.

The expressions on the faces of Chen Xi and the others grew gloomy to the limit when they witnessed this scene. Even Yea Chen had lost during the third battle!

This was absolutely an extremely heavy blow to them.

After all, the combat strength Yea Chen possessed now was sufficient to rival Kong Youran, yet he’d still been defeated.

If all their following opponents were strong as this, then the consequences were simply unimaginable!

No matter how heavy their hearts were or how furious and aggrieved they felt, what was coming would come in the end, and the 4th black robed Ancient Shaman ascended the sacrificial altar after the 3rd round came to an end.

This Ancient Shaman was short, thin, and possessed eight thick and large arms, yet his appearance was benevolent and kind. It was extremely strange.

His name was Suo Lin, and he was from the Eight Arm Ghost Shaman tribe of the last era.

Every single arm of his was sharp like a saw and comparable to a divine weapon. Once they were swung, their destructive ability was horrifying to the extreme.

Suo Lin had chosen Kong Youran as his opponent.

The battle erupted in next to no time. However, even if Kong Youran had already made full preparations, she had still instantly fallen into a dangerous situation when she entered into battle with Suo Lin.

This battle continued for the time for an incense stick to burn.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, there wasn’t a single unharmed spot on Kong Youran’s entire body. Her entire body was densely covered in the marks of blades. Her flesh and skin had split apart, and blood flowed from all these bone-deep injuries.

However, Kong Youran didn’t shrink back, and she continued fighting!

From the beginning until the end, she hadn’t spoken a single word or frowned in the slightest. Even though she’d fought to the point her body was covered in injuries, she seemed as if she hadn’t noticed it at all.

When they witnessed this battle, Chen Xi and the others couldn’t help but feel a wisp of sorrow in their hearts, and they couldn’t bear to continue watching. They couldn’t bare to watch an unparalleled beauty be reduced to such a miserable state.

It was too infuriating!

It was too heartrending and aggrieving as well!


In the end, Suo Lin soared into the air while he waved his saw-like arms about, causing cold glows to flicker as they tore through the air.

His movements were swift and ruthless. Most importantly, they carried a strand of terrifying energy of the Grand Dao from the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and it was all powerful and unstoppable.

s.p.a.ce was slashed apart, and only this brilliant flickering sharp light illuminated the world.

It was too terrifying!

The hearts of many shook while their eyes almost split apart from rage.

But in the end, Kong Youran was powerless to evade it, and she was struck by this attack. Her figure was blasted backward, and she fell in a pool of blood.

The surroundings were deathly silent. No one spoke.

Why is it like this?We’ve lost yet again. Could it be that these heretics are really impossible to defeat?

At this moment, even Chen Xi’s expression had become murderous and gloomy to the extreme, and he was on the verge of being unable to restrain the killing intent in his heart.

All of them had watched helplessly as Kong Youran suffered a miserable defeat, and then watched as she was trapped in a cage like prey and taken off the Shaman Spirit Sacrificial Altar by Suo Lin.

They were on the verge of going mad!

After four successive defeats, the fate of four peerless and dazzling geniuses of the Ancient G.o.d Domain was unknown, and they were confined within cages….

All of them were disgruntled!

However, reality was so cruel and b.l.o.o.d.y!

It simply caused them to feel despair.

It was even to the extent that both s.h.i.+ Yu and Qin Xinhui who still hadn’t entered into battle were muddled. Because even the others who were stronger than them had been defeated, so they wondered if there was any hope!

At this moment, Chen Xi’s expression had become indifferent to the extreme. He gazed coldly at all of this while unprecedented rage, aggrievance, and… hatred filled his heart!

Those heretics were extremely formidable, and they could even be described as inconceivably formidable. However, Chen Xi wasn’t afraid of them. The true cause of his hatred was this situation of being at the mercy of others!

They were like lamb that were waiting to be slaughtered, and they couldn’t resist even if they wanted to. They could only wait until their enemy were to choose them….

This was an extremely humiliating feeling! It was too humiliating! Too humiliating!!

All of this was noticed by Aruye and the others, and a wisp of a cold smile couldn’t help but hang on the corners of their mouths.

This was exactly the effect they wanted after they went to such pains to bring Chen Xi and the others here! Otherwise, they could have killed Chen Xi and the others at any time, and there was entirely no need to wait until now.

These Ancient Shamans that had survived from the last era intended to utilize any and all means to humiliate and infuriate Chen Xi’s group, and they wanted to use the cruelest means possible to crush their dignity and obliterate their confidence!

Only in this way would they be able to obtain what they desired!

“Next….” Aruye spoke and announced the beginning of the next battle.

However, he was coldly interrupted by Chen Xi before he could even finish speaking. “I have to be the next!”

Aruye was stunned before he laughed with ridicule. “What? You’re already impatient to give your life away? Unfortunately, there’s no room for you, Chen Xi, to choose right now!”

“If it’s like that, then I guarantee that they won’t ascend the sacrificial altar as well!” Chen Xi spoke coldly while he glanced at s.h.i.+ Yu and Qin Xinhui.

Jia Nan was at the side as well. However, he was heavily injured, so Chen Xi and the others had no intention of asking Jia Nan to fight since the battle had begun. Thus, he didn’t include Jia Nan when he spoke.

The meaning behind Chen Xi’s words were very direct. Even though Aruye had all sorts of methods to kill them, he still couldn’t help but frown when he faced such a situation.

“My Lord, I’m willing to fight him!”

“Let me fight him!”

“This fellow has refined and absorbed the Region Quintessence of the Nine Refinement Region. He’s the most difficult to deal with amongst them, so it should be I who goes against him!”

Those black robed figures started to fight for the opportunity to fight Chen Xi. They seemed as if they’d taken him to be their prey and were arrogant to the extreme.

Aruye fell silent for a moment when he witnessed this scene, and then he waved his hand and said, “All of you stand down. Lie Fuluo will go to battle.”

As soon as these words were spoken, it caused all the other black robed figures to be astounded.

Even Lie Fuluo himself was slightly surprised.

“All of you’re aware that this fellow is difficult to deal with, and I don’t want any mishaps to befall all of you. Lie Fuluo can deal with everything since he possesses the Undying Shaman Blood.” Aruye spoke indifferently, “All of you don’t have to fight for it. Even if Chen Xi is defeated, his destiny can only belong to me!”

These words instantly caused those black robed figures to discard any intentions they had to fight.

“Then I’ll go have another round of fun!” Lie Fuluo roared with laughter while his robust figure that seemed as if it was made of iron had torn through the air and swiftly arrived on the sacrificial altar.

After that, his gaze locked onto Chen Xi. “Didn’t you want to give your life away? I’ll fulfill your wish right now!”

Chen Xi didn’t care who his opponent was. At this moment, it was enough to him so long as he was able to fight.

So, when he saw Lie Fuluo make an appearance here, he’d practically not hesitated at all to flash onto the battlefield.

At this moment, Chen Xi had an indifferent expression, and his clothes fluttered with the wind while his eyes were filled with peerlessly cold killing intent.

“Oh, look how angry this prey of ours has become from everything that occurred earlier. That gaze… is truly terrifying.” Lie Fuluo had an insulting expression as he ridiculed Chen Xi.


Chen Xi didn’t waste his breath at all, and his figure shot forward explosively.

At this moment, he was unable to restrain the seething killing intent within him that he’d suppressed for so long, and it erupted like lava, causing every single inch of his skin to seem as if it was burning.

However, his expression grew even more indifferent while his gaze grew even more icy cold. He seemed as if he didn’t possess emotions anymore. Those who knew him well were clearly aware that this represented that Chen Xi was furious to the extreme!~


Like a surging bolt of lightning, like raging fire!

The region within Chen Xi’s body seethed, rumbled, and cheered as if it wanted to drink the blood of his enemies!

When he witnessed this scene, a wisp of dense disdain and pity flashed through Lie Fuluo’s eyes. This stupid fellow has clearly been overwhelmed by rage. Could it be that he didn’t see how I’m impossible to kill?

Idiot!This was Lie Fuluo’s evaluation of Chen Xi. He was even slightly disappointed in his heart. He’d originally thought that he’d encountered a sufficiently formidable opponent, yet who would have imagined that… his opponent would still charge over like an idiot while being clearly aware that he was impossible to kill. He’s simply hopeless!

At this moment, Lie Fuluo remained motionless on the spot, and he just watched Chen Xi charge explosively towards him with an expression filled with disdain and contempt.

However, a trace of a bad feeling arose instinctively in Aruye’s heart when he witnessed this scene, and he couldn’t help but berate. “Be careful!”


His voice had just resounded and Lie Fuluo didn’t even have the time to hear it when his body was blasted into pieces by a single strike of Chen Xi’s palm, causing his bones, tendons, flesh, and blood to spray towards the surroundings

“Ha! What an idiotic prey! How could Lie Fuluo possible be killed by such a simple attack?” The other black robed figures laughed coldly.

However, in the next moment, their cold laughter had stopped abruptly. Because after a short moment of silence, Lie Fuluo’s body showed no signs of recovering….

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