Tales Of Magic Swordsman 146 Raiding Month 1

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After few hours walking, they arrived at the designated village at dawn.

“Unload all equipment and prepare for battle” Another commanded rung out.

“Evacuate all villager to the bunker”

A series of command could be heard from the village. Since they could not determine the battle day, they could only be prepared for it.

All of the student immediately did as the command. Some of them unload them made a barricade at surrounding the village while there was some of them made a logistic tent and command tent.

All the student was a.s.signed into several group. However, the student could not chose with whom they wanted to be with. Instead, the officer randomly chosen the group which made the group’s composition was not balance.

There were a group consist of all commoner while there were group that 50% consist of n.o.ble students. There were also group that 10% of its member were n.o.bles. Of course, it didn’t matter how few the n.o.ble’s number were, they didn’t work hard and gave all of their burden to the commoner member.

Auron was included in a group of 20 people with 6 people of them were a n.o.bles. Although there were 14 people who were a commoner, however, another 6 of them were commoners who had already became another n.o.bles’ henchmen.

So, the n.o.bles needed to give their ‘boss’ some face. With this a hierarchy was made in Auron’s group.

With 6 n.o.bles become their head who only commanded the other. While another 6 was became the one who supervise the rest. While the rest was the one who do the hard work.

If Auron’s group was a company, then the n.o.bles was the manager, while the commoner who had relation with the n.o.bles became the supervisor. While Auron and the rest became the worker.

Of course, the manager and supervisor had a double face. They still worked in front of their ‘boss’, the officer. But, when there was no ‘boss’ around, they delegated their task to their subordinate.

Fortunately, Auron’s group’s task was not too difficult. Their task was to gather all villagers and led them to safe place near the village. Also, they needed to brief them on what to do when the battle was going on. Lastly, they needed to gave them ration weekly for them to survive.

Knock… knock…

A door was open by the knocking sound. “Sorry, to wake you up early in the morning, but you need to gather around in front of the village’s head’s house this instance.” Auron told the woman who opened the door.

The woman immediately nodded at Auron. She didn’t dare to refuse Auron’s since she already saw Auron’s military badge. She already lived at this village for almost 5 years. During the year she lived here, she already experienced twice the attack and this was the third one.

So, when Auron who had his military badge knocking at her house, she knew that her village will be a battlefield. She didn’t talk much and went inside to her house to wake her husband and children and brought them to village’s head’s house.

Meanwhile, Auron already left the woman house and went to her neighbor house. This continued until 74 houses in this village already been informed by Auron’s group.

A crowd of people was gathered in front of village’s head’s house. From old to young could be seen at the village’s head’s house. In front of them there were 6 people, they were the n.o.bles. They needed to put the air of kind and warm hearth n.o.bles.

“Maybe some of you already guess the reason why we gather you here.” One of the n.o.bles said.

“Yes, your village will be one of the battlefield during this Raiding Month.”

“We gathered you here to led you to the safe place and guard you there.”

“Don’t worry just like the years before we will drive them out and we just want to make sure you are safe.”

“We hope you give us your cooperation. If you have any questions you can ask our member here. Now, will you please follow our fellow member here.”

The n.o.bles told the villager to follow the commoner who will led them to the safe place. When all of the villager already gone out of their view, all of them sneered and discard all of their pretense mocking at the villager who they deemed ‘low life’.

Auron and the others commoner led all of the villager who was numbered around 200 people to the safe place. Actually, the safe place was just a cave nearby which distances 2 kilometers from the village.

It was pretty near to their village since with the experience from years before, the enemies already didn’t care with attacking and it seems they just sent people to attack like a formalities.

This reason was why the safe place was so near to their village, so when the battle was finished they could immediately went back to their village and rebuild their village which surely already devastated because of the battle.

When they arrived at the safe place, the commoner’s ‘supervisor’ arranged all of them. From, telling what to do until train several village male on what to do when they were left alone.

Most of the adult already knew this series of formalities and just nodded their head absentmindedly. It was like a flight attendant demonstrated how to use the safety measure in a plane to the plane pa.s.senger. No one really paid attention to it especially the one who had numerous experience with this Raiding Month.

After brief formalities, Auron and the other needed to go back to the village and have a meeting with the officer. So, the ‘supervisor’ put up a kind and warm pretense and telling them that they needed to went back.
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When they already left several meters from the safe place, all of the supervisor who was at the front halted their steps and turned around facing the rest of the commoner members.

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