Supreme Emperor of Swords Chapter 901 – Attacked by a Trusted Follower

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Chapter 901 Attacked by a Trusted Follower

The mountains around him seemed to be retreating at a great speed. Ding Hao was rushing as fast as he could. Sometimes, when he encountered the mountains in his way, he didn’t even avoid them. He directly crashed into them, causing them to collapse. He quickly pa.s.sed through a group of mountains.

“Found them. They are right there…”

He sensed clearly the marks of Divine Senses, which were the ones left on Ding Busan and Ding Busi at that time.

It was a giant towering mountain that was almost ten thousand meters high. It was like a giant ancient heavenly saber, which was inserted into the sky. The mountain was several times higher than the surrounding mountains. The brown rocks were steep. Under the sun, they looked as if they had been soaked in blood and dried by the sun. There was no gra.s.s growing on the mountain, which was reflecting the light of the sun like a smooth copper mirror. From a distance, it looked as if a waterfall of blood were flowing down from the top of the mountain!

“They are on the mountain top.”

Ding Hao rushed over at an extremely fast speed.

However, right at this moment…

“Hahaha, such a Ding Shengtan! Such an Eldest Divine Prince! You are really on the main peak of the Hundred Thousand Mountains. I guessed correctly!”

A domineering thunder-like voice fell from the sky, followed by terrifying Qi power like raging waves. A faint black mist visible to the naked eye suddenly appeared in the void. In an instant, the whole world seemed to be wrapped in a layer of black gauze. The sky darkened, and there was a cold astral wind whistling, rolling up the boulders. With a slight twist in the void, the wind had broken the boulders to white powder.

A figure, like a black sun, appeared in the sky above the main peak.

“Oh no!”

Ding Hao was shocked and stopped his movements at once.

It was a G.o.d Realm Master.

The light cl.u.s.ter burning like a black sun was an extremely terrifying G.o.d Realm Master.

The masters of the G.o.d’s Palace had arrived first.

Ding Hao’s mind went blank. What he was most worried about happened.

He held back his impulse to make a move. At this time, the situation was extremely subtle. Ding Hao’s moves were useless. At this time, only by pretending to be a killer hunting down Ding Shengtan could he make the opponent careless. Then he could launch sneak attacks when the enemy was not careful. Only in this way could he play a bigger role and win some kind of opportunity.

“Well? Who are you?” The G.o.d Realm Master noticed Ding Hao. He just glanced at him and found that Ding Hao’s cultivation was just at the initial stage of the Sage Realm. He said lightly, “You’re lucky to have found this place. A weak nonent.i.ty like you also wants to hunt down Ding Shengtan? Well, if you don’t want to die, just leave. You are not able to interfere in the battle here.”

He took Ding Hao as a warrior from other forces who had entered the Hundred Thousand Mountains to kill Ding Shengtan for the reward of the G.o.d’s Palace.

Ding Hao did not refute. Instead, he pretended that he was retreating unwillingly.

The G.o.d Realm Master no longer paid attention to Ding Hao.

Ding Hao was just a two-apertured master in the primary Martial Sage Realm, so he didn’t care about him at all.

In the next moment, flowing light flashed in the sky, and the sound of it breaking through the air was endless. People from all sides were coming over. Six or seven men almost arrived in an instant. They appeared around the crimson main peak and surrounded it from all directions.

They were G.o.d Realm Masters.

Powerful auras were emitted from their bodies, and even the air was about to solidify. Flames that contained the power of the rules filled the air, locking down everything within a radius of three miles of the crimson main peak. Under such lockdown, even with the s.p.a.ce tactical deployment and the Divine Artifacts, it was absolutely impossible for people to break through the air and leave.

After a moment of silence, some figures slowly floated up from the crimson main peak into the air.

There were several hundred people.

The leader was Ding Shengtan.

Next to him was a middle-aged handsome man in his forties or fifties. He was wearing a light red armor, which was covered with flames. His long beard fluttered, and he had an indescribable n.o.ble aura. Obviously, he had been in a high position for a long time. His facial features were faintly similar to Ding Busan’s. Even if he was in a desperate situation, he still looked calm and unhurried without much panic.

Ding Busan and Ding Busi, the two geniuses, stood on either side of this man.

Behind them were over a hundred white-robed soldiers. Wu Feng was one of them.

Most of these white-robed soldiers were on the Saint level. They were also big shots who could dominate an area. But on such an occasion, it would be meaningless that more than a hundred people joined forces. Any one of the G.o.d Realm Masters could defeat them in a quarter of an hour.

Most of these white-robed soldiers looked solemn and furious.

A black tide surged from all directions, covering the entire sky. More soldiers of the Black Armored Army of the G.o.d’s Palace surrounded them. The masters floating in the air were like a swarm of black bees. The huge warships were rumbling. The Puissant Power Cannons at the bow of the ships were fully charged and could attack at any time. The scene was dark and stifling and could make people desperate.

“Well, my eldest brother, we meet again. And my third brother, you are really here.” The Tenth Divine Prince appeared on a giant dragon-shaped black ship. The strong wind rustled his black cloak. He cupped his hands slightly with a proud smile.

Ding Shengtan remained silent.

The stately handsome man next to him looked calm. Looking at the Tenth Divine Prince, he said lightly, “You are really following us closely, my tenth brother. I’m really curious. How did you find out that we were hiding in the Hundred Thousand Mountains?”

The man was Ding Xinghua, the Third Divine Prince of the former thirteen Divine Princes.

In those days, he was firmly on the side of the Eldest Divine Prince Ding Shengtan. For so many years, he had been an idle prince in the G.o.d’s Palace. His real power had been deprived.

“Hahaha, of course, there was a reason.” The Tenth Divine Prince laughed and paused for a moment before continuing, “To tell you the truth, you really shouldn’t have appeared here. The G.o.d Emperor let bygones be bygones. He has been kind to your family all these years. Can’t such generosity move you? My third brother, you insist on standing on the side of the rebels. You are really stubborn and have wasted the G.o.d Emperor’s painstaking efforts.”

Ding Xinghua only said lightly, “Everyone has his own ambition, so you can’t force anyone. I, Ding Xinghua, am not a big shot, but I care about the affection between brothers. I also know what is to be always loyal to the same person. You, on the other hand, now have great power in the G.o.d’s Palace. You’ve been very famous these years. Everyone regards you as the trusted subordinate of the Fake G.o.d Emperor, but I remember that you once followed our eldest brother. You even threaten those who were against him that they had to fight you first… Well, the world has changed so fast.”

The Tenth Divine Prince’s expression at once changed again and again.

He feared and hated people talking about this the most. When the Eldest Divine Prince and the 13th Divine Prince competed for glory, he indeed chose to join the camp of the Eldest Divine Prince with G.o.d Emperor’s true blood flowing in his body. Later, when the war broke out, he defected to the 13th Divine Prince’s camp because of the situation. For all these years, he had been fighting for the 13th Divine Prince who had become the G.o.d Emperor. He had won his trust and had been entrusted with important tasks.

“A fine fowl perches only on a fine tree, and a virtuous minister serves only a virtuous master. As a son of the former G.o.d Emperor, our eldest brother betrayed the G.o.d’s Palace. I can’t ignore the righteousness.” The Tenth Divine Prince’s face darkened and he said, “There is no need to say more about today’s situation. Your men have been surrounded. There is no possibility for you to escape. My third brother, I advise you to surrender and not make meaningless resistance. I can make the decision to spare your son’s life and the lives of the armored soldiers around you.”

The Third Divine Prince smiled faintly and said, “How do I know it’s impossible without trying?”

“Now I see that you won’t give up until you see your coffin,” said the Tenth Divine Prince aggressively.

The Third Divine Prince burst out laughing.

While he was laughing, he gathered his Qi and was ready to fight.

In the past, the Third Divine Prince could also be regarded as one of the most talented among the thirteen Divine Princes in the G.o.d’s Palace. Although he was not as shining as the Eldest and the 13th Divine Princes, he was also a man with hideous strength. After years of cultivation, he entered the G.o.d Realm a long time ago. His strength was also terrifying. The red flame power swirled around his body, like a sun in the sky. It was shaking the sealing power of the rules of the surrounding G.o.d Realm Masters.

When his strength reached the peak, the Third Divine Prince launched his attack.

But in the next moment, there was suddenly a hubbub in this place. Everyone widened their eyes as if they had seen a ghost. They couldn’t believe what they saw.

No one had expected that the target of the Third Divine Prince was not any of the surrounding G.o.d Realm Masters in the sky.

Nor was it the Tenth Divine Prince on the ship.


Rather, it was the Eldest Divine Prince, Ding Shengtan, who had been standing by his side.

This Divine Prince, who had said that he would never betray his eldest brother, struck out with both palms in an instant as fast as lightning. He attacked Ding Shengtan with all his cultivation power like a thunderbolt. He did not hold back his strength at all, and the horrible power instantly bombarded Ding Shengtan’s body.

“Urr… Puff!”

Caught off guard, Ding Shengtan was directly blown away without any reaction time.

Blood spurted out.

There was dead silence in this place.


“Your Highness, you…”

More than a hundred white-robed soldiers were stunned. Wu Feng and the others turned pale with fright.

“Daddy, how come you…” Ding Busan and Ding Busi were also dumbfounded.

In the distance, Ding Hao’s mind was also blank.

He had never expected that things would develop in this way. The Third Divine Prince was a G.o.d Realm Master. He launched a sneak attack and his speed was so fast that it was too late for Ding Hao to stop him when he came to his senses. He watched his father being seriously injured by this blow. Blood spurted out of his mouth as he flew hundreds of meters away. He directly crashed into the Tenth Divine Prince’s ship and his body was almost shattered…

“Why is it him?

“The person that my father trusted the most has launched a sneak attack?

“That’s right. That’s right. What happened today was simply a trap.

“The Third Divine Prince must have sworn allegiance to the 13th Divine Prince a long time ago. Rumors about the discord between the Third Divine Prince and the G.o.d Emperor in recent years were all false.

“In the past sixteen years, they painstakingly did this in order to finally launch a successful attack on my father and kill him.”

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