Supreme Crazy Wife Chapter 573 – Is This Considered A Duel (1)

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Chapter 573: Is This Considered A Duel (1)

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“Uh! Little Ming’er, you don’t have to tell Master about this. Master understands your intentions.” Two drops of cold sweat dripped down Yu Lin’s forehead as he said unnaturally. He couldn’t understand why his disciple was so mushy today.

“Master, you have to take care of your body!” Lan Ming said very implicitly. Alas! Hopefully, Master could understand his hint.

“Don’t worry, Master will definitely take care of his body,” Yu Lin said in puzzlement, his handsome face full of confusion! Clearly, he didn’t understand Lan Ming’s hint.

Leng Ruoxue was secretly amused as she listened to the conversation between the master and disciple. Haha! Little Lan Lan was so gullible! He actually really thought that she didn’t allow him to tell her that he wanted to find Yu Lin for a duel! In fact, she didn’t glare at him at all because of this, hehe!

“You two really have a deep master-disciple relations.h.i.+p!” Leng Ruoxue said with slight envy.

“Of course. I raised Little Ming’er single-handedly!” Yu Lin said proudly.

“Uh! Seems like you’re not young anymore,” Leng Ruoxue said in realization.

“La.s.s, I told you, it only depends on appearance, not age,” Yu Lin protested. Boohoo… This girl was too evil. How could she specially sprinkle salt on his wounds! Age was his fatal injury!

“How can that do? If my grandfather finds out, he will blame me for not respecting my elders. Uh! You should be older than my grandfather, right?” Leng Ruoxue guessed. A beautiful smile hung on her face, and her beautiful eyes swirled as she sized up Yu Lin non-stop!

“It’s okay. I don’t mind. Don’t call me Grandpa. Just call me Big Brother,” Yu Lin said fearfully.

“In your dreams. You’re from the grandfather generation. Big Brother? How shameless!” The freak was displeased before Leng Ruoxue could say anything.

“Haha!” Leng Ruoxue couldn’t help laughing lightly when she heard the freak’s words. Uh! Yu Lin was indeed quite thick-skinned.

“Xue’er, let’s ignore this disrespectful old man.” The freak hugged Leng Ruoxue’s slender waist and said affectionately.

“Okay.” Leng Ruoxue was very cooperative.

“Little Ming’er, they’re bullying me.” Yu Lin couldn’t help complaining to his disciple as he watched them sing.

“Uh! Master, lead the way quickly!” Lan Ming said helplessly. Several black lines involuntarily rolled down his forehead. In fact, he also felt that his master’s skin was quite thick. But there was nothing he could do! After all, his master cared the most when others mentioned his age!

“We’ll be there after taking a turn,” Yu Lin said with displeasure.

Yu Lin was depressed. He led the way with his head lowered, and Leng Ruoxue and the others followed behind him, laughing secretly in their hearts…

“We’re here. This is it.” A few minutes later, Yu Lin pointed at a tall mansion and said to Leng Ruoxue and the others.

“Master, this place is not bad. How did you find this place?” Lan Ming asked with a face full of surprise. At the same time, he was a little puzzled in his heart. When did Master become so efficient? He actually found such a good house in just one night. One had to know that such a property was absolutely considered to be at an astronomical price in Carefree City! Moreover, it might not be possible to buy it even if one had money.

“Nonsense. Of course this place is good. This is the property of our Mystic a.s.sociation.” Yu Lin roared angrily. Hmph! He was still angry!

“Is this the business of the Mystic a.s.sociation Headquarters? I thought the businesses of the headquarters were all tattered!” Leng Ruoxue teased with a light smile. After all, the business of the headquarters where Wu Gong lived after she blew up the Mystic a.s.sociation Headquarters was an empty yard that had been abandoned for many years!

“How is that possible! We will always stand tall in the Boundless Heaven Continent for thousands of years. There are many good things!” Yu Lin’s proud tail was about to curl into the sky when he said this.

“Oh, what about Wu Gong’s yard?” Leng Ruoxue asked curiously.

“Wu Gong is only the vice president. There are many things he doesn’t know about the headquarters. As for the yard he lives in! It belongs to the public property of the Mystic a.s.sociation Headquarters. Everyone knows, but only the president is qualified to know about the hidden property,” Yu Lin explained with a smug face.

Hmph! If Wu Gong thought that just because he stirred up trouble, he could take over the headquarters, then he was mistaken. There were many things he didn’t know about the headquarters. Even if he became the president, he couldn’t really control the headquarters. This was the main reason why he handed the headquarters to Wu Gong and entered seclusion at ease. However, he didn’t expect him to underestimate Wu Gong’s energy. The current situation of the headquarters was worse than he imagined! Therefore, he urgently wanted Leng Ruoxue and the others to stay in the headquarters because the headquarters desperately needed talents now!

“Little Lan Lan, did you hear that?” Leng Ruoxue asked Lan Ming after hearing Yu Lin’s explanation.

“Uh! I heard it,” Lan Ming answered without being puzzled. So what if he heard it? This had nothing to do with him!

“Then you have to work hard to become the president!” Leng Ruoxue said bluntly. Alas! She knew from Little Lan Lan’s expression that Lan Ming didn’t understand her at all!

“Master has already emerged from seclusion. I don’t have to represent the headquarters anymore!” Lan Ming said happily. Hehe, he would wake up laughing even in his dreams thinking of this.

“Little Lan Lan, he can’t be the president for life, so it will be you sooner or later,” Leng Ruoxue said with certainty.

“La.s.s, I might not hand the headquarters to Little Ming’er, okay?” Yu Lin couldn’t help but say. Little Ming’er was very outstanding, but he had a more suitable candidate now.

“Then who do you want to hand it to?” Leng Ruoxue glared at Yu Lin with some dissatisfaction and asked. Hmph! She didn’t think anyone was more suitable than Lan Ming to be the president of the headquarters.

“It’s a secret!” Yu Lin smiled mysteriously, whetting everyone’s appet.i.te!

“d.a.m.n old man, you’re keeping me in suspense. Don’t tell me you really want to be the president of the headquarters for the rest of your life?” Leng Ruoxue said doubtfully.

“Of course not. If the person I fancy is willing to take over the headquarters immediately, I’ll pa.s.s the position of president to him now. However, I’m afraid he won’t!” Yu Lin said gloomily, his handsome face full of worry!

“You really have a candidate?” Leng Ruoxue said doubtfully. Uh! She thought Yu Lin was lying to her just now.. It seemed like he really had a successor. But who would be more suitable than Little Lan Lan?

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