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w.a.n.g Ping muttered some things to himself then said, “Although Ouyang Cheng has been acquitted, I doubt that he can make any big moves in such a short amount of time. But I’m worried Ouyang Chen won’t forget you. Brother Ye, you should take some precautions in the future.”

Ye Qian smiled slightly and said, “No worries, I’ll wait for him to come to me.” Similar to fencing, the more you attacked, the more openings you exposed. Ye Qian was not worried about Ouyang Cheng taking the trouble to come find him, since the more Ouyang Cheng sought him out, the more vulnerabilities he’d expose. And this would be the perfect opportunity for Ye Qian to put him down once and for all. What Ye Qian was afraid of was Ouyang Cheng deciding to be a good boy, as that would definitely significantly reduce Ye Qian’s chances of finally putting him in his place. But Ye Qian understood guys like Ouyang Cheng, they weren’t likely to just sit down and take it, so him not coming after Ye Qian would be an anomaly.

“Brother Ye, there’s another matter.” w.a.n.g Ping paused a while before he continued, “The night before last, Ouyang Tianming broke out of prison, his whereabouts still remain unknown. Ouyang Tianming had always helped Ouyang Cheng contact the criminal underground, he also always acted as his middleman. You could say that the reason why Ouyang Tianming could be considered one of the Four Young Master of Shanghai was not because of Ouyang Cheng, but rather, because of his ties to the criminal underground. If Ouyang Cheng were to go after you it would be easier to deal with him, after all he is still the Deputy Secretary of the Committee, he still has to have some discretions; but Ouyang Tianming is different, he can borrow the power of the criminal underground to deal with you. So Brother Ye, you need to be on guard for Ouyang Tianming. He’ll definitely come find you , so you need to be especially careful.”

Ye Qian’s brows minutely wrinkled as he said, “Are Shanghai’s wardens so incompetent? Just like that, a prisoner escaped? Could this be Ouyang Cheng’s doing?”

“That much is obvious to me. Ouyang Cheng has always kept a close relationship with the people in the prison system. On the day of Ouyang Tianming’s jailbreak, I went to the prison but I was unable to find any clues. It had obviously been Ouyang Cheng’s work, but I didn’t have any evidence to link him to it.” w.a.n.g Ping said.

Just because Ye Qian was not in the bureaucracy did not mean he didn’t have some understanding about how it worked. No matter how big or how small the official, all of them had some person they wanted dealt with. Dealing with one person meant dealing with all those who were related as well, if not, he’d only be bringing himself a lot of trouble.

Naturally, w.a.n.g Ping knew this better than he did, and he most certainly could not have each and every person It would not only bring him zero benefit, but also give him unending troubles. The only thing he could do now was to find a way to overthrow Ouyang Cheng and his backer once and for all. As for Ouyang Cheng’s party members in Shanghai, handing them over to w.a.n.g Ping to deal with would be sufficient.

Although Ye Qian was not afraid of Ouyang Tianming’s retaliation, if that guy decided to change his target to those around him instead, it would be highly inconvenient for him. With that coming to mind, Ye Qian shuddered a little. Ouyang Tianming had escaped two days prior, it was evident that he needed to get Jack post some men to protect Laodie and Han Xue, then there was still Lin Rou Rou, Qin Yue and the others. If Ouyang Tianming were to succeed, it would certainly be trouble. Ye Qian couldn’t allow his family and friends to come to harm.

By this point, Ye Qian no longer hesitated. In a flurry, he took out his phone and quickly dialing Jack’s number. “I have a friend who broke out of prison. You know what to do?” Ye Qian said obscurely as soon as the call was received, adding more seriousness in his tone when he said “friend”.

Jack naturally understood Ye Qian’s meaning. After all, they were brothers who had done through fire and water together for several years. When it came to Ye Qian, Jack understood a lot, so he didn’t delay and said, “Got it, boss.”

Ye Qian was rea.s.sured with Jack’s ability to manage things. After a faint grunt in reply, he cut the call, the entire phone conversation only taking seconds. Although nothing substantial had actually been said, w.a.n.g Ping took from that call that Ye Qian apparently had some exceptional friends. Even though Ye Qian was his ally, w.a.n.g Ping still knew almost nothing about the man. Inwardly, he couldn’t help having some doubts and wished he knew more. However, this was a topic that was difficult to ask, and even difficult to investigate secretly. Because, if Ye Qian were to find out, then it would make everything awkward.

Only when the call ended did Ye Qian’s heart and mind feel at ease. Taking a deep breath, he then said, “Secretary w.a.n.g, I will deal with the matter about Ouyang Tianming. Since he does not want to be imprisoned, then I’ll take him to meet his maker/go see Yan w.a.n.g. As for Ouyang Cheng, I’ll be depending on you, I can only help you a little bit from the shadows.”

w.a.n.g Ping couldn’t help shivering inside with Ye Qian’s meaning being so obvious—he meant to kill Ouyang Tianming. Although w.a.n.g Ping wasn’t some overly virtuous/pract.i.tioner of buddhism, he still dreaded the thought of someone being killed. But what would he say to this kind of thing? Urge Ye Qian not to kill Ouyang Tianming? Only if he were crazy. All he could do now was act like he hadn’t heard anything.

“Another thing, it’s important we know who’s the one supporting Ouyang Cheng from the shadows. Do you have any clues as to who that is, Secretary w.a.n.g?” Ye Qian asked.

w.a.n.g Ping shook his head and said, “It’s actually confusing in the government, most people have somebody to answer to above them, I do as well. It’s just that we don’t really know who’s involved with whom. But rest a.s.sured, I’ll keep an eye on it. If any news comes up, I’ll tell you first thing.”

Nodding faintly, Ye Qian chuckled and said, “Enough of that talk. I haven’t officially congratulated you for becoming secretary of the committee yet. Come, with tea as a subst.i.tute for liquore, a toast.”

w.a.n.g Ping also laughed a little and lifted his cup to toast with Ye Qian.

The three then chatted for awhile about lighter topics, before ending their little meeting. Ye Qian recalled that it had been a long time since he’d last been in school, in any case he had the ident.i.ty of a student now. Since Qin Yue and Zhao Ya were together anyway, he should go over and see them and give them a nice surprise.

After leaving Xiang Fei Pavilion, w.a.n.g Ping left alone in a car, letting Li Hao accompany Ye Qian to his destination. Since Ye Qian had returned, each of them had had their own issues to deal with. Li Hao hadn’t had the chance  to have a nice chat with Ye Qian, of course getting this oppurtinity he would naturally agree happily.

Speeding on the way to the school, Ye Qian was the first to ask, “Have you gone to see Laodie recently?”

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