Strongest Eccentric Consort Chapter 233 – Go In And Kill!

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Chapter 233: Go In and Kill!

“Jiang Huaicheng?”

The guards of the Prefectural Governor’s mansion were shocked. When they finally reacted, their expressions fell.

“Rude! How dare you call the Prefectural Governor by his name?”

The guards revealed their weapons one after another.

Everyone standing on the roads took a cool breath.

“Has she gone nuts?”

“How dare she call the Prefectural Governor like that?”

“Provoking the Prefectural Governor’s mansion on her own? Even if her family has been destroyed and she’s eager to seek revenge, she shouldn’t be so rude!”

“Heh!” Lou Qianxue sneered with murderous intent in her eyes. She ignored the guards and continued to yell, “Jiang Huaicheng, if you dare to do it, you must dare to face it. Didn’t you capture my grandfather in hopes of luring me here? I’m here now, get your a*s here now!”

“Captured her grandfather?” The words shocked the crowd. “How could that be?”

“Why would the Prefectural Governor do something like this?”

“Shouldn’t her grandfather already be dead because of the ma.s.sacre?”

“What’s happening?”

“B*tch, how dare you start a commotion in front of the Prefectural Governor’s mansion! Are you tired of living?” The guards of the Prefectural Governor’s mansion couldn’t hold back any longer. They showed their murderous intent, and all of them attacked Lou Qianxue with their weapons.

Lou Qianxue humphed, and a frosty expression appeared on her beautiful face. “Tired of living? Are you talking about yourselves? Come on!”

She looked at the Prefectural Governor’s mansion with a cold gaze. Since Jiang Huaicheng is not coming out, then I’ll fight my way in!

As she had the thought, Lou Qianxue moved forward.

The guards who had stepped forward began attacking her, but she did not even look at them. She just raised her arm a little.


A sharp glow flashed past.

A wisp of scarlet floated in the sky.

At the next moment.

One by one, corpses helplessly fell into pools of blood.

From the beginning to the end, Lou Qianxue’s icy eyes remain focused on the Prefectural Governor’s mansion from afar as if she couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to the guards.

“How cruel!”

“How firm!”

“And how brave!”

“Is she being too reckless? She’s causing a commotion against the Prefectural Governor’s mansion all on her own?”

One by one, the guards charged over.

Yet, they were just negligible interferences in Lou Qianxue’s path.

After a few waves of her sword, the guards had already lost their breath and slumped into pools of blood.

Lou Qianxue continued walking the whole time, and blood stained her long, white boots.

She stepped into the Prefectural Governor’s mansion.

Another pool of blood appeared in front of the Prefectural Governor’s mansion.

No one could stop Lou Qianxue.

No one could make her replace her sword with a second one.

“How impressive!” The scene shocked every person in the crowd. They couldn’t help but exclaim, “Among those at the same level as her, I don’t think anyone is her match?”

“She’s more impressive than when she was at the prefecture compet.i.tion! Her cultivation speed is so terrifying. It’s scary!”

“Even so, she wouldn’t survive today, right?”

The rest were just discussing, when—

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Five figures descended from the sky and blocked Lou Qianxue’s way.

“Ah! It’s the Mystic Martial realm experts! In the Prefectural Governor’s mansion, there are two masters of the Mystic Martial realm other than the Prefectural Governor!”

“The three people standing with those two are also powerful. Their auras are not weaker than those two. At the very least, they are also experts of the Mystic Martial realm!”

“I think this is the furthest that Lou Qianxue can go.”

“Sigh! What a devilish genius! What a waste!”

“Why did she act so rashly? But… She just said that the Prefectural Governor had captured her grandfather. What is going on?”

Everyone was confused.

Meanwhile, Lou Qianxue finally stopped because of the appearance of these five experts.

Most of the guards of the Prefectural Governor’s mansion breathlessly lay slumped in pools of blood. Those who were alive had pale faces, and they were all alarmed. They stared at Lou Qianxue as if she were a devil.

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