Starting With 3 S-Class Talents Chapter 372 – Father-Son Grudge, Villain Slander

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Chapter 372 – Father-Son Grudge, Villain Slander

“Courage to face difficulties! Determination to never surrender!”

Dave sat on the back of the monster and softly muttered the two sentences. He suddenly felt enlightened. He was initially blaming himself for being irrational. However, after seeing David kneeling and kowtowing to him in order to protect himself, Dave thought that David deserved more respect which was why he was worried that Vincent would be disappointed in him.

After realizing that Vincent was not disappointed in him and was even appreciative of him, Dave could not help but ask, “Then do you think I have the potential to become a strong person?”

Vincent, who was sitting on the monster, could not help but laugh when he heard that. He replied, “Of course! Your Highness is not afraid in the face of danger. You choose to fight rather than kneel or be humiliated! Your Highness will definitely grow into a strong person in time!”

Dave could not help but laugh happily and ask curiously, “But why do I always feel that David’s way of doing things has more benefits?”

Vincent asked with a slightly serious tone, “If you had to choose again, would you kneel and beg for mercy, or would you fight with all of your might?”

Dave said without hesitation, “I would rather die in battle than be humiliated!”

Vincent nodded and said, “Then, that is the choice you have made in your heart! You believe that it was more worthwhile to see David kneeling and apologizing as his dignity is not worth a single cent!”

Dave could not help but open his mouth wide with a half-smile. He sighed in realization and said, “What you said makes sense. That is indeed what I think. How could a piece of trash like David have any dignity?”

Vincent looked at Dave and suddenly said softly, “Actually, I was worried that you would order everyone to kill David on the spot. I was preparing to stop you, but you did not choose to make a move. You’ve made me look at you in a different light!”

Dave smiled and said, “Although I think David is a piece of trash, the hatred between me and him is not something that can be easily resolved. Letting him be besieged to death is too easy for him. I want to keep him alive. I will personally kill him sooner or later!”

Vincent nodded and said, “Good! Fortunately, Your Highness’s determination has saved me a lot of trouble!”

Dave could not help but ask, “Why don’t you want me to kill David?”

Vincent smiled and said, “Because I just asked someone to sell him a fake information report on the ninth floor. Only if he brings the report back alive will there be a good show to watch!”

Dave asked curiously, “Oh, what good show?”

Vincent smiled but did not say anything. With a mysterious look on his face, he said to Dave, “From today onwards, go and arrange a few people to closely monitor the situation of David and the High Priest. There will definitely be a surprise!”

Dave nodded but he did not understand. He then summoned a soldier from the queue at the side. After whispering a few words to him, he gestured for him to leave.

Half a day soon pa.s.sed. Dave and Vincent led their troops to walk through all the streets of Devil Flame City. During this time, they could not help but attract the public’s attention.

They were especially curious about the soldiers stationed in the barracks of the various streets. The 300 soldiers were dressed in uniform. Their faces were filled with fighting spirits. The public could not help but feel curious about the general of the army. Hence, they started to ask around.

The thousands of soldiers who had partic.i.p.ated in the battle at the mouth of the valley all told their comrades about Vincent’s story. They described how Vincent was a fierce and brave leader and how he took care of his subordinates. Vincent’s sincerity instantly won the hearts of all the soldiers in the city. However, Vincent had no idea!

Following that, Dave and Vincent stopped at the north city gate along with their troops.

Dave turned his head and asked, “Now that the city’s patrols have been completed, should we leave the city to take a stroll?”

Vincent nodded and said, “Today, we’ll take 300 men with us. Our destination is a mansion located outside the city. Your Highness, just lead the way!”

Dave nodded and urged the monster that he was sitting on to start heading toward the city gate.

At that moment, a figure exited the city tower and blocked Dave’s way.

“Oh, it’s Your Highness, Dave! I’m late to welcome you, please forgive me, Your Highness!”

The figure was full of smiles, and his tone was full of flattery and pride. It was Miller, who had been promoted by the City Lord on the day before.

Dave could not help but frown when he saw Miller, his eyes were full of disgust. He said coldly, “Miller, you abandoned Vincent yesterday and put him in danger. You even lost the mysterious Dark Elf and the remains of the Elf King. How could father promote a coward like you to become the general of the North City?”

Miller naturally heard Dave’s dissatisfaction. However, he believed that he was currently the beloved general of the City Lord. He did not have to care about offending His Highness that was not favored by the City Lord. He smiled and said, “Your Highness, you may not know this, but that mysterious powerhouse is actually an old acquaintance of the City Lord. After I learned about the relations.h.i.+p between the two important figures, I took the initiative to help them deliver the news to one another. I even rushed back to the city ahead of time! Not only did the City Lord not blame me, but he even promoted me to become the guard of the north gate. It was all because I knew how to judge the situation and did not cause too big of a misunderstanding between the City Lord and his former good friend. Unlike some who only know how to be greedy and ras.h.!.+”

When Miller was complaining, Dave realized that his gaze was fixed on Vincent. He immediately became angrier and said, “B*stard! Are you even qualified to mock Vincent here?”

After Miller glared at Vincent fiercely, he lowered his head in a very perfunctory manner and said, “Your Highness misunderstood. I didn’t mean that! I’m just worried about Vincent’s injuries. I’m afraid that he won’t be able to do his best to protect Your Highness’s safety!”

Dave furrowed his brows tightly. He could still endure it when David provoked him earlier. However, after hearing Miller mocking Vincent, Dave could not bear it at all. The demonic aura in his entire body soared. In an instant, he jumped down from the back of the monster and slapped Miller’s face.

Miller subconsciously wanted to retaliate. However, he immediately realized that the one in front of him was the son of the City Lord. No matter how much the City Lord did not like him, he was not someone that he could casually injure. At the same time, he remembered that Dave only had the strength of a level 20 creature, so what if he took a palm strike head-on? Compared to his new career, temporarily tolerating him was nothing!

After making up his mind, Miller stood firmly on the spot. He did not dare to move at all. He was prepared to take a palm strike from Dave head-on.


The sound reverberated in front of the city gate.

Miller’s face was left with a red and purple palm print. A trace of scarlet blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. He looked at Dave in shock.

He did not expect Dave to slap him so hard. At the same time, he did not expect that Dave was no longer a level 20 creature!

“Your Highness, did you improve your strength? Congratulations!”

Miller suppressed the humiliation in his heart and took two steps back to prevent Dave from rus.h.i.+ng up to him and slapping him again. He lowered his head to express his congratulations.


Dave snorted coldly and shook his painful and numb palm. He said coldly, “If I hear you disrespecting Vincent again in the future, I will kill you!”

Miller replied in shock and fear, “Yes, your subordinate obeys!”

Dave turned around and rode on the back of the monster again. With a cold expression, he led 300 soldiers to escort Vincent through the north city gate.

Monica, who was sitting on the back of the monster, saw the scene. She could not help but sigh to Vincent who was beside her, “It seems that you are not just a close friend in His Highness’s heart. He probably already treats you as his family! I have never heard of His Highness personally making a move for anyone in the past!”

Vincent nodded silently and sighed, “This child is not bad!”

Under Dave’s leaders.h.i.+p, the group soon arrived at a mansion built by the river. Vincent immediately took out the core of the array and removed the array outside the mansion.

However, before the group could continue forward, Dave suddenly turned around and walked in front of Vincent. He said, “Although the inside of the mansion is quite s.p.a.cious, it can’t hold 300 soldiers. How should we arrange them?”

Vincent thought for a moment. He then turned to a soldier beside him and said, “Pa.s.s down my order. Everyone set up camp outside the mansion. His Highness and I will stay in the mansion tonight!”

The soldiers immediately replied, “Yes!”

They then turned around and pa.s.sed down Vincent’s order.

Dave nodded and brought Vincent and Monica into the mansion.

The layout of the mansion was very ordinary. There were no extravagant and gorgeous decorations. Instead, it had an idyllic atmosphere. One could not tell that this was a house given by Dave.

“Although Catherine usually lives in a luxurious and extravagant environment, what she yearns for is a peaceful idyllic life. Therefore, I chose this mansion for her. There is a large river in the north. If you look out the west, you can see the outline of the Tias Mountains. The east is gra.s.sland, and the south is Devil Flame City! Although the layout inside is a little frugal, the geographical location is very good!”

Dave narrated the journey of his heart whilst introducing the mansion to Vincent. He acted like a true teenager. He was narrating the process of how he pursued a girl to his elders.

Vincent nodded slightly and said, “I can’t tell that Your Highness is actually such a meticulous person!”

Dave smiled embarra.s.sedly and asked, “Since we’re already here, when are you going to teach me how to use a knife?”

Vincent smiled and asked, “Are your hands not hurting? Are you that eager to practice?”

Dave lowered his head to look at his red and swollen hands. He replied helplessly, “I couldn’t control my emotions just now. I didn’t expect Miller to be so rough and thick-skinned. He had injured me instead!”

Vincent said seriously, “Miller has the strength of a level 40 creature. Even if he just stood still to take a beating, he’s not someone that you can deal with. Although it’s good for the young to have blood in their veins, they still have to learn how to control their emotions properly. You stood up for me and slapped him earlier. He might be kneeling in front of your father right now and complaining!”

Dave twisted his neck. He said with a serious expression, “If it were any other situation, I would have tolerated it. But after seeing him disrespect you, I had to slap him! As for him wanting to complain to my father, just let him be. Anyway, if my father wants to deal with me, then so be it!”

Vincent took out the magic staff on his waist and softly said, “Modify and restore!”

The staff quickly turned into a pitch-black long knife under the s.h.i.+ning light.

Dave could not help but sigh in surprise, “What, what ability is this?”

Vincent replied, “Your Highness, you don’t have to be curious. First, be patient and practice with me. When you master the knife, I will teach you this ability!”

Dave immediately nodded and kept silent. He longer cared about Vincent’s real ident.i.ty.

Whether he was an elf or a member of the foreign race, it was no longer important to Dave.

Vincent was the only person who firmly supported him and protected him. He was both a teacher and a friend. Dave would go against the whole world for him!

Dave raised his hand and flipped it. His ordinary-looking long knife soon appeared in his hand. He said firmly to Vincent, “Let’s go!”

Vincent smiled slightly and walked toward the meadow in the mansion together with Dave.

As night gradually fell, there was a peaceful atmosphere inside and outside of the mansion. 300 soldiers were guarding the outside of the mansion seriously while Monica was guarding outside the meadow with food. Vincent and Dave were waving the knives in their hands in the middle of the playground. One was teaching patiently while the other was focused on learning!

At the same time, in Devil Flame City, Miller walked in with a palm print on his face. He did not even wipe away the blood at the corner of his mouth. He knelt in front of the City Lord’s office desk and sobbed.

“City Lord, His Highness Dave’s actions these days have been too excessive. It’s fine that he was causing trouble in the city previously, but today, he brought that sick Vincent and 300 soldiers to go out of the city and play! I only went forward to interrogate him as usual, but in the end, I was beaten to such a state by him. He led 300 soldiers out, completely disregarding the rules of Devil Flame City! As a subordinate of the City Lord, it’s fine if I suffer some grievances! But His Highness did this! It was as if he did not know how to share the City Lord’s worries at all. He beat me up just because I teased Vincent!”

Miller covered his injured face and complained to the City Lord about Dave’s despicable behavior with tears in his eyes. At the same time, he hinted to Andre that Vincent’s importance in Dave’s heart had far surpa.s.sed that of his biological father. He was hoping that the City Lord, who had always been indifferent to Dave would erupt with a thunderous rage and severely punish Dave and Vincent.

Andre raised his head slowly and quietly looked at Miller. He asked in a deep voice, “You have the strength of a level 40 creature. How could you be injured by Dave?”

Miller was afraid that the City Lord would think that he was not strong enough. He hurriedly explained, “Oh, the City Lord doesn’t know… Dave… His Highness… His strength has recently increased. I was caught off guard and had misjudged his strength. That’s why I was beaten to such a state!”

Andre frowned slightly and asked softly, “Increased? To what extent?”

Miller replied, “About a level 25 creature!”

Andre’s tightly knitted brows suddenly relaxed and he sneered, “Then, in your opinion, how should I deal with him?”

Miller answered carefully, “Your subordinate thinks that His Highness Dave is the son of the City Lord. It is entirely up to the City Lord to decide! However, that Vincent must not be let off lightly. His Highness Dave has been very close to him recently. He has done so many ridiculous things with him. His Highness, Dave must have been instigated by him!”

Andre’s tone was neither hurried nor slow as he said, “You mean that Dave’s attack today, and the rapid increase in his strength, are all because of that Vincent?”

“This, this, whether or not the increase in level has anything to do with Vincent, I don’t dare to say it recklessly. However, His Highness Dave hitting me definitely has something to do with Vincent!” said Miller.

Andre nodded and said with a cold smile, “Alright then, go and kill Vincent! If Dave dares to stop you, you don’t have to care about him! But Vincent is the City Patrol Officer that I had just promoted. Don’t tell others that I ordered you to kill him. As long as you grit your teeth and say that it’s for personal revenge, I will protect you when the time comes!”

Miller was overjoyed when he heard that and quickly said, “Yes, sir! That Vincent is only a level 25 creature. If I go and kill him, it will be as easy as flipping my hand! I will definitely not make things difficult for the City Lord!”

Andre said in a deep voice, “Go!”

Miller quickly got up and left the City Lord’s office.

After Miller left, Andre suddenly stood up and laughed at the sky.

Andre pressed his hand against the desk and sighed crazily, “Haha! This is more like my son. He finally has some courage! Let this fool be your first whetstone. When you pa.s.s all the tests that I have set for you, you will be qualified to be my son. Only then will you be qualified to inherit Devil Flame City!”

He muttered to himself again, “Of course, if you can’t withstand these tests, then I’ll pretend that I don’t have a son like you!”

The brightly lit City Lord’s mansion was located slightly south of the center of Devil Flame City. In the center of the Northern City District stood a magnificent temple.

The temple wors.h.i.+pped the king of the demon race, Gajero. Every year, a grand ceremony would be held there. The High Priest in charge of the ceremony was the leader of the Dark Elves’ faith in the city!

At that moment, in the side hall of the temple, the High Priest was wearing a gorgeous robe. He looked a little old. He was listening to David’s story about what had happened in the past few days.

He looked at his son who had not returned home for many days. The High Priest could not help but say with concern, “It’s nothing to miss the remains of the Elf’s King! As long as the crystal coins I gave you are still there, you can always buy some other treasures in the future!”

After hearing what his father said, David could not help but reply awkwardly, “The crystal coins that you gave me have all been spent!”

The High Priest was stunned after hearing that, but the smile on his face was still bright. He said, “It’s a good thing to spend it. 180 million crystal coins. The materials and equipment that you can buy are enough to raise your strength and increase your level!”

David said even more awkwardly, “I spent 80 million to buy a sword and a special item. The remaining 100 million was used to buy relevant information!”

The High Priest’s expression instantly changed. He raised his leg to kick David’s face.

“Spending 100 million to sell information? Unfilial son, you are looking for a beating!”

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