Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage Chapter 70: Step Forward Hand-in-Hand

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Chapter 70: Step Forward Hand-in-Hand

In the bright sunshine, Hua Huo was running. She was running together with her beloved boy on the familiar street.

The world was so beautiful.

The sunlight was shining so brightly.

To Hua Huo, this was no doubt one of the most memorable days in her life.

“Hua Huo, are you going to go to the Sword Palace?”

“Yes, uncle. I’m ready to go!” Hua Huo waved her hand with a smile. She said goodbye to everyone living in the town, expressing her thanks to them.

The world took on a brand new appearance in her eyes.

According to her family’s schedule, she accepted the Sword Palace’s invitation. She was going to join the Sword Palace, staying there till she reached the hero rank. At first, she was planning to wait for two years. She wanted to return to town after she had become more beautiful and powerful and then she could take Yun Xi away. But now, she didn’t need to wait any longer because her childhood sweetheart was staying with her. They would undoubtedly walk side by side on the road called “life”.

“Everyone, I promise that I will back someday!” Hua Huo said goodbye to the townspeople. Although Yun Xi looked embarra.s.sed and reluctant, but she still held his hand tightly.

“Little Hua Huo, you can come back at any time!”

“We won’t forget you!”

These uncles and the aunts had all seen her grow up. They softly smiled, seeing the best genius of the town off.

“Whooooh, Hua Huo!”

“Hua Huo, I love you! Please marry me!”

“Hua Huo, Hua Huo, Hua Huo!”

They were the town’s young boys who all secretly loved Hua Huo. However, they had no confidence that they would pa.s.s the Sword Palace’s entrance test, so they had to sadly say goodbye to the girl they loved.

“Sorry, but my whole heart belongs to Little Xi! Goodbye, everyone! Please give us your blessing!” Hua Huo held Yun Xi’s hand, running on the familiar street. She was using this method to commemorate her youth that was fading away.

“That’s strange. Who’s that girl?”

“I have never seen that girl before. Is she Hua Huo’s relative?”

“Is that a maid’s uniform? But she looked like a princess!”

“Hua Huo was from Western G.o.d’s Domain. She must be one of her friends.”

Looking at Hua Huo and Yun Xi, the townspeople talked about the unknown girl with each other. However, none of them realized that the beautiful girl wearing the gorgeous maid’s black uniform was the baker shop’s young boy, Yun Xi.

Outside the town by the river bank, there were nearly a thousand people who had come from all the districts in White Lotus Sword Domain.

“Everyone, shout with me!” There were about three hundred people all shouting slogans together.

“Childe Yun He!”

“Chidle Si Nian!”

“Childe San Quan!”

“Win instant success!”

“Overcome all the opponents!”

“Realize the dream!”

It went without saying that they were the three Childes’ servants, belonging to the n.o.ble families’ camp.

“Child Snake Bones, you’re the best!”

“Child Tian Cheng, do you best in the test!”

Other several families also hired people to encourage their families’ partic.i.p.ants.

Compared to these n.o.ble families, the civilian people’s camp was a little bit quiet and few in number. They were all common people, struggling to practice themselves so that they could take part in the test.

In fact, if only the talent was involved in, the civilian people’s camp wasn’t inferior than the n.o.ble families’ camp.

However, they lacked outfits, weapons and educations. Most of the civilian people were already eighteen years old, because they had to dig out all their potentialities so that they could compete with the n.o.ble families’ children.

It was almost an impossible goal to achieve the third rank before eighteen years old for civilian people.

“They’re just as usual. Still so noisy,” A second rank swordman, who was wearing cloth armor and had three scars on his face, said and looked at the n.o.ble families’ camp in envy.

“We don’t compete with them. We compete with each other,” Another second rank swordman shrugged his shoulders. As the people who didn’t have too many resources but still reached the second rank before eighteen years old, only they knew what a high price they had paid for this.

“Humph. These n.o.ble kids are too mollycoddled. If they were on battlefield, they would die before they realized it!” Several first rank swordmen looked at these n.o.ble families’ people with jealousy. They all wore the same clothes and had similar behaviors. Obviously, they were the civilian people who once joined the army.

n.o.ble and civilian had naturally opposition, because the Sword Palace only recruited a certain number of new disciples. But every time, most of the quota was occupied by the n.o.ble families’ children.

Although the Sword Palace didn’t choose its disciple’s ident.i.ty, race or cla.s.s, but the n.o.ble families naturally occupied the vantage point on cultivating their children. It was not easy for civilian people to win them.

“Sigh. Stop it. My cousin is in the Palace of Heaven’s Road. If I can’t pa.s.s through the Sword Palace’s test, I will go to there to take their test.”

After hearing his words, many civilian people sighed.

Only the children between sixteen to eighteen years old could take part in the Sword Palace’s entrance test. If you were beyond the age limit, you wouldn’t have any chance.

Most of the civilian people were already eighteen years old. Therefore, they may have to take part in other sects’ tests if these n.o.ble children occupied their last chance.

Sword was the most holy and important thing in the whole Sky Sword G.o.d’s Domain. All the young people wanted to be admitted into the Sword Palace.

Only the swordmen who had entered the Sword Palace had confidence to feel proud for themselves. Even they parents would rush about telling the good news to everyone they met.

You could even say that only after you entered the Sword Palace, you finally could begin to practice the true sword skills and walked on the road leading to the zenith.

This time, whichever their ident.i.ty was, n.o.ble family’s kid or civilian swordman, they were here for only one goal: Join the Sword Palace!

This was what Yun Xi saw after he arrived at the examination area.

“Little Xi, I have received the Sword Palace’s invitation, so I don’t need to take part in the test. I will watch your fight on the platform!” Hua Huo smiled and shook Yun Xi’s hands, then ran towards the Sword Palace’s camp.

“Sigh!” Yun Xi was still in a daze. He looked around for a while, then walked to the civilian people’s camp.

He didn’t find that whether the n.o.ble families’ camp or the civilian people’s camp, when they saw his movement, they were all dumbfounded.

Especially after he walked to the civilian people’s camp, the n.o.ble families’ people gazed at him with confusion and surprise.

The civilian swordmen also looked surprised. The mysterious girl wearing a gorgeous maid’s uniform was noticeably not the Sky Sword G.o.d’s Domain’s local resident. After the girl walked to them, they were all flabbergasted.

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