Spirit Realm Chapter 1380: Accident

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Chapter 1380: Accident

Dragon Realm.

Affleck pa.s.sed through a spatial crystal barrier and appeared at the Dragon Realm. When he unleashed his powerful soul consciousness and probed around, he couldn’t stop himself from tearing up.

It was because he couldn’t sense a single dragon that was rank eight and above in the entire Dragon Realm.

As Affleck flew across the skies of Dragon Realm, all he saw was collapsed mountains, trampled forests, and low rank dragons who were cowering inside caves in fear.


Affleck let out an earthshaking and sorrowful roar.

All the dragons who were hiding inside caves or deep sea crawled out of their hiding spots after hearing heard his furious roar.

The giant dragons quickly gathered around Affleck and tearfully recounted the tragedy that had descended upon the Dragon Realm not long ago.

The group of outsiders led by Pei Dehong was listening closely to their stories as well. They quickly learned that the G.o.d Race invaders had captured all giant dragons that were rank eight and above and took them to Shattered Ice Realm.

There were even three rank ten giant dragons among the captives!

“Shattered Ice Realm!” Affleck’s eyes were bloodshot.

“Let’s head over and take a look.” Even Pei Dehong had let out a sigh.

Shattered Ice Realm.

Two giant stars.h.i.+ps were hovering silently in between a couple of icy peaks. The interior of the disorderly Shattered Ice City was filled with giant glaciers sculpted into grand ice palaces by the hands of the Profound Ice Family itself. The beautiful patterns that adorned the exterior of the ice palaces had painted an exquisite picture.

There was also an inverted triangular ice crystal hanging in between the two s.h.i.+ps.

The triangular ice crystal wasn’t particular big, but it was actually used to hold a lot of pocket-sized giant dragons. These giant dragons were so much smaller than Affleck that they looked like worms at first glance.

A couple of Profound Ice Family members were standing next to the ice crystal and making comments about the tiny dragons trapped inside.

“All the dragons who have reached rank ten were shrank and sealed inside the ice crystal.” A tall, slim, and beautiful woman clad in exquisite silver armor smiled mischievously at Xuan Luo and said, “The Dragon Race is seriously pathetic, but I heard that they are considered to be a powerful force in Spirit Realm?”

“That seems to be the case, yes,” Xuan Luo replied indifferently.

“In that case, the human race must be even more pathetic.” The beautiful woman smiled disdainfully before asking, “I heard that that Qin Lie fellow you lot ran into at the secret realm in the Abyss is just a mixed-blood between a member of the Blaze Family and the human race? I can’t believe you guys would lose to someone like him.”

She raised her head slightly, and her snow white neck shone brightly due to the light that was being reflected by the ice. “Just how useless can you all be, Xuan Luo?”

The woman’s name was Mia. She was the daughter of the Profound Ice Family’s current patriarch, Han Che, and she had recently ascended to rank eight just like Xuan Luo.

In fact, she used to be a peak rank seven bloodline expert before the expedition to the secret realm at the Abyss just like Xuan Luo.

Originally, she was supposed to lead the Profound Ice Family during that expedition, but she had failed to suppress her ascension and accidentally broken through to rank eight while she was making preparations for the trip. That was how Xuan Luo had come to replace her.

The matter remained a thorn in her heart even to this day. She had wanted to compete against Cang Ye, Hao Jie, and Ming Xu in the secret realm, but her rightful position had been robbed by Xuan Luo through pure luck.

Before Xuan Luo had entered the secret realm, she even gave him a warning and told him that the Profound Ice Family must be the greatest winner of this expedition, and that he has to obtain all of the secrets of the secret realm, or else.

However, she later learned that Xuan Luo, Hao Jie, Cang Ye, and Ming Xu had all lost to a mixed-blood of the Blaze Family.

She found the truth rather difficult to swallow, so she kept asking about Qin Lie after Xuan Luo had returned home. It was then that she learned that that Qin Lie was a denizen of Spirit Realm, a realm they were about to invade very soon.

At first, Mia wasn’t too interested in the invasion. It was because she thought that a virgin realm with no transcendent bloodline races in them wasn’t worth the full might of the G.o.d Race.

But after hearing about Qin Lie through Xuan Luo, Cang Ye, and Ming Xu, she had suddenly grown interested in the invasion.

In the end, she joined her father as a representative of the Profound Ice Family and the first group to invade Spirit Realm.

The person who changed her mind was neither Xuan Luo nor her father. It was Qin Lie, a person whom she had never met before.

“You’ll understand what a difficult opponent he is once you meet him. He is a mixed-blood, but the Blaze Family bloodline inside him and his awakened bloodline abilities are scarier than even Gan Xing’s,” Xuan Luo said indifferently. “Even at rank seven, he’s probably still stronger than all the rank eight giant dragons we’ve trapped here. Now that he’s merged with the Origin World, his bloodline has probably reached rank eight…”

Xuan Luo shot Mia a glance before continuing, “If you ever run into him, and he’s at the same rank as you, I would suggest that you escape immediately.”

“No, that’s not right.” Xuan Luo suddenly shook his head and denied his own words. He said with a serious look. “If killing you turned out to be one of his goals, then you probably won’t be able to escape even if you tried. After all, his speed is better than yours.”

“I don’t believe you!” Mia sneered in reply. “I think you guys are exaggerating his abilities because you had all lost to him at the Origin World! I refuse to believe that a mixed-blood can be as powerful as you claim.”

Meanwhile, at the Frost Desolation Abyss.

“This blue blood probably originates from a rank ten Eight-eyed Demon Spirit.” La Pu of the Ghost Eye Race pa.s.sed back the bottle of blood Great Master Tian Qi had gifted Qin Lie and said, “I’ve given it a look see, and I believe that it’s probably safe to use. You may absorb it directly.”

“In that case, I shall absorb it into my Perfect Blood here at the Frost Desolation Abyss right away!” Qin Lie declared solemnly.

“Why the rush?” La Pu sounded a little surprised.

“The G.o.d Race has arrived ahead of time, so I must quicken my footsteps as well. If I don’t grow stronger as quickly as possible, Spirit Realm may very well fall to the invaders.” He summoned a clump of red fire and poured out the blue blood and let it fall onto his burning palm.

The fire wrapped around the rank ten refined blood and pulled it into his veins. However, after the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s crystalline blood had merged into his blood, a bright glow suddenly appeared from it!

It was because the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline Qin Lie possessed had broken through its limits yet again. Both the blood’s depth and range of perception had increased. 

To Qin Lie’s surprise, he suddenly sensed a trace of the Curse Progenitor’s presence.

It was as if the Curse Progenitor’s body—the one that was tempered by the Soul Suppressing Orb—was branded with a soul mark that was deeply connected to him.

He subconsciously opened a star door in the blink of an eye, and was immediately greeted by a shocked Curse Progenitor leaning against an ice wall and staring at him from the other side.

Qin Lie pa.s.sed through the star door while his bloodline was still undergoing a reaction.

The Curse Progenitor suddenly panicked and yelled urgently. “Qin Lie! This is Shattered Ice Realm, and the Profound Ice Family is everywhere in this place! You may alert them with your presence!”

“Shattered Ice Realm! You’re hiding in Shattered Ice Realm!?” Qin Lie exclaimed.

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