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Chapter 725 He is changing

Eisen stared down at Ambriel. The angel that seemed to despise anyone that wasn’t of some sort of divine nature. And Eisen just finished explaining a few things to them just now.

“Those are all lies! Do not pull the name of the great deities through the mud!” They yelled out in anger that Eisen had never seen from them before. Slowly, Eisen shook his head and squatted down in front of them, “Neither are they lies, nor do they pull anyone through the mud. This is just what G.o.ds are like, understood?”

“So?! Do you have any proof of that?!” Ambriel screeched, and Eisen slowly rubbed the bridge of his nose. Without hesitation, he moved his hand around the Angel’s throat, choking them with great strength. Of course, since they were an Angel, simple lack of oxygen wouldn’t kill them. It still wasn’t pleasant for them to have their windpipe crushed, though.

“You truly are dumber than I thought you were, aren’t you?” Eisen growled, “There are plenty of lesser deities that are the product of G.o.ds having relations with people of this mortal realm. And you are trying to tell me that this isn’t the case? The fact that you are denying the lineage of those beings in itself is blasphemous, isn’t it?”

Ambriel glared back at Eisen while trying to dig their nails in Eisen’s arm to get him to let go of their throat, “Are you trying to tell me that my Grandson that you saw yourself not too long ago is not the child of Trygan? That that the suffering of those children that were doomed in their life through the reckless actions of their divine parents is nothing but a lie? Look me in the eyes, you foolish creature. Can you truly deny that which those great ‘G.o.ds’ of yours have done?”

Ambriel’s grip on Eisen’s arm became tighter, but they still ended up doing nothing but glaring back at him at the end. Not that there was much to do.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret. Your ‘G.o.ds’ are nothing but-“

“Eisen.” A voice interrupted the old man’s voice. Slowly, he turned around and saw the source of that voice. It was Xenia. Even she flinched lightly as she laid eyes on Eisen’s anger-filled expression. His eyes not the golden light that usually led them, but rather a murky black that seemed like it would pull her in and devour her any moment now. She managed to calm her mind down soon though, and stared back into the depths of the old man’s eyes, “Stop it. Calm yourself down a bit.”

Eisen glared back at Xenia for a few moments and then slowly released the grip he had on Ambriel’s throat. The Angel fell to the ground and coughed relentlessly in pain as Eisen walked toward the door, past Xenia, “I’m sorry you had to see that. But this is a side of myself that I’ve learned of recently.” Eisen muttered quietly as he left the room.

Meanwhile, the High Elven Mage slowly made her way toward Ambriel and waved her fingers around masterfully. Within a few moments, a complex magic circle was created that wrapped itself around Ambriel’s throat and healed them instantly.

“I’m sorry. He’s just going through a lot right about now.” Xenia said with a light smile, attempting another approach with Ambriel.

“…Si…lence…” The Angel muttered quietly, and Xenia slowly nodded, “Of course, I’ll make it so that it’s a bit more quiet around here then.”

“No… Silence… You disgusting Elf. You may be descendants of beings with a fraction of divinity within them, but your people’s rotten behavior made up for that quite well. Do not even dare think of using that wicked witchery on me any further. I already feel like ripping the skin off my throat thanks to the bit that you already used on it.” Ambriel growled loudly.

Beyond the doorframe, Eisen lightly chuckled, “I told you what they were like, but you didn’t want to listen to me.” The old man pointed out, and Xenia slowly turned her head, “Well, you didn’t say that it was at this level… Just… What kind of things could have happened in their life to make them think of people like this.”

“Nothing.” Eisen pointed out as he left, “That’s just the basis of the ‘Divine Society’ that was created for the Angels.”

And with that, the old man really left the room. Or well, this ‘cell’ in the underground prison, rather. Obviously, as this was a castle, this place would also have something like this. The prison keeper was another special guardian as well.

One that didn’t seem to speak too much, but one that had a rather… unique skillset. A skillset that would be perfect if Ambriel wasn’t a divine being with a body that was hard to injure or penetrate.

Either way, for now, Ambriel was kept down here. Was that something immoral? Possibly. Did Eisen care? Not at all.

All that Eisen cared about at the end of the day was draining Ambriel of any and all information that they might have, just to then kill them.

Looking at it objectively, this might be a quite brutal choice. But once again, Eisen didn’t care. This was what had changed within him during the transformation into a True Demon. Of course it wasn’t the transformation itself that caused this, but all the memories that Eisen managed to recover. For some reason, he was capable of taking in so many more memories than normal during that time.

So not only did Eisen pa.s.s the milestone of 50 memories… he reached a total of 65. It was an immense jump, especially considering the amount of memories that he had managed to remember so far. It should have become much harder, and in return the changes should be greater. So being able to skip ahead like this with ease caused a rather extreme change.

Especially considering the fact that Eisen was able to recover a specific few memories. Memories of the things that he recovered within h.e.l.l. Clearly, that was a place that would bring forth a more brutal, darker side of the old man’s personality.

Maybe right now he was overcompensating due to this sudden, extreme change, or maybe this wasn’t even nearly close to what Eisen would end up being like. And although this was clearly what Eisen was worried about becoming… Now that he was here, he didn’t mind it too much.

But at the same time, he could still feel fear due to this fact. Fear that he would lose the man that he once was through this storm of memories surfacing. Of course it was naught but nonsense. Or was it? Eisen wasn’t sure anymore, whether or not his mind would continue s.h.i.+fting in directions tha he disliked.

Either way, he couldn’t change anything about his current situation anymore. Instead, Eisen figured he should use it to the greatest extent he could. Like nearly torturing a being that he hated with his whole heart right now.

Maybe he was focusing anger from other sources too much on Ambriel, but Eisen didn’t care at all. If his anger for those situations had a chance of disappearing with their life, then he would sacrifice Ambriel for that cause happily. Of course only after he made use of them to the highest extent possible, of course.

For now, Eisen made his way through his castle and reached his ‘study’. It was really just a room that was for show, a place where Eisen could meet with people more privately.

And there, Eisen saw him waiting. The crown prince of Litgern, Aaron James Lightheart.

“Thanks for coming here, and sorry that I’m a bit late.” Eisen apologized with a soft smile on his face, his demeanor quickly changing from his anger-filled form to his calming and happy one. And seeing this, Aaron couldn’t help but calmly smile. After all, seeing Eisen in that Demonic form must have been quite a surprise, considering what the old man had acted like the last time that they met. Now, he already acted more like that man from back then.

“Now, I guess there is some business that we need to speak about.” Eisen said as he took a seat on one of the couches, and Aaron slowly turned around to his aide and called him over. The aide gave Eisen a few doc.u.ments that the old man quickly opened up.

“Girland.” The old man said in a blunt tone while looking down at the Doc.u.ments. The Country Core Guardian quickly appeared in a blue mist, “Yes, your Majesty?”

“Could you please bring me the profit sheets that we were sent by Komer? And the sample boxes in the workshop in the garden? Ah also, Serio, could you prepare some tea?” Soon, the s.p.a.ce behind Eisen’s back was filled with mist, and a few seconds later, two figures stood there. A tower of boxes right next to Girland who was holding the doc.u.ments in her hands, and a tray of tea already brewed beforehand in Serio’s hands.

The butler quickly placed the teacups down on the table and poured some of the black tea he prepared into it, while Girland handed Eisen the doc.u.ments and started unpacking the sample boxes that Eisen prepared for Aaron.

After all, Aaron was an important business partner that was helping Eisen and Komer out within Litgern, as well as the further spread of the company through other countries soon. Eisen had to show some of the new products that would be sold to Aaron as well. Keeping him completely blind of what was going on wasn’t a good idea for either side.

After comparing the doc.u.ments that Aaron gave him with the ones that Komer gave him a while ago, Eisen received the first few items from Girland and demonstrated them to Aaron. He was immediately interested in all of them, of course. Considering that part of the reason why Aaron and Eisen were working together was that Aaron wanted war-funds, he also wanted to figure out of any of Eisen’s items could be used for war.

“Oh, of course they could be used for that. With the right method, everything is possible. But I will not be selling you items specifically meant for war. The only items that I will ever make that you get access to are the ones that will be sold at the store.” Eisen said bluntly. With a disappointed sigh, Aaron nodded as the two men continued their business talk.

For the most part, they didn’t talk about anything too interesting. It was just a good chance for Eisen and Aaron to speak, since Aaron came as an envoy anyway.

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