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Chapter 1195: VictoriaTranslator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“It’s a good deal to buy a killing machine at this price.” Yang Ming still said without any expression, “Has she won a lot of compet.i.tions for you?”

“Sir, do you know how to box?” Bobby saw that Yang Ming knew it inside out and immediately showed a surprised expression.

Yang Ming shook his head, “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Bobby was stunned. He didn’t expect Yang Ming to say such an answer. However, just as he was about to say something, he heard Yang Ming speaking again.

“I don’t know how to box, but I know how to kill.” Yang Ming smiled. “I think this female boxer of yours is not a boxer. She is more like an If it is a realistic fight, she won’t be the opponent of these people on the stage, but when it comes to killing, not one of these people is her opponent.”

Bobby listened to Yang Ming’s words, and suddenly he showed his admiration. Everything Yang Ming said was correct. Asian female boxers were not good at boxing but at killing.

The ultimate goal of others was to defeat the opponent, but her ultimate goal was to kill her opponents.

“Sir, you are very knowledgeable, and I admire that,” said Bobby. He did not intentionally compliment Yang Ming but praised from the bottom of his heart. Some people could recognize the female boxer’s talent, but it was rare. Bobby was thrilled with Yang Ming exposing this secret.

Yang Ming waved his hand. “However, the Muay Thai woman over there won’t be easy to deal with.”

Yang Ming referred to Li Lexin. Following Yang Ming’s gaze, Bobby did not see any clues. After all, he didn’t understand this. He also said that he bought this Asian female boxer by accident.

“Thai Boxing? I’ve never been fond of that kind of stuff.” Bobby shrugged and said in his own humorous way.

“Thai Boxing, it’s nothing…” Yang Ming shook his head slightly. “I smell a dangerous aura from her, not just Muay Thai. Maybe Muay Thai is just a cover…”

” Hehe , it doesn’t matter. Even if she is more powerful, can she be more powerful than the killing machine?” Bobby laughed indifferently.

“This I can’t say exactly. Sometimes, people who have undergone rigorous training are more terrifying than this kind of thoughtless killing machine.” Yang Ming did not say anything to Bobby. The female who broke into w.a.n.g Xiaoyan’s villa was an example. She was powerful, but she was not Yang Ming’s opponent.

“Maybe? But this is only known if you have tried it!” Bobby obviously didn’t quite agree with Yang Ming, but it was inappropriate to refute Yang Ming, so he had to say so.

Yang Ming didn’t care either. Bobby was just a layman in the end. He knew only some superficial things and couldn’t see the essence of some things. For example, he did not understand why this Asian female boxer was so powerful. He just knew that this Asian female boxer could help him beat his opponent, which was enough.

“What is her name?” Yang Ming changed the subject and was reluctant to entangle with Bobby in terms of technology. Yang Ming didn’t want to talk too much, lest he expose his ident.i.ty.

“Victoria.” Bobby smiled. “How is it? The name is beautiful, right? It is the name of the ancient queen.”

“You named her?” Yang Ming felt that it was a bit strange that an Asian was called an English name.

“Yes, she didn’t have a name. Her original owner called her Number Three!” Bobby threw up his hands. “Maybe he trained a lot of such people, and Victoria is the third. So she was called Number Three.”

“Compared to Number Three, it is better to call her Victoria.” Yang Ming sighed. So let it be Victoria. It doesn’t matter. Anyway, it has nothing to do with me. “I hope you win more shares.”

“Thank you!” Bobby nodded happily.The game started, and Yang Ming turned his head. However, his eyes stayed on Li Lexin for a long time. This woman gave Yang Ming a familiar feeling. It seemed as though he had seen her somewhere, like deja vu.

“Who is the woman wearing a Thai boxing suit?” Yang Ming turned his head and asked Li Qiang.

“Brother Yang, that person was brought by Li Zhichun, representing Li Zhichun’s family.” Li Qiang noticed that Yang Ming was asking questions and quickly dropped General Kars with whom he was currently talking to and replied to Yang Ming.

Yang Ming nodded. Li Zhichun, it turns out to be him. Could it be that I saw this woman when I was in Singapore? Yang Ming shook his head and didn’t have much of an impression.

Very vague, it seemed that the impression was very shallow; he could not grasp any clues.

And this small detail was captured in Bobby’s eyes, which had strengthened his thoughts. The ident.i.ty and status of Yang Ming were absolutely unusual, and it was very likely that he was above General Li Qiang and General Kars.

The first game was to compete for a diamond mine. This diamond mine was recently discovered and had not been mined, so the compet.i.tion was intense. Almost all of the most powerful mine owners bid for the diamond mine.

Therefore, twelve players partic.i.p.ated in the first game!

Having twelve people for a chaotic battle royale was definitely not possible. The game was grouped in a qualifying system. In the first round of group matches, six players would be eliminated.

Li Zhichun was very smart and didn’t bid for this diamond mine. He knew his strength and knew many people would fight for this diamond mine, so Li Zhichun simply had no intention to make a move on this.

He understood that even if he won this diamond mine, he would make a lot of enemies. Now the situation of Country X was very unclear. Yang Ming’s ident.i.ty was confusing, and making enemies with other mine owners was a very unwise choice.

Victoria’s opponent was a black female boxer who looked very burly. The muscles all over her body were obvious. Yang Ming was confident that if someone were hit by her fist, even if they were like Yang Ming, they would have several fractures.

However, although Victoria looked thin, her body was unusually dexterous. The black female boxer’s punching speed was very fast, but not one punch hit Victoria. Victoria had swiftly avoided them all.

In the beginning, the black female boxer was also excited about being able to choose such a weak opponent, but soon, she was a little impatient!

The feeling of missing each punch was not enjoyable! Sure enough, the black female boxer began to be a little annoyed. When people were annoyed, they would be in a mess. In the end, as Yang Ming expected, Victoria suddenly rose vigorously and struck directly at the spinal point of the neck of the black female boxer when she was retrieving her missed punch. The black female boxer’s eyes suddenly protruded as she fainted on the ground.

According to Yang Ming’s judgment, the black female boxer was not dead but just went into a vegetative state.

One of the mine owners in the stands gave an angry low-pitched howl. Obviously, this black female boxer was his, and he lost. He not only lost the diamond mine but also looking at the black female boxer, he couldn’t continue to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion!

“Sir, your boxer…” The staff went to the angry mine owner and whispered.

“Dispose of her! Throw her into the sea to feed the sharks! She actually ruined my serious business. All the beef and lamb I fed her are in vain!” said the mine owner.

The staff nodded and carried the black female boxer off the stage. Although Yang Ming couldn’t bear it, there was no way. Each game had its own rules. The black female boxer lost, so she had to wait for her fate, which was abandonment by the owner.

To make matters worse, she did not have the need to be rescued. Yang Ming saw very clearly that Victoria struck the black female boxer’s Dazhui [1] with great strength. This black female boxer was not dead now, but it was only a matter of time.

The black female boxer was carried out of the ring, and Victoria’s original murderous eyes restored to calmness, like a clear lake without the slightest emotion.

Bobby smiled softly. This was the result he had expected. If this group knockout did not go well, then the huge amount of money he spent to buy Victoria would be in vain.

It was still a piece of cake for Victoria to defeat the remaining six people in the group elimination stage. No one managed to stay standing in her hands.

Most of them were beaten by Victoria, and they were almost dead or seriously injured. Their bosses all voiced complaints and regrets.

Victoria, like Yang Ming, often did not use her full strength. If she did so, the enemy would be doomed. At other times, she would be crouching, like a hungry wolf observing prey.

This was a typical style of an Yang Ming had a little interest in this Victoria. In what environment was she trained?

The last game was a game that determined the outcome. Victoria was up against an Italian blonde. The girl’s body was not burly, but the muscles were very developed. At first glance, she was the kind of person who was impressive-looking but useless.

The Italian girl had a preliminary understanding of Victoria before, and she knew her style. Therefore, at the beginning of the game, the Italian girl did not rush to attack, but instead defended herself and firmly protected her several important body parts. She remained quiet until Victoria did not take any further action.

” Heh !” The Italian girl made a feint. Victoria had no movement for a long time, which made her anxious. However, she was not stupid. She did not dare to attack, so she made a tentative feint to look at Victoria’s reaction.

However, to her disappointment, Victoria was not confused by her fake actions. She still stood quietly in the ring, motionless. Unlike the Italian girl, Victoria didn’t even take any defensive moves, just standing there.

This numb movement made others feel that she was provoking.

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