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Grief and Lament

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

6 hours later, Murong Xiong Tian came before Long Zheng Yang again with a box full of information and items. He also had 3 members of the Dark Eagle with him, each of them dragging a person whose face was covered with blood and tears.

Seeing Long Zheng Yang, the 3 prisoners started to tremble, and their legs shook as if there was an earthquake. The person in the middle immediately knelt on the ground as he howled, “C-Chief… everything back then… was… ordered by the young master… even if we were 100 times as brave… we wouldn’t have dared to disobey him… Chief, please spare us… if we hadn’t followed the young master’s orders, we would have died… we had no other choice…”

As he spoke, that person started to painfully weep. Seeing him fall to his knees, the other 2 people also hurriedly fell to their knees and sobbed. Long Zheng Yang’s face became ashen-grey, and he did not even bother to look through the things in the box. He stood up and coldly looked at these 3 people, who he had been familiar with over the past 10 or so years, feeling both shock and pain within his heart. He never thought that even these 3 people, who he trusted greatly, would lie to him with Long Tian Yun. He coldly asked, “Tell me everything I want to know without leaving anything out. Otherwise, I’ll make your families all disappear from this world!”

As the Chief of the 7 main forces, Murong Xiong Tian’s methods were quite extraordinary. No matter how tough someone was, he or she would not be able to endure the 7 main forces’ interrogation. This was because no matter how stubborn someone was, Long Yu’s mental espers were able to enter that person’s mind. Before coming here, they had already confessed all they knew, so now that Long Zheng Yang was questioning them, how could they dare to lie or hold anything back? They told him about everything Long Tian Yun had done, and they even fought to tell him as if they were afraid that they would say less than the others.

Long Zheng Yang’s expression darkened as he silently listened. From the beginning, he didn’t say anything, but his clenched fists slightly trembled. In the end, blood even started to flow from where his fingernails had pierced into his flesh. Beside him, Murong Xiong Tian also had a heavy look on his face, and he occasionally looked at Long Zheng Yang worriedly.

As the highest Chief in all of China, there were many things that Long Zheng Yang needed to attend to, and he had countless things that he had to think about. He almost had no time for himself. He was busy to the point that he would meet up with his son, Long Tian Yun, at most once every month. As such, it was impossible for him to completely know what Long Tian Yun was up to, nor would he normally order the 7 main forces to investigate his own son. Moreover, Long Tian Yun had always performed well, and the outside world had always praised him to be one of the most excellent people in China’s younger generation. As such, Long Zheng Yang had always been very happy and satisfied with Long Tian Yun. Even though he knew that Long Tian Yun’s personality was somewhat dark and cruel, he did not think much about it, and he instead thought that they were traits that important people should have. As such, he did not interfere with Long Tian Yun’s matters at all.

However, he never expected Long Tian Yun to be so vicious and merciless as to try and harm his own little brother, much less expect him to secretly cultivate an incredibly active Isrock Disease! One could only imagine how many people Long Tian Yun had killed using the Isrock Disease over the years, as well as how many innocent people that Isrock Disease had spread to! If this sort of thing was spread to the public, the Long family’s reputation, which had been maintained for thousands of years, would be destroyed in an instant, and they would be hated by all humanity for the rest of time!

Long family’s great court, underground chambers.

“Dad, is there some secret that you want to talk to me about?” After the chamber doors were closed and a dim light flickered on, Long Tian Yun spoke with an uncertain tone. Long Zheng Yang was normally incredibly busy, and they rarely met. Every time they met up, Long Zheng Yang would always be smiling widely. However, Long Zheng Yang had suddenly come home today, and he had called Long Tian Yun out from the game and dragged him here. From when he had arrived, his expression had been incredibly calm without even a trace of a smile.

Long Zheng Yang coldly stared at Long Tian Yun. This son, who was now 26 years old and had always brought immense pride and joy to him, now caused him to feel a pain in his heart. He clenched his fists and trembled as he suddenly stepped forwards and savagely slapped the unsuspecting Long Tian Yun. “You animal!!”

Long Zheng Yang’s slap was incredibly heavy, causing the unprepared Long Tian Yun to turn 270 degrees before falling to the ground. After crawling up, Long Tian Yun was dazed for 3 seconds before holding his swollen face and looking at Long Zheng Yang with anger. “Dad… why did you hit me? What did I do wrong?”

“You animal! You have the face to ask what you did?” Looking at Long Tian Yun’s ‘innocent’ eyes, Long Zheng Yang felt even more infuriated. He walked forwards and heavily kicked Long Tian Yun’s chest, causing the words that Long Tian Yun was about to say to be sent back down.

Long Zheng Yang had been trained in martial arts, and his kick caused Long Tian Yun’s ribs to almost be broken, causing him to roll around and cry out in pain. Long Zheng Yang did not look sympathetic at all, and he flicked his wrist, throwing 3 sealed capsules on the ground as he roared with a dark expression, “Explain to me what these are!”

Seeing those black capsules, Long Tian Yun’s eyes contracted, and cold sweat erupted all over his body, causing him to forget the pain in his body. He knew that his father had done rigorous investigations considering his personality. Even if he tried to explain things away, it would achieve nothing. As such, he could only admit it with an expression of terror, “Dad, I’ve… I’ve been keeping this a secret from you this entire time, and I was in the wrong. But I did it for our Long family… it’s difficult for us to openly get rid of some of our Long family’s enemies, and this method doesn’t leave any evidence. If we want to do great things, we have to choose the best methods… I did it for our Long family…”

“For the Long family?” Long Zheng Yang coldly laughed as his expression became even darker. “13 years ago, did you also use this to kill your own little brother Tian Ya ‘for the Long family’?”

Long Tian Yun’s body trembled, and his eyes widened as he subconsciously shook his head hurriedly. “I did not…”

“You didn’t?!” Long Zheng Yang once again fiercely kicked Long Tian Yun as he shouted, “The people from your secret labs have already confessed. 13 years ago, it was you who took away the first batch of highly-active Isrock Disease. You infected Tian Ya, and the 2 people who you ordered to bury him alive already confessed. Long Tian Yun, how malicious is your heart? I can’t believe that my Long family birthed such an evil animal like you!!”

Long Tian Yun’s face became red then white as a sheet. From when he had been born, this was the first time that Long Zheng Yang had called him by his full name and not ‘Yun’Er’. It was evident how furious and disappointed Long Zheng Yang was. Long Tian Yun raggedly gulped down a mouthful of saliva and gritted his teeth as he screamed back, “Dad! Indeed, I did it, but I did it for you!”

“For me? Long Tian Yun, how can you make such a ridiculous excuse!” Long Zheng Yang looked at him in disappointment and pain.

“That’s right! I did it all for you.” Long Tian Yun looked up into Long Zheng Yang’s eyes. “Long Tian Ya was your son, but… but from when he was born, how many times did you hug him, see him, care for him, or even allow him to call you ‘dad’? He was a son of the Long family, but did he have any status in the Long family? Even the children of attendants bullied him, and anyone from the Xuanyuan family could bully him. You knew about this, but did you ever say anything about it or stop it?” 

Long Zheng Yang’s body swayed, and his face suddenly became pale.

“As long as one wasn’t blind, anyone would be able to tell that you didn’t like Long Tian Ya at all… no! You completely despised him! Even a blind man could tell that you didn’t want or love your second son and that you wanted him to disappear. As such, anyone could bully him as they wanted because they knew that you would not do anything about it and that you might even feel happy about it! In the outside world, no one even knew that you had a second son. When he was 10 years old, you were about to become the highest authority in all of China. If it came out that you had an illegitimate child, it would be a great obstacle to you, so everyone in the Long family knew that you wanted that unwanted son to disappear. Since you couldn’t do it, as your son, it was my duty to help you!”

“A load of rubbish! Tian Ya was my own son; how could I want him to disappear from the world? It was evident that you were worried about him fighting with you over your position as the successor, which was why you murdered him!” Long Zheng Yang furiously replied.

“If you really saw him as your son, why did you treat him that way? The way you treated him evidently told everyone that you didn’t want this son at all and that you wished that he would just disappear!” Long Tian Yun loudly replied.

“You!” Long Zheng Yang’s face became even paler and his entire body trembled, but he was unable to say anything. No matter the reason, everyone in the Long family had clearly seen how he had treated Long Tian Ya. 

“You’re saying that I was worried about him fighting with me over my position as successor? Dad, do you even believe those words? Apart from being able to live in the Long family’s residence, he had nothing! Let alone power and authority, he didn’t even have a teacher to teach him how to read and write, and that was because of your orders. He had nothing, and even the attendants looked down on him. The Xuanyuan family’s people all called him a b.a.s.t.a.r.d; he didn’t threaten me at all! How could I fear him? I got rid of him for you; for the Long family’s peace!”

“Nonsense! Nonsense!” Long Tian Yun’s words sounded like thunder to him, and Long Zheng Yang stumbled back a few paces, his face as pale as a sheet. Apart from yelling, he had no way to rebut Long Tian Yun’s words. He knew clearer than anyone how he had treated Long Tian Ya back then.

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