Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 765: A bitter figh

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Chapter 765: A bitter figh

A gale blew away the dust shrouding the battlefield. The figure in black and the figure in red stood in opposition to each other. The healing fairy healed Wu Yan’s HP back to max.

Heathcliff lacked a familiar that can heal him, but, the guy had 10 HP bars!

Compared to Wu Yan’s HP, this guy’s went through the roof. The amount of HP he lost is negligible compared to his total Health Pool.

The ground they destroyed got repaired. However, the players who were watching couldn’t calm their hearts down.

The buildings in SAO are indestructible. However, to add realism to the environment, players with high enough power can destroy the structures to a certain extent. The boss rooms are examples of locations that can be partially damaged.

Granted, the player needs to have enough strength to do any real damage. Generally, only bosses had enough strength to wreck the ground, and they usually fired attacks at the ground.

However, the two dueling players destroyed the ground with just the aftermath of their attacks.

It wasn’t surprising that Heathcliff pulled this off, he had Final Boss-level stats. They just didn’t think Wu Yan could do the same thing.

Asuna who understood Wu Yan’s power after spending a year of her life with him wasn’t shocked by his display of power. She’s just worried, incredibly worried…

Wu Yan felt Asuna’s gaze. With swords akimbo, he stepped forward.

His steps looked like taunts to the other players. However, Heathcliff took him seriously, with a serious face, he got into a stance with his shield and sword at chest level.


His cross-shaped shield and sword stirred the air in the room. The simplistic black sword came chopping at him.

Wherever the sword went, the air got sliced apart.


The sword’s impact sounded like a bomb went off. The heavy force sank Heathcliff into the ground. His expression twisted in discomfort.

With cold eyes, he got into a stance with Elucidator at chest height.

“Demonic OnslaughtI”

Wu Yan took on a a dark shine along with the silvery white Elucidator, he looked like a dark viper that circ.u.mvented Heathcliff’s shield, stabbing at his chest.

Sword met sword in a fiery exchange of sparks. Heathcliff blocked Wu Yan’s Demonic Onslaught. Without exchanging a word, the two figures parted, their moves created gusts of wind.


The two figures clashed once more. Shield and swords continued clashing with sparks that blinded the spectators.

Bam bam bam bam


Heavengazer shaved Heathcliff’s HP away while emitting sparks and drawing trails in the air and ground. Heathcliff gnashed his teeth when he saw Wu Yan wasn’t done just yet.

Wu Yan had superior speed, experience, and techniques. If this was a fight of brute strength, Heathcliff downright won with his SS-grade strength. In a true fight, however, Heathcliff fell into disadvantage. His only tactic right now is to block the opponent’s sword skills with his deep understanding of the skills and then fire a counter-attack back at Wu Yan.

Heathcliff moved when Wu Yan got into range. Like a rampaging bull, he came charging at the figure in black. He slashed his sword at Wu Yan’s neck.

Wu Yan sucked in a breath of air. He stopped with Heavengazer raised overhead. With a casual Tang, Wu Yan shut down Heathcliff’s rare opportunity to attack.


He swung Heavengazer around in a 180 degrees arc. Blowing Heathcliff’s robe away and making his ponytail go into a frenzy from the ensuing force.

Feeling the attack coming from his side, Heathcliff frowned as he intercepted the sharp blade with another metallic ring.

Heavengazer pushed Heathcliff’s one-handed sword back. The sword bent into a very dangerous degree that would have broken any sword in the real world. Surprise was written on Heathcliff’s face.

The Heavengazer’s superior reach diminished Heathcliff’s strength advantage.

It consumed Heathcliff’s stamina but his sword didn’t break, Heathcliff unleashed another wave of power when the sword almost touched Heathcliff’s cheek.


Shoving Heavengazer away, Heathcliff charged at Wu Yan with his shield raised.

The heavy shield rammed Wu Yan in the chest, bouncing him away while somewhat reducing his HP.

The mild pain caused Wu Yan’s expression to turn dangerous. Although the game reduced the pain translation rate, he still felt a bit of pain from that attack.

Using Heavengazer’s hilt, he pushed against the shield, flipping in the air. He shone with a green light when he fell.

Sparks came when this attack got blocked once more. Wu Yan silently cursed Heathcliff’s tankiness.

Elucidator started shining as Heathcliff a.s.sumed another attack came. He raised his shield to block his torso only for Wu Yan to stab his leg.


Red particles flew up, the attack connected.


Heathcliff looked at the wound. He ignored his steadily decreasing HP.

So sword skills can be used as feints, huh?

He tried to slash Wu Yan’s head with his sword.

Wu Yan sensed this attack and he used Heavengazer to thwart the attack.


Wu Yan’s center of gravity lowered due to the reaction force. He looked at the sky and his expression changed.

Heathcliff’s robe billowed in the air, Heathcliff’s cold gaze met his through the gap in Heathcliff’s shield.

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