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A week pa.s.sed, turned to month and two. Eureka’s brows are completely furrowed. Rino have improved tremendously, that he is already on par with Hideyos.h.i.+ and Mamoru. His ability have improved as well thanks to Haruka. And since he holds one of the strongest, he is currently on par with Raven.

“They’re shopping,” upon seeing Eureka enter Raven already said not waiting for her to ask.

“No they just returned,” she said before turning and walking out.

“Let’s go,” Rino said feeling that she would confront Nana.


“Your highness, Princess Nana is currently fighting with Eureka,” another knight reported to Akihiro and Haruka.

“Are they sparring?” Akihiro asked.

“No, your highness. But a real fight.”

They rushed towards the place. Eureka is far stronger obviously. If they fight Nana would be at the loser side.

“I JUST WANT TO EXPERIENCE THIS, WHY DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?!?” what welcomed them was Nana’s shouting, which they heard for the first time.

“Didn’t I let you be for a month, but it’s already been two. You can’t leave your training that much,” Eureka replied her voice emotionless.

“Well she can just start tomorrow. Let her last be today, Eureka,” Akihiro decided to interrupt them.

“Last day? When was the last time you said that your highness?” Eureka rebuked.

“Just let her enjoy, 25 years, Eureka. They couldn’t do anything they want,” Akihiro replied knowing he said that 2 weeks ago when she asked what they are planning.

“She is not the only one who didn’t get to enjoy her life. I am not saying that she has no right but that she needs to get strong as well,” Eureka didn’t back down.

“We can protect her, calm down Eureka,” Feena answered this time.

“I don’t want to hear that from you. When was the last time you train?” Eureka snapped back.

Feena was stomped for words. The last time they trained was two months ago.

“We are training, don’t worry we will train,” Karen answered.

“And we are also here,” Hideyos.h.i.+ said.

“She has a lot of protection. Don’t get mad at her so much,” Akihiro said.

“You can’t rely on others. If they die then you will too. You won’t even be able to save them yourself. Even the strong dies!! As for you guys have you forgotten what had happened when you met those two?” she still retorted.

“Eureka I want you to remember that she is still a princess. She is not a knight like yourself,” Akihiro stopped himself from getting mad and just reminded her.

Eureka’s response truly shocked him, she laughed, “I also didn’t want to be a knight. And yet here I am just to save this world who didn’t want to save themselves. I am not a hero of some sort. I can also die, I can’t be there to always save you. *pauses* Fine do it your way, your highness. I no longer care. I’m getting tired of this stupid bickering myself. Do it your way.”

She stormed out of the castle before anyone could stop her. Kaoru and Raven looked at her wanting to follow her but decided that she wouldn’t want that.

(“I also didn’t want to be a knight. And yet here I am just to save this world who didn’t want to save themselves.”)

Her words kept repeating itself on Akihiro and Haruka’s mind.

“Father, I’m sorry,” Nana said.

“That-” Akihiro was interrupted by Haruka.

“That’s not alright. That girl was right. If you can’t protect yourself then how will others protect you. No one wants to keep on training. But we are not in a time where we can live as leisure as we want. We don’t even know when the enemies would suddenly attack. She wanted you to survive, that’s why she is that harsh. And,” she then looked at Akihiro.

“I never heard that you let your daughter play for a whole two months. You told me she was training as well. I guess I need to discipline you as well,” she looks back at Nana.

“Return to your training this instant. And I want you to do so till you could no longer lift your sword. As for you ladies, get back to your job as well. We can’t dilly dally. Don’t take any of these very lightly,” she finished before pulling Akihiro away.

“Brother,” Nana called.

“Mother is right. To be honest I was planning on giving you a piece of my mind myself once you return today. That girl just beat me to it. Let’s go you still have a lot of things to do,” Rino said turning his back.

“I understand,” Nanasaid as she followed her brother.

(“I also didn’t want to be a knight. And yet here I am just to save this world who didn’t want to save themselves.”)

Rino thought as he return to the training area.

“It seems that Eureka is seriously mad right now, we have to take things seriously now. As a sign of apology to her for neglecting everything,” Karen said to the others.

“That’s true,” Feena said.

“Guys come on, I shall be training the princess, I want you to spar with the prince,” Raven finally said before following the Rino and Nana.

They then diligently returned to their training.


“Why do you keep using position to that girl? Can’t you see that that’s how you’re hurting her? She grew up in an environment with no ranks or whatso ever,” Haruka lectured once they’re back to Akihiro’s office.

“But she…”

“But she what? Didn’t she let her enjoy? She didn’t speak about it for so long but you went out of line. I know that you want to show Nana and Rino the love you couldn’t show when they were asleep. But telling them to get stronger is also a way to show your love for them.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologise to me, apologise to that girl. You once again slapped her that she is in no position to tell them what they should do.”

“She really didn’t want to become a knight?” Akihiro finally asked her.
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“It already came from her. I don’t think she would say that just to say it,” Haruka replied.

“At the same time. We really are relying on her too much. She had saved us time and time again that we ended up thinking that she would always be there.”

“You always realize things too late. You’re always rush with your words. You have to change that. That girl is even younger than those two. You talk about Nana not enjoying her life. But did that girl enjoyed hers? She didn’t but not once did she complain about it. Don’t put pressure on her, when she is already giving herself so much.”

“I understand.”


“What did you say?” just as Rino and Nana returned to Akihiro’s office they heard their father’s voice.

“Your highness, Miss Eureka was riding her horse as she left the kingdom. No one could stop her and ask where she will be going as she looks like she would suddenly kill the person who’ll ask,” Dai answered.

“What time was that?”

“After she left the castle, your highness.”

“We shall wait. For now, let’s wait for her return, she might have just went out to check on something,” Akihiro said as he sat down once again.

“I think you really would regret a lot of things in the future brother,” Kaoru couldn’t help but comment.

“Please don’t play riddles with me as well. My mind’s already jambled,” Akihiro replied as he ma.s.sage his temple.

Rino and Nana decided not to interrupt them and left without saying anything.

“I’m not giving you riddles, but I’m literally saying it, I shall go to sleep now,” Kaoru left without waiting for Akihiro to answer back.

he thought.


“Have you heard?” Karen said to the others early that morning.

“Eureka left the kingdom,” Azusa answered.

“Do you think she’ll return today?” Feena asked.

“Don’t bother wondering. Just keep training. She’ll return eventually,” Kaoru was the one who answered them.

All seven could only agree and return to their duties.

“Will she be returning?” Raven remained and asked.

“Of course she will,” Kaori replied.

“In the near future or the far one?”

Kaoru looked at him, “She’ll eventually return.”

Raven watched him walk away, “So she left this time and it might take a while.”


“It’s already been two weeks. Is she really that mad?” Akihiro asked Dai.

“I have no idea, your highness,” Dai could only reply.

“Calm down. She will return, that’s for sure,” Haruka approached him and said.

“But what if the enemies-“

“There you go again. Stop relying on her too much, that girl is still young. But at the same time she knows her duties very well,” Haruka stopped him.

“Yes, that’s right. I really am being too anxious right now. Especially since the confederate kingdom will be coming in two months.”

“We’ll handle it even if she’s not around. She is a knight, not your adviser. Just how many more places are you giving her?” Haruka could only laugh at how much he relies on her.


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