Shadow Hack Chapter 723 – Biyao Resurrected

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Chapter 723: Biyao Resurrected

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“Have you decided? Don’t make any excuses before me. You think they will convince me? I can let you go, but can also turn away and leave you sealed. Do you understand that?”

Actually Li Yunmu only wanted to scare the Dark Master in hopes of using him. If he couldn’t control the Dark Master, then the one in trouble would be him.

The Dark Master was still hesitant though. Upon noticing that he was still unable to give him a definite answer, Li Yunmu turned around to leave with the four golden cards in his hand.

As soon as he turned around, the Dark Master began to panic.

“Dang! Still can’t let me go? I will a.s.sist you all to eliminate the Dark Demon G.o.d! That guy has always been trying to find the opportunity when I am not present to raise to the top, and I am furious at the thought of seeing that evil monster here.”

When Li Yunmu heard Dark Master agree to his condition, he was satisfied and threw the four cards at the shadow in the darkness.

When the Dark Master received the four golden cards, he began to howl with laughter. His saffron silhouette became increasingly more clear in the darkness, which revealed the shackles on his body.

With the seals removed, the shackles all fell off him, and his enormous body appeared outside the pyramid.

After throwing away the fetters, the Dark Master began to crazily howl with laughter, and a black light shone in his eyes.

[I told you long ago that he was a dangerous guy. Removing his restrictions was actually an extremely great risk. The three Egyptian G.o.ds actually had a way to defeat the Dark Demon G.o.d, but they just hadn’t discovered it.]

Li Yunmu didn’t care about the threat of the Dark Master. All his focus was on obtaining the Millenium Divine Staff. With it, he could finally resurrect Yuan Biyao.

[Are you certain about sacrificing half your cultivation just to save that woman? Have you really decided?] the system asked with some uncertainty.

Sacrificing half one’s cultivation was an extremely important matter. If Li Yunmu, who had already reached half step G.o.d level, sacrificed his cultivation, his strength would decrease greatly. It could even get lower than sage flux expert realm.

In the Origin World, if he didn’t even possess the strength of a sage flux expert, he would be bullied. It was the standard rule of existence in the Origin World.

Li Yunmu nodded. “Start talking about the ceremony, which you mentioned before! I have already gotten hold of the divine staff, so I must resurrect Biyao!”

[You are really crazy!]

The system couldn’t help but frown at Li Yunmu, but it was forced to follow his resolve to resurrect Yuan Biyao. Her scattered spirit gradually began to float in mid-air, and the ancient secret method fell on the ground, constantly absorbing the energy floating out of Li Yunmu’s body.

The system couldn’t believe how foolish its host was. He actually chose to sacrifice half his cultivation for a woman. If this news of that got spread through the Origin World, he would become everyone’s target.

Also, Zeus and Scandinavia’s relations.h.i.+p had eased up only because of Li Yunmu. If they learned that he had turned into a waste, why would they care about him anymore?

Why would Zeus persevere with trying to have a good relations.h.i.+p with Scandinavia? It was unlikely that he would. There was a greater chance that would go as far as to launch a large scale attack on Scandinavia. The earth attributed Heavenly G.o.ds Council would certainly subdue water attributed Scandinavian G.o.d Council.

Li Yunmu closed his eyes, feeling his strength burn away at a greater temperature. He felt as if there were countless ants crawling up his skin and tormenting him.

When the energy he lost entered the ancient secret method, his forehead was already filled with countless sweat beads.

[Is it worth the trouble? She is only the primordial spirit of ancient secret method, why would you sacrifice half your cultivation for her?] the system said while feeling regretful of what was being lost.

It didn’t understand why Li Yunmu would do something like that, which left it baffled.

If any other person was before it, they definitely wouldn’t go through with such an action. ‘My host is truly foolish.’

Who had told the system to choose Li Yunmu back then? Right then, even if it wanted to choose someone else, it was no longer possible. There wasn’t enough time, and after staying in Li Yunmu’s body for such a long time, the system had grown accustomed and close to him.

Li Yunmu felt his body suddenly losing strength and sensed a warm liquid suddenly rise up his throat.

He spat out a mouthful of blood and fell down to the ground, unconscious. If it were not for the system collecting Yuan Biyao’s spirit at the final moment and returning it to the ancient secret method, all of Li Yunmu’s efforts would have been completely in vain.

The ancient secret method began to flicker with light, and a shattered spirit was congealed once more. When the spiritual energy dispersed around, Yuan Biyao’s naked body appeared on the ground. She was curled in a ball.

The Dark Master didn’t know what had happened inside. When he regained his form, he howled loudly. “Youngster, I must thank you for helping me by removing the shackles. You have satisfied my request, so now wait for me to fulfill your request. That would be when I will truly gain my freedom. Ha ha ha…”

After hearing the Dark Master’s words, the system didn’t offer any reply. Its host had fallen unconscious after losing half his cultivation, which was a real pity.

When Yuan Biyao awakened, she looked around and said pensively, “Where is this? Shouldn’t I have disappeared?”

When she discovered that she had no clothes, she quickly congealed green robes for herself. She then saw Li Yunmu lying unconscious on the ground.

“Li Yunmu… Li Yunmu! Did… you save me?”

[In order to rescue you, he actually sacrificed half his cultivation,] the system said.

Yuan Biyao looked around, but there was no one else other than Li Yunmu, who was lying unconscious on the ground, around her.

“Who? Who is speaking?”

[Don’t try to find me. I am inside Li Yunmu. Your primordial spirit has been resurrected, but only because of him sacrificing half his cultivation. He’s now turned into a 100% garbage in the Origin World!]

The system’s voice was filled with a hint of complaint, so how could Yuan Biyao not sense it?

“I didn’t need you to rescue me,” she said helplessly. “If I disappeared, then let me stay gone. If it wasn’t for empress Nuwa’s kind disposition, I probably wouldn’t have even come to exist in this world. Meeting Li Yunmu was the greatest blessing in my life.”

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