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Chapter 41 (EATER)

Even I feel surprised toward my sudden acceleration of my slash.

Our blades crossed once again…

In that momentー


My sword attack, easily being parried by Kyurie-san.

“Fumu… Indeed, it seems like you’re not a person who had experienced any sword art lesson, but…”

While she muttered some words by herself, Kyurie-san shows an expression as if she figured out something.

And then,

“… Let see, let’s try to see a little more… I will do it properly this time, though I want to take it easy, I will try to be a little bit serious now, alright ?”

And Kyurie-san also holds up her sword.

“Ah right, I will say one thing first… I’m different than that Arclight family daughter, I’ve never learned a proper sword art, everything is self-taught.”

Though Kyurie-san stance is the same as before, the air around her is different.

“That’s why, I might show some strange habit. you should ask the instructor if you wish to learn a proper sword art. my sword is to speak, a sword that being held in order to survive, because it is something that I’d build up naturally…”

“… understood. very well then.”

She then rubs her back shoes on the soil.

“Here I come…”

I raise my concentration.

The blades draw a curve toward Kyurie-san abdonmentー her sword catches my blow without any danger.

I did not stop my offensive until there and keep brandished my sword toward Kyurie-san.

For sure, if it’s this person then, she will be able to catch everything.

That’s why… it is fine being clumsy.

Somehow, it has become fun.

Soon after our blades crossed, an attack from Kyurie-san comes.

ーーHeavy !

My hands which holding the hilt feel slightly numb.



Alright, this time, it’s from meー

ーEat thisー 

Eat ?

ーEat this…

Something has 『Changed』

As if, showered on toward Kyurie-san.

That sort of feeling.

Eat this, eat this, eat this !

Furthermore, my sword attack which has become quick begins to have more force.

“Khu !? You… !?”

Kyurie-san voice comes out together with a face of bewilderment.

This feels goodー really good…

The sounds of the swords crossed each other makes really nice soundsー very pleasant.

Is she going to strike ?

A high pitched metallic sound sounded.


The side sweeping that I just did before…

“Huh ?”

The sword that I should be swinging is on the ground making around and round rotation in the corner of the training ground.

“Just like what I had said, my first time would be the mock battle.”

“By any chance, is it an excuse so that you both can stay just the two of you ? when I watched, you both, shows so much trust in each other you know ? what’s this ? did you both, in that kind of relationship ?”

Well, it’s not really like what the instructor say, however… from now on I want for both of us to have a deep trust…


Nn ?

Kyurie-san looked at my direction with a serious look.

“Umm, what’s wrong ?”


“… be serious.”

No no, even if I’m being serious, she’s really do look beautiful with it see.

Haa, well anyway…

“Unn, is anything alright ? I say, it feels very powerful, and then it feels fun… I can’t really put it into words, however, that was what I feel, probably, my compatibility with Kyurie-san is high, I wonder ?”

“Emm… Eh !?”

I was at a loss.

After Kyurie-san put away her sword, she comes close to me and begun rubbing my right arm with both of her hands.

“K-Kyurie-san !? W-Whatー”

While I feel panic, Kyurie-san continues touching my arm with her long beautiful fingers.

“I-Is that so ?”

SO far, I’ve never done any muscle training though…

“However, no matter how much… in just one or two days… this kind of thing is…”

Is this the so called flowers in both hands situation ?

I-I can’t move…

“… Uwaa ! Eh !?”

Instructor Isabella has begun rubbing my leg this time

“No, I think yesterday it gives more a softer impression…”

Kyurie-san has been rubbing my leg as well.

Because of this angle, I feel a slight startle,

“What is it, I wonder ?”


And then, after I’ve finally being released (?) I began my swinging practice on the training ground.

For the sake of not becomes a burden to Kyurie-san, and for the sake of my sacred ruin exploration


However, there’s not much of fatigue…

After that, we tidy up and left the training ground.

“Alright then, see you tomorrow… fufu, you, it was a really good today”

While winking her eyes Instructor Isabella then left.

“So, regarding sacred ruin exploration…”

After having seen off instructor Isabella, Kyurie-san opened her mouth.

“As for me, I would like to train you for a while, after that we can think about what to do next, after all, based on the fight against the goblin, it is dangerous for you to only rely on the forbidden spell.”

The thing that Kyurie-san had said is quite reasonable.

Or rather, for me to take up her time to train me, I feel sorry instead.


Thus Kyurie-san continues the talk

“Surprisingly, we might be able to go rather soon than expected…”

“I intend to see the result after several days… if you decide to go, then I will also go. well, I don’t intend to make you overdo it either. it just, there’s things that cannot be learned from practice alone after all”

Well if Kyurie-san said so, then it must be true…

It might be a little bit weird coming from me, but I feel like she knows me more than I myself.

“Yes, I’ll do so… then, umm, about today…”

As soon as I changed the subject, Kyurie-san eyebrows contorted.

“… Aah right, the lunch with that Arclight lady. I see, your head is already filled with those thought huh ? sure, go ahead, you should go quickly. *fuun*, you should enjoy it as much as possible.”


“About just now… umm, my bad…”

Kyurie-san then put her hand on her forehead, while apologizing.

“So, what’s of it ?”

“I see… ah, by any chance, is it about the forbidden spell ?”

“I understand, regarding the preparation schedule at the sacred ruin exploration a.s.sembly hall, let’s leave it for tomorrow.”

“Don’t mind it… I also have something to do after all”

Somehow we both fell silent…

“By the way, I would like to ask you”

“O-Of course. !”

“Err you see, but it still looks good, or how should I said it…”

“I-If it’s a daily routine then…”

“About that, well~…”

Kyurie-san then exhales some breath.

“I really don’t understand… However, I know that you like these uniform isn’t it ?”

“About that…”

“… Yes”

” …I’m really sorry”


“… Did you wait here all this time ?”

Some boys student who had gone in and out of the locker room being surprised and said “why is Cecil Arclight here !?” wonderingly while admiring her.

“Because people are gathered in the dining room(cafeteria) and will make us unable to talk calmly, today, let’s eat outside. because of that, I’d prepared the lunch in this way…”

Cecil-san then lifts the basket which she holds in her hand.

“The weather is good too… well then, do you not mind ?”

“Fufufu, I’m glad… well then, shall we go ?”

Cecil-san asked me while naturally hold my hand.

It has a really nice smell…

“… !!”


Just now, I feel like I’d seen something…

“… Ah, no, it’s nothing…”

I saw a glossy silvery hair, which gently flew in the air…

“What is it ?”

“That’s right, it’s just the two of us you know ?”

Her voice sounds gentle, however, her tone, somehow it gives the feeling of stubbornly won’t forgive any change…


Having lunch with three people, I guess there’s no such option huh…

Because of the tension my hand sweat tensely, I’m really worried.

Being held by that Cecil-san walking around the academy…

Indeed, this is really just the two of us…


Personal Impression : Kyurie aside, what did Kurohiko do to make Cecil fall like that…? anime/novel/manga character ways of fall in love are never fail to amaze me.
I guess it is the power of “protagonist privilege” huh ?

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