Secret Marriage: Reborn As A Beautiful Model Student Chapter 397 – An Unexpected Confession【2】

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Chapter 397: An Unexpected Confession【2】

Li Qingcang patted Jing Zhichen on the shoulder.

When Jing Zhichen found out that Ye Tianxin was his cousin, he a.s.sumed the role of a brother to her.

He also knew that Jing Zhichen was doing this for Ye Tianxin’s sake.

He knew all these.

He knew more clearly that many things weren’t in black and white.

He liked Tianxin.

He respected Tianxin.

He admired Tianxin.

No matter what decision Tianxin made in the future, he would support her.

He spent 26 years alone just to wait for her.

Fortunately, after a journey filled with numerous difficulties and dangers, they finally crossed paths.

She wasn’t one step too early.

She wasn’t one step too late.

She had just knocked on his chest and found her way through his heart.

She was the brightest star in his night sky.

“She is my Tianxin, the woman I like, so I won’t hurt her or let anybody hurt her.”

Jing Zhichen muttered, “Brother, if you make Tianxin unhappy, I will protect her. I am her cousin, and I will be her support.”

“I won’t give you that opportunity.”

Li Qingcang turned around and left Jing Zhichen alone. He went down the stairs slowly. In his heart, it was as if spring came early.

Since when did he fall in love with her?

When she was in his arms and calling him brother…

When he thought he was about to die, he heard her beautiful voice…

Was it that time when he was injured, on the brink of death? What a twist of fate… He lived and gained…


Ye Tianxin had washed her face and brushed her teeth. She liked Li Qingcang. She liked him so much that she always wanted to appear presentable when he was around.

“Elder Brother Li, you’re back.”

Li Qingcang sat next to Ye Tianxin. He stretched out his hand and gently stroked her smooth long hair.

“Tianxin, can you tell me the person you like? Is it Gu Yancheng?”

Li Qingcang’s words caused Ye Tianxin’s face to instantly change colors. She was worried that Li Qingcang might misunderstand her and shook her head to explain.

“It’s not him. I don’t like Gu Yancheng.”

“When you were in a delirious state last night, you keep mumbling Gu Yancheng’s and Lu Qingxin’s names.”

Ye Tianxin’s body stiffened. ‘Really? I called their names?’

Gu Yancheng and Lu Qingxin… If they were in her dreams, she was probably having a nightmare.

“I had a nightmare!”

Ye Tianxin thought about an excuse at the moment.

“I dreamed that I was drugged, and when Gu Yancheng was about to do something to me, Lu Qingxin stood there and smiled.”

Ye Tianxin’s hands were cold.

Her secret…

As for the secret of her rebirth, she wouldn’t tell anyone, including Li Qingcang.

Li Qingcang couldn’t distinguish whether Ye Tianxin’s words were true or false.

He also had no intention of inquiring further.

He only wanted to be by her side until she recovered her strength.

“I see. You had a high fever last night. That’s why.”

Ye Tianxin’s heart felt heavy for some reason. She said, “Elder Brother Li, if something like this really happened, would you despise me?”

“No, I won’t despise you.” That’s the truth.

Li Qingcang stretched out his hand and stroked Ye Tianxin’s small face affectionately.

He would make his life a living h.e.l.l.

He would regret being a man.

At present, Li Qingcang didn’t think that Ye Tianxin’s dream would become a terrible reality sometime in the future.

“Elder Brother Li, I know that Lu Qingxin is unkind, so I won’t give her such an opportunity.”

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