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“Are you done?” Madam Li asked her son when he came out.

Kris smiled at his mother. “Let’s get you home.” They both walked out with their own security team.

Aunt Mary entered the room to check on Lena who was cheerfully eating her chocolates. ‘My lady is so happy that Young Master Li came and visited her?’

“Where is James?”

“James has been relieved of his duty as your bodyguard. Your father employed two new ones to be with you.” Aunt Mary replied.

“UGH… where is Gary when you need him. I almost died yesterday and he is not here to see me?”

Lena slouched back on her bed as she pa.s.sed the box of sweets to Aunt Mary to put away. She closed her eyes and again, recalling the trauma.

Actually, when she knew that it was one Kris who put the hit on her… She was very frightened. But somehow the evil soul of the real Lena laughed it off. That was how she was able to continue talking to the man. She felt happy to have the bada.s.s Lena personality was embedded in her.

Lena softly breathed in and out… and soon she fell asleep. For the first time since she came here, she dreamt about being back home, her original home.

She dreamt of waking up exactly as if she never become Lena. She dressed for another work day at the company. Shen Qian (remember this was her original name) put on some light makeup and left to go to work.

By lunch, she went to meet up with Senior Han. He was already outside by the tall tree that was beautifully blossoming.

“Shen Qian, have you thought about it?” He asked her as he held her hand.

“MHM! Senior Han, I like you too!” Shen Qian smiled at Senior Han.

Senior Han hugged Shen Qian as she hugged him back. Then he released her and looked into her eyes.

“I am glad. I had loved you for a long time now.” He went in for a kiss on the lips. Shen Qian closed her eyes to accept it.


Lena opened her eyes awake to see a weird man poking her forehead. She quickly reacted and swap his face to push it away from her.

“Hey hey hey!” The man backed away.

“Ming Zhao?” Lena recognized his voice. She suddenly perched herself up. “Why are you here? Where’s Aunt Mary?”

“I sent her away. It’s not like you are in critical condition that needs 24 hours of monitoring.”

Lena pouted but then relaxed. “Thank you….” She said softly.

“What did you say? I didn’t hear you.” He smiled.

“I said Thank you!”

Ming Zhao walked closer to Lena and sat on the side. “No problem partner. This is your first favor, so you have 4 left.”

“I can do my own math…”

“On a serious note, I have not found out who is behind your kidnapping.”

“It’s fine.”

Ming Zhao raised his brows… “It’s fine?”

“I already know who was behind it.”


“You do not need to know. I only ask you to save me, not protect me. I can do the rest myself.”

“Well, if you say so.”

Ming Zhao felt that Lena was being very overconfident. Even after what she went through, it seemed like she was back to normal so quickly. But he knows already that she has a vulnerable side too.

“How did you find me?” Lena questioned.

“You really want to know?” He stared at her. Seemed like she really did want to know. “With your clues, we already knew that the men were from the Beast gang. When we hit a section of their territory, they gave us the name Leo.”

Lena’s eyes turned dark from hearing that name. But they went back to normal when she remembered what really happened to them.

“Because he had a criminal record, we already had information on him and the people he hung out with. We had voice recognition on all phone traces and facial recognition on the CCTV around the city. Our system caught him when he ordered for delivery. We had one of our men be the delivery man who already scouted the area and their defense. We just had to wait for a time that they were off guard.”

Ming Zhao smiled like he was very happy. “Can you believe it? We caught them because they were too hungry—”

Lena slapped his head hard.

“Whaaattt was that for?” Ming Zhao blinked a few times.

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