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“The entire planet has been sealed off!” The head steward’s first sentence shocked everyone present.

“Head Supervisor, can you explain it more clearly?” A mercenary could not help but ask.

“The black hole in the slave district of Anyuan City is the legendary bottomless abyss. It is also known as the Gates of h.e.l.l.” The head manager looked at the crowd, his sharp gla.s.ses capturing everyone’s expression. He said in a flat tone, “Rumor has it that the Gates of h.e.l.l lead to the Infernal Realm. It has always existed in legends. However, this is no longer a legend, but reality.”

Vicious beasts were like a tide, dancing chaotically like demons. If this wasn’t h.e.l.l, then what was?

It was unknown whether it was because the news was too shocking or because the crowd didn’t know what to say, but everyone fell silent with strange expressions on their faces.

The supervisor continued, “The black curtain above us is formed by the gas from h.e.l.l. No one knows why, but the only thing that is known is that monsters move like fish in water in this environment. If a human remains in this environment for a long period of time, their physique will decline. “

“What the manager means is that only genetic medicine can resist this kind of damage?” The mercenary who had spoken before asked.

“I don’t know if it can withstand it or not.” The Chief Steward smiled. “But —” He was interrupted by a mournful howl from the street. The cry was dry and bitter, but it gave off a heart-wrenching pain. Anyone who heard it would feel their hairs stand on end.


The shout that was filled with fear caused everyone in the hall to rush out. The scene on the street had caused a terrifying change that shocked everyone.

His hair had already lost its original color and was mixed with the mud stains, giving off a terrible stench. It was unknown where he got the dirty clothes from, it was supposed to be very thin, but at this moment, his body seemed to have been injected with air, violently expanding, and an inexplicable force surged through his body.

This posture was not like that of a human who had evolved into two legs, but more like that of a beast with four legs. The long nails emerged, the pierced skin gurgled with blood, and black fur grew out all over its body. In the blink of an eye, the beggar was covered by black fur, turning into a werewolf.

The group could clearly see the pain in the beggar’s eyes quickly disappearing, replaced by a mad slaughter and ice-cold bloodl.u.s.t. Looking at his companion who was still screaming, he let out a low growl.

The black shadow flashed, and the werewolf disappeared. The next moment, he appeared in front of his companion who was about five to six meters away. He opened his mouth and bit off half of his companion’s head.

“Crack, crack ~ ~ ~”

The werewolves crazily gnawed at the corpse, and in just a few seconds, half of it was bitten off. The thick smell of blood permeated the long street, and there were quite a few beggars nestling in the corners.

Tat tat tat tat tat tat …

Due to the fact that its body had doubled in size, the clothes that were squeezed into pieces and hung on its body were instantly shot through. The bullets went through the clothes and hit the werewolf’s muscles, leaving a deep impression on his muscles. The heat from the friction caused his hair to turn red, and when his muscles had reached their limit, it suddenly expanded, causing the bullets to fly away.

Clank, clank, clank …

No matter how many bullets came at him, all of them fell to the ground. Not a single one could penetrate the werewolf’s body. The werewolf felt pain and let out an angry roar. He raised his head to look at the Nine Regions Chamber of Commerce guards who had fired their bullets. His four hooves slightly bent and a red light shone on his head as a terrifying power erupted.

“Chi ~ ~ ~”

A hole appeared on the werewolf’s head, through which the body fell to the ground with a thud, and he died. Perhaps the red light was too hot, burning the b.l.o.o.d.y light in an instant, but there was no blood coming out of the hole.

“What … what is going on?” A mercenary couldn’t even speak smoothly. The power of the red light weapon was indeed shocking, but what was even more shocking was the beggar. He had turned into a werewolf for no reason at all, was there an alloy in his body as well?

“That’s what I’m going to tell everyone.” The Chief Steward’s voice sounded calmly, “The dark curtain will not only reduce the const.i.tution of the human race, but also cause a mutation to happen to the human race. This mutation can be either good or bad.”

“Is that bad?” A mercenary pointed at the werewolf that had turned into a corpse.

“That should be fine.” The Head Supervisor shook his head.

Everyone was stunned. Half of them had already become werewolf, so it was still good.

“From an evolutionary point of view, this is naturally good.” The head manager saw the doubt in everyone’s eyes and said seriously, “However, from a human’s point of view, this is clearly a failure.”

“What’s the bad part?” A mercenary asked.

“Death!” The head manager spat out two words.

His body did not change at all, but his hands and feet were endlessly extending. As his arms and legs lengthened, his wrists and legs became smaller and smaller, and the beggar let out a painful cry. The chronic malnutrition caused his throat to become extremely dry, and the scream was extremely hoa.r.s.e.

His arms and legs stretched to five to six meters, but he still did not stop. The beggar’s cries became inaudible, his expression was filled with endless pain, two rows of yellow and black teeth were stained with white blood. Suddenly —


Normally, if a beggar saw meat on the ground, they would not care if they were human or rat. They would always pounce on them like a vicious dog, but now, all the beggars seemed to have seen a ghost as they screamed and fled in all directions, shouting loudly.

“Ghost, there’s a ghost!”

“Demons, there’s demons —”

Although the way he addressed her was different, the fear in his voice was the same.

“These genetic medicine bottles, are actually diluted after a hundred times, they can’t let people evolve, but —” The supervisor paused for a second, “They can actually increase a person’s evolution rate when they are stimulated by the black fog.”


“How much can you increase it?”

“How much is it? I want 10 bottles!”

… ….

Everyone surrounded the supervisor. If they hadn’t seen the beggar change, they would’ve been asking for the genetic medicine too, but they wouldn’t be so desperate. But now, even if they had to sell everything they had, they still had to get the genetic medicine.

“Don’t worry everyone, there’s still time!” The head manager revealed a smile. After laying out so many prefixes, wasn’t he still waiting for this moment? Liu Wei An suddenly spoke up, “Chief Steward, may I ask, do we, I mean the humans, experience such a change?”

“Every person on Mars will change after taking in the first breath of air containing the black fog.” The supervisor was very sure.

“When did it happen?” Liu Wei An asked.

Some people may be able to lurk for a lifetime, while others have already changed on the same day. No one can say for sure, but what is certain is that the person with the weaker physique will usually change in advance if they cannot withstand the stimulation of the black fog. At the same time, the success rate of their evolution is also low, but those with better physique will have the opposite. the manager said.

“Chief Steward —” Liu Wei An answered.

“If you have any questions, just wait till after buying the genetic medicine.” A mercenary bluntly interrupted him. Liu Wei An thought for a moment and stopped talking, while the rest of the people carried the steward into the hall, while he arrived in front of the two corpses. To be more accurate, there was only one and a half corpses left. Then there was the body of the werewolf, half eaten.

The body of the werewolf, which was as large as an elephant, was now flattened like a balloon. Its body had returned to its original shape, but it was still a beast, with four hooves, black fur, and a wolf head.

Liu Wei An felt that it was a bit of a pity. He wanted to use the werewolf’s muscles to study it. At the very least, he wanted to compare it with zombie’s muscles. His brazen bones could barely withstand the bullets from the submachine gun, but a handgun at close range could not. The elephant, like a faithful guardian, followed in silence.

“Let’s go in, we also want to buy some genetic medicine.” Liu Wei An had already made up his mind. He would not refuse even if he had to pay with all the materials.

“So cheap?!”

When he reached the entrance of the hall, he heard a series of exclamations. Although they knew they shouldn’t say this, the mercenaries in the hall still couldn’t help themselves.

“The claws of a wolf-shaped monster can be exchanged for a tube. If you don’t have the materials, you can also use the gold. 30 gold per tube.” The Head Supervisor laughed. When he saw everyone’s pleasantly surprised expression, his smile became even more gentle. “However, there is one condition.”

“What condition?” Some of the mercenaries could not wait any longer.

“Sign an agreement guaranteeing that the wild beast materials you get in the future will be sold to my Nine Prefectures Chamber of Commerce first. If you agree, then sign it first. If you don’t, then that’s alright. Please leave.” the manager said.

“How long is the deadline?” Liu Wei An asked.

“About a year.” The Head Supervisor looked up at the sky in confusion. Liu Wei An saw something bad in his gaze.

The situation was urgent. Not to mention selling the Nine Prefectures Chamber of Commerce first, even if they were to give it away for free, everyone would have no choice but to hold their noses and agree. No one knew about this, but after the trade, Liu Wei An found out that there were quite a lot of smart people. Most of the mercenaries had hidden their private jobs, and when they traded food, they looked like they were in pain.

“Let’s go back immediately.” As soon as the transaction was completed, Liu Wei An immediately brought the elephant out of the city. He was very worried about Wu Lili and the rest of the four.

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