Return of the Net Gaming Monarch Chapter 461

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Chapter 461 – Solo Flying Griffin

“How is it? How about this mount? ” Seeing the majestic Flying Griffin beneath Bai Chen, even Mo Feng was envious, and could not help but to ask.

“Good stuff!” Bai Chen felt the terrifying boost brought by the Griffin below him, and couldn’t help but say: “This Griffin’s stats have been increased by a lot, to the point that it doubles my stats by one fold!”

“Holy sh * t!” Everyone was astonished when they heard this. The growth rate of the Flying Griffin was so high! No wonder the barbarians could rule over the entire era!

“Don’t be surprised, just look outside and you’ll be shocked!” Luan Tian looked towards the exit of the pa.s.sage, then laughed bitterly at Lin Fan and the rest as he spoke.

“Outside!” Hearing this, everyone couldn’t help but reveal an expression of curiosity as they looked outside.

“Holy sh * t!” Outside, it was simply the paradise of Flying Griffin s. At the moment, there were only ten Flying Griffin s in sight.

“A level 75 Boss! It’s even being ma.s.s-produced!” Looking at the number of Flying Griffin, even Lin Fan and the rest could not help but be shocked, this was only what they were looking at, it did not count those that were circling in the air, if they counted, there were definitely a lot of them.

“I’ll go take a look!” Mo Feng immediately activated the invisible immortal ring and touched it, no one dared to be rash, a level 75 boss, although it was not terrifying, but if the number increased to 20 or 30, then it would be extremely terrifying. With so many bosses present, if they were to attack together, even a level 75 Demonified BOSS General Karlondo would instantly be besieged and killed, let alone Lin Fan and the others. In terms of strength, Lin Fan and the others would not dare to stand shoulder to shoulder with the demonized BOSS.

“Swoos.h.!.+” Everyone waited for a while, but Mo Feng was already back. At the moment, Mo Feng’s face was not very good, seeing the questioning look on everyone’s faces, he took a deep breath in and said: “There are around 40 Flying Griffin s scattered around, but these griffins are more scattered, it’s fine, what’s most important is that at the center, there is a large group of griffins, there are around 20 of them, amongst them, 2 of them are level 78 Demonified BOSS!”

“F * ck!” Hearing that, everyone’s face became serious, so many Flying Griffin, didn’t they want to take their lives?

“Let’s slowly attract and fight them. When we’ve almost killed most of the griffins, we can go kill the bigger griffins!” Lin Fan looked at the crowd and chuckled.

“Alright!” Hearing that, Mo Feng nodded, and directly walked towards the cave entrance.

“Ga!” A sharp howl suddenly sounded out, and at that moment, the three Flying Griffin charged straight at Mo Feng.

“He’s here!” Looking at the Flying Griffin that was flying over, Mo Feng couldn’t help but smile. Three Level 75 Bosses, to the rest of them, was noroblem at all!

“I’ll choose one myself!” Bai Chen was in high spirits! Riding on the incomparably large Griffin, he instantly flew up into the sky and ruthlessly crashed into a Flying Griffin. The spear in his hands fiercely stabbed towards the Flying Griffin’s neck. With the Flying Griffin as a mount, Bai Chen now had the ability to solo a Level 75 Boss.

Seeing that Bai Chen was already fighting against a Flying Griffin, and even had the feeling that he was not at a disadvantage, Lin Fan and the others could not help but reveal shocked expressions. Although Bai Chen’s defense was abnormal, his original attack attribute was a little weaker.

However, no matter how high it was, it couldn’t possibly be high enough to deal 3000 damage to a level 75 BOSS, but now, it could be completely used. Every time Bai Chen attacked, he would be able to deal 2000 to 3000 damage. But this was also because he had obtained a Griffin as his mount, and the Griffin’s greatest strength wasn’t in its defense, but in its attacks and crazy attacks. Aesult, the attack power that the Griffin gave Bai Chen was extremely strong, which also resulted in the current Bai Chen being extremely powerful.

“Roar!” Heaven Breaker rushed forward to bully one of the Flying Griffin, and it instantly transformed into a t.i.tan’s War G.o.d. His incomparably berserk body gave off an extremely terrifying pressure, especially the attack from his battle axe, which directly pushed one of the Flying Griffin down to the ground. Following that, Heaven Breaker began to take control of the battle, and after continuous attacks, the Flying Griffin in front of him was in an extremely miserable state.

“There’s still one more, I’ll take it!” Chaotic Sky took the lead and charged straight up to the sky. His body flashed and instantly transformed into a shadow clone, and the two figures crisscrossed each other, directly breaking open a large hole in the Griffin’s wing, and directly caused the Flying Griffin to lose its ability to fly, allowing Chaotic Sky to use it freely.

“Mo Feng, go and lure a few here!” Lin Fan said as he looked at Mo Feng, but he had not started to warm up yet! The monsters had all been robbed.

“Alright!” Mo Feng looked at the actions of the crowd and could not help but voice out loud. Now, everyone’s level had risen, other than the Nine Nethershadow Flash and Hua Feng, who were lower than them by one sixty-six, one sixty-seven, the rest of them were past Level 70. It would not broblem for them to fight a Level 75 Boss alone.

In a flash, Mo Feng had already rushed to the front of one of the Flying Griffin and thrusted his sword at its b.u.t.t. After that, when the Flying Griffin was enraged, it turned its body again and disappeared from the Flying Griffin’s sight, and when it appeared again, it was already beside the other three Flying Griffin. It continued to provoke them, causing the three Flying Griffin s to come over as well.

“Go lure them again!” Without even looking at Mo Feng, Lin Fan immediately released his two pets and two Spiritual Slave s. The two Demonified Spiritual Slavoared and rushed forward, clas.h.i.+ng against one of the Flying Griffin and smas.h.i.+ng it onto the ground. The Golden Dragon roared as well, and its strong body charged straight out. Its huge claws mercilessly landed on the Flying Griffin’s body, knocking the Flying Griffin down, as if it was using force to tell the Flying Griffin that he was the overlord of the sky.

He arrogantly raised his head, and directly spat out the Netherworld Ghost Flame from his mouth, which struck the Griffin. After that, the Unholy Phoenix began a chase after the Griffin in the sky, hitting and running, but the Flying Griffin was not slow, and it was not as fast as the phoenix like the Unholy Phoenix, who was beaten into a miserable state.

As for Lin Fan and Nine Nethershadow Flash, they were still standing blankly in place and had not moved. It wasn’t that they did not want to move, it was just that they did not have the chance to do so.

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