Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2250 – A Person You Shouldn't Provoke

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Chapter 2250 – A Person You Shouldn’t Provoke

When the players on the transport s.h.i.+p saw the small fleet surround them, they couldn’t help but grow nervous.

Combat was a daily occurrence for Dragonheart Island’s players, whether it be against sea monsters or players. Although large-scale naval PvP was common as well, none of those battles had involved a fleet as powerful as the one around the transport s.h.i.+p. Over 20 speedboats had the larger s.h.i.+p surrounded, eight of which were Bronze Speedboats, and one was Mysterious-Iron rank.

Nine Snakes’ grand display of strength even surprised the other powers on Tranquil Mine Island, not to mention the players aboard the transport s.h.i.+p. These powers upper echelons immediately ordered an investigation into this matter.

“We’re doomed…”

Swimming Dragon stared at Nine Snakes’ fleet with a grim expression. He hadn’t expected Ironhand to be so vicious.

An ordinary adventurer team would be fortunate to have a single advanced speedboat in their fleet. The Dragon Riders were lucky enough to have two Bronze Speedboats, which were the reason that the adventurer team had become quite famous and gained some influence on Dragonheart Island.

Yet, the Nine Snakes adventurer team had dispatched a Mysterious-Iron rank and eight Bronze ranked Speedboats. Even if they could sprout wings and fly, they wouldn’t escape Nine Snakes’ encirclement.

Unlike on land, there wasn’t anywhere players could flee to at sea, especially when they were surrounded by a powerful enemy. Even if they had a Bronze Speedboat on their side, escape would be impossible.

“Are we in trouble, Big Brother Dragon?” Blue Bamboo asked curiously. Since she was not familiar with naval players’ ways, she didn’t understand why everyone seemed so nervous about the few speedboats around them.

“‘Trouble’ is an understatement…” Swimming Dragon replied, gesturing to an Elementalist abord Nine Snakes’ Mysterious-Iron Speedboat with a bitter smile. This Elementalist was clad in pitch-black robes and wore a silver mask. “If we only had to face Ironhand, I could find a way out of this, but that is Nine Snakes’ vice commander, Undefeated Star. He used to be the Nine Star Family’s Vice Guild Leader, but he left the super-first-rate Guild a few years ago for some unknown reason and joined Nine Snakes. He is also one of the few Naval Legacy holders in the Sea of Death.”

Countless seafaring players dreamed of obtaining a Naval Legacy.

Naval Legacies might not be of much help, or any, to players on land, but they could help a seafaring player become an overlord on the open water. Picking a fight with a Naval Legacy holder at sea was suicidal.

After listening to Swimming Dragon’s explanation, the other players on the transport s.h.i.+p turned to s.h.i.+ Feng.

“Sure enough, the Nine Snakes adventurer team really shouldn’t be provoked. That guy might’ve enjoyed a moment of glory, but now, he’ll pay for it.”

“I hadn’t thought that Nine Snakes would respond so ruthlessly. Even Undefeated Star is here.”

“Friend, Undefeated Star is vicious. It’s best if you apologize. Otherwise, they might hunt you down and kill you back to Level 0!”

“I’ve heard that Undefeated Star has a special tool that can double the death penalty, and Nine Snakes has quite a few expert trackers. Another adventurer team’s commander had provoked Undefeated Star not that long ago and lost over 10 levels as a result. That commander had no choice but to lead his adventurer team away from the Sea of Death.”

Many of the players on the transport s.h.i.+p pitied s.h.i.+ Feng. If he hadn’t acted so rashly earlier, he wouldn’t be in this situation. Some kind-hearted players even offered him advice.

Being able to mingle on Dragonheart Island was already proof of one’s strength, and everyone present knew how difficult it was to reach this point in the game. Losing 10 levels would be more than enough to despair over, not to mention dying back to Level 0.

“Punk, if you accept your death and obediently hand over all of your equipment, we might consider letting the insult slide!” Ironhand shouted.

“It’s only a s.h.i.+p ticket, Ironhand. Do you really have to make such a fuss over this?” Swimming Dragon pleaded through gritted teeth, stepping forward. “Will you let me apologize for my friend?”

“Why would I want an apology?!” Ironhand snapped, disgusted. “I had to mobilize Nine Snakes’ Mysterious-Iron Speedboat just to get to Tranquil Mine Island! Do you really think an apology can make up for that?”

“I know you’re a righteous person, Swimming Dragon, but your friend has disrespected our adventurer team. Do you think we can let him get away with that without paying a price?” Undefeated Star asked Swimming Dragon before s.h.i.+fting his gaze toward s.h.i.+ Feng.

“What do you want?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked.

“Kneel, apologize to my friend, and offer 1,000 Ancient Gold as compensation. Do that, and we’ll consider this matter settled,” Undefeated Star said as he gestured to Snowy Afterglow, who stood beside him.

“One thousand Ancient Gold?”

“Nine Snakes really is ruthless. An ordinary adventurer team on Dragonheart Island would be lucky to have a few dozen Ancient Gold. I’m not sure even well-known adventurer teams can fork out 1,000 Ancient Gold.”

Many of the spectating players gasped when they heard Undefeated Star’s demands.

Every player on Dragonheart Island knew how difficult it was to acquire Ancient Gold Coins, yet Undefeated star demanded 1,000 Ancient Gold as compensation, in addition to an apology. Undefeated Star was practically shoving s.h.i.+ Feng toward his doom.

“Isn’t this going a little too far, Vice Commander Star? My Dragon Riders adventurer team is working under Heaven’s Blade. I hope that you will consider taking a step back out of respect for Heaven’s Blade.” Swimming Dragon tried to reason with the man again.

Swimming Dragon hoped that he could convince Undefeated Star to back off by dropping Heaven’s Blade’s name. Heaven’s Blade was the fifth-ranked adventurer team on Dragonheart Island, a rank higher than Nine Snakes. If Heaven’s Blade found out that Nine Snakes refused to show respect, the larger adventurer team would take action.

“You’re so brave to negotiate with Brother Star, Swimming Dragon. Not even Heaven’s Blade’s vice commanders would dare to speak to him that way!” Ironhand said, sneering at Swimming Dragon. “Of course, if Commander Zwei were here, it might be a different story.”

Heaven’s Blade had four vice commanders, but none of them was a match for Undefeated Star. Only Zwei, Heaven’s Blade’s commander, could suppress him.

Swimming Dragon couldn’t think of a response. He simply wasn’t important enough to ask for help from Heaven’s Blade’s vice commanders, much less from Commander Zwei.

“Since Nine Snakes’ Undefeated Star has spoken, that guy can only pay his due.”

“I know some people are strong enough to save him, but those powerhouses don’t just show up to help anyone.”

None of the spectators found anything wrong with Ironhand’s statement. It was true that Swimming Dragon didn’t qualify to negotiate with Undefeated Star. In fact, if Undefeated Star was in a foul mood, he might decide to take out Swimming Dragon along with s.h.i.+ Feng.

“I don’t know who you are, punk, but you should be careful of who you provoke in the Sea of Death,” Ironhand said, smirking at s.h.i.+ Feng. “Well? Hurry up and apologize to Brother Afterglow!”

The moment Ironhand finished speaking, a blue sword light shot toward him. Instinctively, he tried to defend himself, but the attack had been too fast. The sword light had sliced through him, devouring all of his HP. Ironhand tried to speak, but his vision had already darkened, and his body fell to the deck of the s.h.i.+p. His corpse then transformed into particles of light and left behind a piece of equipment.

“What incredible Attack Speed!”

Shocked by the abrupt attack’s speed, the watching crowd gasped.

Almost as one, they all turned toward the attack’s origin. To their surprise, the attacker was none other than s.h.i.+ Feng, the player who had dared to provoke the Nine Snakes adventurer team.

“Just who are you?” Undefeated Star watched s.h.i.+ Feng carefully after Ironhand’s body had vanished.

“A person you shouldn’t provoke,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, chuckling as he sheathed Killing Ray and stared back at Undefeated Star.

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