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Chapter 192

Chapter 192 – So It Was Like This

The Whale Sovereign was a person who possessed extreme self-confidence . Otherwise, how could he have risen to the point where he stood across from that incomparably powerful Majesty? And the facts proved he had the qualifications to be so confident in himself . During these past years, the royal palace had already learned of his thoughts and yet they couldn’t do anything to him at all; this was the best proof . Yet, such a confident and powerful Whale Sovereign had hesitated here . This in itself was an incredulous matter, so it lasted for only several breaths of time before he came to a decision .

Even if he couldn’t obtain Qin Yu’s things, he was still the formidable Whale Sovereign . If he waited, there would be a day when he would become the true transcendent ruler of the sea region . On the other hand if Qin Yu didn’t die and other accidents occurred, there was a great possibility that he would encounter more troubles in the future .

After just several breaths of time, the Whale Sovereign decided to follow his instincts . He would suppress his desire to capture Qin Yu and thoroughly eliminate him . To make such a decisive choice in such a situation was enough to prove how formidable his willpower was . But, in the end, he had delayed for too long . Although it might have only been enough to blink a few times, this was simply the way the world worked . Once you missed a chance, sometimes you might never find that chance again .

And the Whale Sovereign would soon learn this .

He lifted his hand and a terrifying aura began to gather . Just when he was about to press forwards, his complexion changed . He looked up above his head . A potent strength arrived without warning in this part of the world . It covered the Whale Sovereign, and in the next instant, his entire being was pushed deep into the sea .

Then, just above the sea, a clear palm print was formed . It was slender and beautiful, and one could see that it originated from a woman . It was n.o.ble and magnificent, possessing an unsurpa.s.sed aura that made one feel awe from the depths of their heart, as if a divine being was descending from the heavens .

And to the sea races, this was no different from the actions of a G.o.d . Within that clear aura, like lights in dark, beneath the five-fingered palm print, the angry roars of the Whale Sovereign sounded out . “Priests, why!?”

This strength was something only the priests were capable of summoning .

On the Day of Ancestral Wors.h.i.+p, if it wasn’t for the priests coordinating with him then he would not have been able to smoothly implement his plan of murder and blame . They had already decided who to lean on and had made their vow, so of course they would abide by it .

But now, why did they stop him? Why would they save Qin Yu?

Could it be? Those d.a.m.ned and stupid priests, could they really believe that Qin Yu was the one chosen by the sea spirit?

He was a human! He was only a human!

The anger raging in his heart could almost burn down the skies and turn all things to ashes . But facing the power of the sea spirit summoned by the priests, he could only roar out in futility as he was pressed deep into the sea . A wild strength wantonly bombarded all around him, nearing tearing apart his imprisonment several times . But in the next instant, that strong suppression returned at full force, pressing him down once more .

The Whale Sovereign understood that during that short moment of hesitation, he had lost the chance to kill Qin Yu . But, emotions like regret simply didn’t appear . With his potent will, he was capable of always remaining calm and confident . He would never question his own decisions .

He looked up, his eyes seeming as if they could pierce through the walls of endless seawater, towards the Qin Yu that was being wrapped in an invisible strength and sent flying into the horizon .

“You will return to kill me, right?” The Whale Sovereign whispered to himself, “Then I will wait for you!”

Rumble rumble –

Seawater continued to tumble around him . He was suppressed, sinking further and further down .

… .

Beneath the sea spirit statue, numerous priests collapsed to the ground, many of them with twitching feet and hands and some of them foaming from the mouth . Compared to just moments ago, these priests were visibly older and more haggard than before . In particular, the priests in front who had been responsible for summoning the power of the sea spirit . Their situation was far direr and the layers upon layers of wrinkles that marred their faces were like ravines .

Low-level priests had already been waiting on the side, and now they rushed in to help . But, in contrast to their worried expressions, all of the conscious priests had smiling faces of satisfaction . If they were able to rescue the messenger of the sea spirit, to them, any price they paid was worth it .

“After this, we must give an explanation to the royal palace . ”

“Cancel some of the arrangements . Inform the relevant people to go into hiding for an indefinite period of time . ”

“In the end we will have to hand over a sufficient number of people . After all, Our Majesty isn’t someone that is easy to satisfy . “

“Since we have made our move, then we have naturally prepared for it . I believe everyone will understand and support us . ”

The incomparably old and withered priest struggled to stand up . His sagging skin even seemed somewhat horrifying . But, he maintained an expression of calm and serenity . He said, “We will bear all consequences . So, use these old bones of mines to preserve some of the flesh and blood of the priests’ legacy in the capital city . ”

There was a rustling wind .

In the hall, all priests fell to their knees and bowed .

“Thank you for your benevolence . ”

The Whale Sovereign failed .

Although the priests were a group with an incomparably tight sense of unity, no matter what group it was, there were always those whose wills weren’t as firm or who didn’t have the same mindset . Thus, this news inevitably spread through the high-level circles of the capital city . The retreat and disappearance of the Whale Sovereign since that day was undoubtedly the greatest evidence for this .

The interference of the priests was a completely unexpected variable . Countless seafolk sighed . Qin Yu was truly lucky . Even facing the terrifying Whale Sovereign he was still able to escape alive .

The Qing Family was in a slightly better situation . Though they were still being ignored, no one else continued to try and plunder from them . Of course, those that did earlier had already obtained enough benefits .

Qin Yu hadn’t died…then, even if it wasn’t likely, it was best to remain prudent and not pa.s.s a certain line . Families with a glorious line of inheritance or clans with a deep background were often extra discreet in their actions . They could mercilessly kill countless people without hesitation, but they could also let go of a piece of meat near their lips just because of a bit of uncertainty .

Regardless of where this thought came from, once Madame Qing held a memorial service for Qingqing again, she wiped away her red and teary eyes and explained this to Leon .

“Teacher, you are still alive…I knew that you wouldn’t die…” He looked at Qingqing’s tombstone . Her beautiful image was engraved on it, and it seemed as if her bright smile and kind eyes never left him .

After a long time, Leon stood up . He said in a soft voice . “Qingqing, I have told you that teacher is a man worthy of praise . He has an incomparably firm will, and it always seems that nothing, no matter how dangerous or perilous it is, can stop him .

“If teacher can accomplish something, then as his disciple, I should also be able to . Following this, I might not be able to continue to accompany you for some time . I will continue to live on . I will live a good life and become a truly great person . I will wait for the day that teacher comes back and then I will help him kill the Whale Sovereign .

“Yes . I know that teacher must be carrying this thought in his heart . Since he hasn’t died, he will surely not give up . So Qingqing, please bless me from beyond . Please pray for my success . ”

Leon combed his hair and washed his face . He cut off his beard and donned a brand new robe . Then, he pushed open the doors of his dwelling . Soon he appeared just outside Sea Spirit Pavilion . After indicating his status and his reason for coming, he was quickly brought in .

Sang Yueyue was the one to receive him . Her lips were curved up in a smile as if she were in a very good mood . “Leon, looking at you, it seems as if you are aware of something . Yes, then it’s about time I tell you – your teacher is still alive . ”

Her voice was calm and her complexion was light . She displayed just the right amount of distance, perfectly displaying her status as someone from a superior cla.s.s . After all, she was the young daughter of that family from Sega City, and she was someone who would inherit two ma.s.sive enterprises in the future, so how could she possibly be pure and naïve?

That aspect of hers was only for a certain person .

Leon bowed . “Miss . I hope that I can obtain your help . I wish to become more powerful . ”

Sang Yueyue smiled . “Of course . This is something I promised your teacher . Then, you will return to Sega City with me . It is a very beautiful place – you will definitely like it . ” Her eyes sparkled . “Sometimes, death is not the end . Leon, I hope that you will always remember this . ”

Leon wanted to continue asking her, but he was shot down . She only smiled and said, “Once you are powerful enough, you will naturally know the secrets you should know . ”

Soon, a heavily guarded carriage drove out from the capital city . With the cries of killer whales, the group vanished deep into the depths of the sea .

Leon glanced back at the constantly shrinking capital city . He held onto a faintly impossible and unbelievable thought . He mouthed to himself, “Qingqing, wait for me to return . ”

Great Glory Gambling Hall .

Yes, this name was a bit gaudy without any sense of aesthetic . The old priest looked at the plaque and thought about whether he should change the name .

“Lord Priest, we have already made the preparations . We can leave at any moment . ” The Vice Priest bowed . Though his complexion was solemn, his eyebrows were relaxed . It was different from the anxiousness and tension he felt when he first arrived . Even now, Moon Praying Shrine was still immersed in joy .

This relaxedness caused the Lord Priest to think of Qin Yu . He subconsciously frowned and no longer thought of something as boring as changing the name of the gambling hall .

“We’re leaving!”

Sensing the Lord Priest’s helplessness, the Vice Priest didn’t say anything further . He turned and pa.s.sed down some commands . Soon wolf riders began to mount their sea wolves and the troop quickly started to head out .

The-white dressed young woman accompanied her father in the carriage . She hesitated for a moment and then asked in a soft voice, “Father, is he really still alive?”

The old priests rubbed his temples . “My colleagues in the capital city have made their move . I must admit that I have belittled them all this time . It seems that they had really made some preparations in secret . ” His eyes brightened . “But, I just don’t know what they discovered that they would make their move without any scruples at all . I really want to know . ”

When the wolf riders were leaving the capital city, there was a brief commotion in the troop . A young and fair-faced youth rushed in by mistake . Then, in his extreme luck, he was chosen by the priest to become a disciple .

Of course, this was only what was revealed to the general public . In truth, this youth was sent from the lineage of the capital city priests to transmit information to Moon Praying Shrine . As for repayment, the old priest would receive this youth as his disciple . This was a transaction made in secret .

After several warm words, the old priest seemed sufficiently satisfied with the youth . He nodded and waved his hands for the troop to continue . Then, he looked at the jade slip in his hands .

He poured strength within . The jade slip began to reveal its contents . There was the sea map that launched across the skies, the treasure islands, and also the beam of light that fell down from the clouds…

The old priest was silent the entire time . After the video broadcast finished playing and vanished, he gently sighed . “So it was like this . ” He seemed a bit confused and a bit helpless, as if all these emotions were jumbled together . But within all of that, there was also a bit of relief .

It was very complex .

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