Refining the Mountains and Rivers Chapter 1162A – Wrath of the Abyss

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Chapter 1162A – Wrath of the Abyss

Qin Yu was still alive, even though he would die soon. The reason the Box of Rebirth stopped shaking was because of a thought fluctuation that came from the little blue lamp.

It was very simple and vague. Obviously, transmitting its power to the extreme depths of the Cold Sea put a great burden on the mysterious little blue lamp.


That’s right, this was it. It was a concise, clear, and powerful message.

Qin Yu didn’t even think about it further. Of course, that was because his thoughts couldn’t turn very fast because of his nearly frozen consciousness. Out of trust in the little blue lamp, he instinctively responded and stopped trying to activate the Box of Rebirth.

Then, nothing happened.

Eternal darkness, terrifying cold – this was the only melody being sung beneath the Cold Sea.

Qin Yu didn’t dare to wait long, because if he did he really would die. This was not a result he could accept.

He had to activate the Box of Rebirth!

This thought suddenly became firm and intense. But an accident happened at this moment – Qin Yu’s consciousness froze.

In the extreme cold, water would freeze in an instant. This was also how Qin Yu’s consciousness froze.

There was just a breath of time from before to after, but it seemed like two completely different worlds.

At one moment he was able to fight for a way to survive, and at another moment he was waiting for death.

The latter was certainly more pitiful.

Qin Yu’s final thought was that he was dead for sure…before he could finish this thought, he was frozen.

In the depths of the pitch black Cold Sea, a giant ma.s.s of ice was pulled down by the water.

Down…down…all the way down.

Suddenly, an undercurrent surged and blew away the block of ice. It escaped from the pull of the vortex and drifted in another direction.

If things continued developing according to this timeline, his story would have ended ahead of time. But things like unfinished endings couldn’t be done.

So an aura spread out from the block of ice, as if it had been suddenly activated by some sensation from deep in the Cold Sea.

Then, the pulling strength of the vortex reached outwards. Like a giant invisible hand, it grabbed at the ice block.

Down! Down faster!

It was unknown how much time pa.s.sed, but when the darkness reached the peak, a mote of light suddenly appeared.

It was the first arrow that pierced through the black cloud. Then, there was a second, a third, and more and more light howled up.

And just as this block of ice was illuminated, a great accident came, descending upon the entire abyss.

The skies turned absolute black. A terrifyingly oppressive pressure arrived. Countless abyssal tribes, no matter how strong or weak they were, even if they were Abyssal True Kings, felt deep fear beneath the suppression of this aura.

Because this was the anger of the abyss’ will!

And the source of the anger was that it had suddenly discovered that one of its shadows had thoroughly vanished from its senses.

It hadn’t dissipated, but had become a blank. And what turned into a blank with it was a trace of its source.

Although it was a tiny, infinitesimal, almost imperceptible amount, this was the first time in the countless years of its life that the abyss’ will felt pain.

Because to lose a part of its source was like having a piece of flesh and blood sheared off with a knife…no matter how small it was, it would still hurt!

It was the abyss’ will. The entire abyss was its body. It was impossible for its shadow to become blank.

Unless someone stole its shadow, stole its source!






At this moment, countless trillions of abyssal lives clearly felt the wrath, rage, and killing intent of the abyss’ will.

Above the center of the Cold Sea, rumbling thunderclaps rang out in the darkness. A trillion thunderbolts tore through the skies. When the lightning broke through the darkness, it illuminated this part of the world that was forever caught in eternal night.

An incomparably ma.s.sive face appeared in the vault of heaven above. It looked at the giant spinning vortex and reached out a hand.

Five fingers grasped down!

Bang –

At this moment, the entire Cold Sea seethed and tumbled. Dreadful tsunamis formed and crashed into each other.

Deep in the Cold Sea, when the giant face in the skies moved, the light that s.h.i.+ned against the block of ice sensed it.

Infinite rays of light suddenly burst out. It was like a great sun deep in the sea that was doing its best to s.h.i.+ne, releasing its light so that it could illuminate the entire world.

Now, light was everywhere!

Then the light and the block of ice collided with the terrifying darkness.

No one could describe the terror of this collision. Because it already surpa.s.sed the scope of all words and expressions.

Compared to it, an Abyssal True King was as frail as an egg sh.e.l.l. Even if a True King was touched just a little bit, they would meet a cruel and horrible death.

Kacha –

Kacha –

There were countless cracking sounds. Cracks began to appear on the surface of the block of ice.

But now, it wasn’t the only thing emitting breaking sounds.

Because not too far away, there was a second block of ice.

Its fate was far more miserable. It struck the shockwaves and broke into countless pieces.

Faint traces of dark red gushed out from the fragments. Before being swept away by the sea water, it was madly absorbed by the first block of ice.

Reality was often more magical and mysterious than any novel, because any accident or change could lead to completely different results.

But in the end, fate gave an almost inconceivable answer – the block of ice that absorbed the dark red ice was impacted by turbulent sea water. It floated, floated, continued floating towards the endless light.

Since the establishment of Black City, it was never considered that it could welcome a catastrophic tsunami someday in the future. So when it did arrive, the fierce and ruthless Black City was flipped entirely upside down.

The wharf outside the city was smashed up in the blink of an eye by the raging and dreadful waves. Half of the giant s.h.i.+ps that had the qualifications to sail into the Cold Sea were swallowed up by the waters.

Countless brigands were left dumbfounded as they stood in the ruins of their city. Their eyes invariably looked towards the depths of the Cold Sea – there, where the darkness was so thick that it seemed like a world of eternal light, the skies were torn apart by blinding thunder. Even at such an unimaginable distance, that dazzling thunder let them feel the destructive intent that was so thick it almost condensed into reality.

No one knew exactly what happened, but without a doubt, the tsunamis that destroyed the entirety of Black City were related to that distant thunder.

Casting Sea always believed that he was brave and courageous. Even when he fell into a situation on the s.h.i.+p where he had to watch his back at all times, he was still able to maintain a calm point of view.

But now, he s.h.i.+vered uncontrollably. There was no blood left on his firm and callous face.

Without reason, he subconsciously thought back to Qin Yu who had left with King Mystery…could this matter be related to him? Just what had they done?

On the turbulent sea, the giant Nether s.h.i.+p looked extremely small. It was like a wooden boat that could be knocked over by the giant waves at any time and then torn to pieces.

King Mystery stood at the bow. The aura of a True King erupted, helping the Nether s.h.i.+p resist the terrifying shockwaves of strength that erupted from all sides.

He turned his head and looked at where the thunder tore through the darkness. Faintly, he could see a fierce and angry face.

That was…the embodiment of the abyss’ will!

He quickly lowered his head and retracted his eyes. His heart beat like thunderclaps. He discovered that he had obviously underestimated Qin Yu’s background.

He had even managed to alarm the main body of the abyss’ will?

As an Abyssal True King, he could certainly feel the anger rolling off the abyss’ will…Qin Yu actually dared to plot against it?

Thump –

He subconsciously gulped. At this time, even a solemn True King was frightened by Qin Yu’s lawlessness and recklessness. Could it be that he didn’t know how the character for death was written?

However, as far as he could see, the one that suffered a loss was the abyss’ will…such a result was simply unimaginable!

Abyss’ will! This was the abyss’ will…just what sort of existence could dare fool it…

King Mystery had an indecisive look. But there was one thing he was sure of. He absolutely could not reveal the fact that he had helped Qin Yu enter the vortex.

Otherwise, it would not only be him, but the entire Nether Royal Bloodline would be torn to shreds by the enraged abyss’ will!

Luckily, only he and Qin Yu knew about this matter. As long as he kept his mouth shut, there shouldn’t be a problem.

As for Qin Yu…

Hum hum, although he had no idea what Qin Yu had done, since he had enraged the abyss’ will, even if he was willing to be a turtle and hide somewhere that even the abyss’ will would find it difficult to detect, it was only a matter of time until he was eliminated.

Unless he could escape the abyss!

King Mystery paused. His pupils fiercely shrank. He suddenly felt as if he had discovered a terrifying truth.

Qin Yu…Qin Yu, he…

He took a deep breath and pushed away all these thoughts. His heartbeat began to quicken and his mouth turned dry and bitter.

If this was true, he was a traitor to the entire abyss. Once exposed, his fate would be truly pitiful.

He looked down at Mian Ya. A dense look appeared in his eyes. This girl was Qin Yu’s woman. If she was left alive, she was sure to be a scourge!

But as soon as this killing intent burst out, he suppressed it…although he didn’t want to acknowledge it, King Mystery was indeed currently filled with dread towards Qin Yu.

This was a person who even dared to plot against the abyss’ will. Who knew what else he was capable of achieving?

Killing Mian Ya was simple. But what if there was a day in the future when Qin Yu came back looking for her? There would be no time for regret then!

Consider it finished. He would bring this woman back to Nether Island and put her under house arrest somewhere. With her strength, she wouldn’t be able to raise any storms.

In her deep slumber, Mian Ya had no idea she had taken a trip to death’s door.

As for Qin Yu, he had no idea that he had already entered death’s door before being dragged out once again.

So at the moment his consciousness froze and the remaining half of his thoughts came to a pause, he believed he had died.

After that…

Huh? I’m not dead? I’m actually not dead!?

Qin Yu stood up. He found that he was currently in a void. A vertical line was drawn through it with him at the center, neatly dividing this void in half.

The left half was bright and radiant, warm and dazzling. It also gave Qin Yu a warm and intimate feeling.

With one glance, he could determine that this was the aura of the bright world!

The right half was pitch black, like the eternal night – dark and cloudy and filled with a cruel killing intent. In his ears, he seemed to hear countless screams of horror.

This was…the abyss’ strength!

Before he could process the joy of ‘dying and coming back to life’, he froze in place.

He didn’t dare to move at all.

Because Qin Yu discovered that he seemed to be at the center of a strange balance point formed by the two opposing forces.

Any movement had a chance of disrupting this balance. What would occur was naturally a detonation of both strengths.

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