Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1745 – Resolving an Argument

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Chapter 1745: Resolving an Argument

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“I do! You are a true dragon ancestor! I trust you!” The Vermillion Dragon King declared before swallowing the Taiyi Life Enhancement Pill Chen Xiaobei gave him.

Taking unknown pills given by the enemy was not a decision one would make so simply and quickly.

The Vermillion Dragon King, however, did not hesitate even for a second. He did not see Chen Xiaobei as his enemy but saw Chen Xiaobei as his rightful and true Dragon Ancestor!

The rest of the 4,000 Vermillion Dragon soldiers also thought the same about Chen Xiaobei and wors.h.i.+pped him as if he was their G.o.d.

“Phew…” The Vermillion Dragon King exhaled. He was beginning to feel much better. The red dragon scales on his face and body began to fade which soon revealed a wrinkled old face framed by white hair and silver beard accompanied by the look of a very kind and friendly person.

“Thank you, ancestor, for the medicine…” The old man said. “I’m the one who triggered the war… I don’t deserve this healing medicine…”

Chen Xiaobei answered, “My sifu told me that “People who kill for selfish reasons are evil! People who kill to protect themselves are just ordinary people! But people who kill to protect others are kind and n.o.ble!”

The old man furrowed his brows. He was clearly confused.

Chen Xiaobei continued, “You, Vermillion Dragon, did indeed start this war but you only did it because you were obedient to the teachings of your ancestors and was worried about the safety of your people. You started this war to protect your tribe! The basis for your actions is not wrong. That is why I gave you the medicine!”

“Thank you for understanding, ancestor…” The Vermillion Dragon King touched his head to the ground three times.

“Don’t thank me so soon! Just because the reasons for your action was not wrong does not mean that what you did was right!” Chen Xiaobei said sternly. “The Green Dragons had no desire to engage in battle! They were not even aware of your existence! They were no threat to you at all! Ignorant and reckless, you were so indiscriminate, so unreasonable! You came rus.h.i.+ng in without doing your homework and decided that you ought going to wipe out the entire Green Dragon tribe! For that, you are in the wrong!”

“I was wrong… I am willing to accept your punishment…” The Vermillion Dragon King nodded heavily. “Even if you sentence me to death, I will not grumble or complain… My only wish is that you can ensure that my tribe is safe after I am dead!”

“Father! No… I will take your place…”

“Grandfather… No! I’m willing to take your place… I will bear your sentence… We, the Vermillion Dragon tribe cannot afford to lose you…”

“Your grace… You cannot die… Ancestor, please show mercy! Ancestor, please show mercy!”

The 4,000 men cried out.

It was plain that the Vermillion Dragon King was greatly loved by his people. They were all very supportive of him be it his children, grandchildren or even his soldiers.

“Don’t beg me!” Chen Xiaobei held up a hand. “I am just an arbitrator, not the ruling judge! You wronged the Green Dragons, so you should be asking their Emperor for mercy!”

“Green Dragon Emperor, your highness… Please allow me to take my father’s place…”

“No! Let me! Let me die on behalf of my grandfather…”

“We, all three thousand of us Vermillion Dragon soldiers, are willing to die for our king!”

From the kings and princes to the soldiers, all of the Vermillion Dragon armed forces were willing to die for their Emperor.

The Divine Dragon people were all deeply moved by this display of loyalty.

Had the tables been turned and they were put in the same position, they, too, would have volunteered to die for their Emperor.

Witnessing the situation, the people of Divine Dragon sympathized with the Vermillion Dragon people.

The Dragon Emperor walked up to the Vermillion Dragon Emperor and offered him a hand, asking, “Can you stand up?”

The Vermillion Dragon Emperor looked up doubtfully at the outstretched palm before reaching up to meet it with his own hand. With the help of the Green Dragon Emperor, he pushed himself off the ground.

Instead of withdrawing his hand right away, the Green Dragon Emperor supported the Vermillion Dragon king’s weight.

Two grizzled Dragon Emperors stood side by side, covered in dust and weariness, their silver beards and hair undulating in the wind.

“Thank you… and… sorry…” The Vermillion Dragon Emperor was greatly moved by this act of kindness; a medley of emotions kindled in his heart, and he was at a loss for words.

“I accept your apology!” The Green Dragon Emperor said. “You were wrong to start this battle, but I can understand the reason behind your actions! Had I been in your shoes, I might have done the same to you!”

“Thank you so much…” The Vermillion Dragon Emperor sighed remorsefully.

The Green Dragon Emperor continued, “I killed more than 6,000 Vermillion Dragon soldiers to protect myself. I was too reckless, too foolhardy… I’m truly sorry!”

The Vermillion Dragon Emperor shook his head and sighed grievously. “The death of our soldiers is my fault! I was the one who made the wrong decision! You don’t have to apologize!”

“There’s no need for us to argue who is right or who is wrong!” said Green Dragon Emperor. “I hope that from now onwards, the enmity and animosity between our tribes will be revoked and that we’ll exist together in peace and harmony!”

“I agree!” The Vermillion Dragon Emperor turned to Chen Xiaobei and said solemnly, “I swear to Dragon Ancestor that from today onwards, we, the Vermillion Dragon tribe will live peacefully next to the Green Dragon tribe. We shall never ever battle against each other again! If we break our vows, I shall stand condemned by the Heavens, and die a graveless death!”

“I, too, swear to Dragon Ancestor!” The Green Dragon Emperor followed after. “From today onwards, our Green Dragon tribe will not start a war against the Vermillion Dragon tribe! We will live together in peace and harmony from age to age, from generation to generation! Should we break our vows, I shall be struck by lightning and die a horrible death!”

Chen Xiaobei blinked. “I am willing to be your notary, but please don’t call me Dragon Ancestor. I cannot undertake it…”

“Of course, you can!” exclaimed the Green Dragon Emperor said. “If it were not for you, Dragon Ancestor, I’m afraid I would have died by the Vermillion Dragon’s sword!”

“Yes! From now onwards, you are our Dragon Ancestor!” The Vermillion Dragon Emperor declared. “If you had not been here to restore balance, both our tribes would continue to fight until all our men perish, doing unforgiveable wrongs to each other!”

Chen Xiaobei nodded relentingly. “Alright, you can call me Dragon Ancestor in private. But outside, you would just need to call me Childe Chen! People dread fame as much as pigs dread being strong*! I don’t want to attract any unwanted trouble!”

“Yes, Dragon Ancestor!” hollered both Dragon Emperors as they raised their palm-in-fist to Chen Xiaobei.

“Here, take back your Green Dragon sword. Keep it safe!” Chen Xiaobei was about to return the sword when he noticed something odd. “That’s strange… Why did the sword form a Spiritual Bond with me? And why can’t I break it?”

“Spiritual bond? That…” The Green Dragon Emperor repeated in astonishment. “The Green Dragon sword was destroyed. It cannot form a spiritual bond anymore!”

“I have no need to lie to you!” Chen Xiaobei gave the Emperor the sword. “If you don’t believe me, give it a try. You probably won’t be able to control this sword anymore!”

A Divine Instrument without an owner would form a spiritual bond with the next person using it after the first Spiritual Connection.

From then on, unless its owner dies or breaks the spiritual bond, the Divine Instrument would only recognize its one and only master. No one else would be able to use it!

“Of course, you’re not lying to me, Dragon Ancestor!” The Green Dragon Emperor whispered subserviently. “The green dragon sword has not yet acknowledged a master before this! Since it has now recognized you as its master, please keep this sword, Dragon Ancestor!”


People dread fame as much as pigs dread being strong: Fame has a price. Great honor comes with great burden. Fame can be a double-edged sword.

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