Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me Chapter 464 – Stalking Or Alerting The Enemy

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Chapter 464 – Stalking Or Alerting The Enemy

Shen Xiaoxiao had been angry the whole time and did not speak to Yan Kuan on the way back. Yan Kuan had been wondering when it would be good to let Little Treasure and Da Bao meet up.

Why not wait for Xiaoxiao’s reaction today? However, as soon as this thought appeared in his mind, it was cut off by Yan Kuan because he realized that there was actually a tail following behind them.

And it was a tail that was extremely hidden.

“Where are you putting your hand? Drive properly.”

Shen Xiaoxiao was still angry when Yan Kuan reached out his left hand and gently stroked Shen Xiaoxiao’s head. Shen Xiaoxiao had already seen the traffic jam from the news. She did not even know how to describe Yan Kuan’s arrogance and despotism.

The person who she thought would restrain himself after being scolded by her actually slowly stopped the car and kissed her directly.

Just as Shen Xiaoxiao was about to fly into a rage, Yan Kuan whispered intimately into her ear, “Look at the black car at 8 o’clock.”

The tacit understanding between Shen Xiaoxiao and Yan Kuan was not something that could be achieved in a day or two. She knew it the moment Yan Kuan said it. Not only did she know, but she also knew it very well as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Yan Kuan smiled secretly. He knew that this girl would do this.

“It’s driving away.”

Shen Xiaoxiao let go of Yan Kuan and pushed him away. Then, she looked at the car that was already speeding past.

It was so fast. He had not hugged enough, but Yan Kuan still drove the car and chased after it.

“Let’s go and play.”

Yan Kuan quietly fiddled with the computer on his wrist when Shen Xiaoxiao did not notice. After the command was sent out, they continued their tracking.

“Aunt? Where are we going?”

“Yeah, Aunt, where are we going?”

Dark 1 wanted to pry open the little brat’s head to take a look. Why was he so sure that he was the aunt? No matter how he looked at it, 19 had more attributes for it than him.

“Be good. You have to call me uncle.”

“Oh, Uncle.”

“Got it, Aunt.”

Dark 1 glanced at Little Treasure, resigned to his fate, and turned his head away. This child… Sigh.

“Let’s go to the base to play. Didn’t Da Bao say that Little Treasure likes those toys the most? There are so many of them. Let’s go there to play.”

“But I don’t like them. I don’t like those toys.”

Da Bao was unhappy. She still preferred riding a small bike and playing on a swing.

“Da Bao, be good. There’s a swing and many small animals there. You can play with the little rabbit.”

Da Bao’s eyes reflected light. If that was true, that would be great.

“Okay, let’s go.”

The children were sent to the base. There were many surveillance cameras everywhere.

Dark 1 let them play by themselves while he brought 19 to familiarize himself with some other things.

Little Treasure was very smart. The moment he entered, he knew that there were many cameras. Only his sister was silly and felt that it was very novel.

The two of them wandered around. When they found that the uncles did not stop them when they saw them, they let them in.

Of course, no one would stop them. In order to prevent their ident.i.ties from being exposed, Dark 1 did not tell anyone about the ident.i.ties of the two little guys. However, they knew that the boss was selecting the dark guards for the Young Master and Young Miss, it was likely that children of this age were prepared for the Young Master and Young Miss, so they naturally would not stop them. Moreover, this place was not a playground outside. In their base, even a fly could not escape their eyes, not to mention the two little children.

In the base’s infirmary, Min Hao remembered that he had a father named Yan Kuan after he woke up. He did not remember anything else, including his own name.

Min Hao’s injury was in his brain, but now that technology was advanced, even if he had an operation, it would only open up a small hole in his head to guide the flow. The operation was very minor because the child was recovering very well.

The maid that Yan Kuan hired, Aunt Zhang, was specially there to take care of him. She did not speak much, but she was still very careful in taking care of him. There was one more thing. Ever since Min Hao woke up, Aunt Zhang had been telling Min Hao how n.o.ble his ident.i.ty was, how powerful his father was, and how he… as the future head of the family, what kind of existence he was.

“Who are they?”

Aunt Zhang was cleaning up after feeding him. When she heard the Young Master say this, she turned around and thought for a moment before saying,

“They should be the candidates for the Young Master’s dark guards. Didn’t you see many pairs of children today? Oh right, if the Young Master has his eyes on someone, just tell the Master. The Master will agree.”

“I want that little girl.”

Aunt Zhang looked at the little girl. She had a mushroom head and was chubby. She was very cute and looked somewhat familiar.

“You should choose a boy. The girls are all prepared for your sister.”

“My sister? I have a sister?”

“Yes, you have a sister. It’s just that you have lost your memory, so you can’t remember.”

“Oh, but I like that little sister.”

Min Hao did not know why he felt that this little sister was very friendly and looked very cute.

“I’ll have to talk to Sir about this. I think that little boy is not bad either.”

Aunt Zhang was naturally talking about Little Treasure, but Min Hao did not know why he felt a little scared when he saw Little Treasure.

The little boy didn’t say much and looked cold. He just held the little girl’s hand and answered every word the little girl said.

“I don’t like him.”

Aunt Zhang took a look and looked a little dazed. However, she still smiled and didn’t say anything. She took the lunchbox and walked out.

“Little Treasure, is that that little Young Master? He doesn’t look like Daddy at all.”

“I told you, he’s not Daddy.”

Little Treasure hurriedly corrected her. Da Bao immediately covered her mouth and said unhappily, “I forgot, it’s Uncle.”

“But I still feel that you look more like that uncle.”

“Idiot, how do I look like him? I’m so cute. Let’s go. If you see us, Let’s go play with the toys. I’ll play with the toys, you play with the swing.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Are we going to find their nest?”

Shen Xiaoxiao could not help but ask when she saw that the road was getting more and more difficult to drive.

“Their nest won’t be there, but it must be one of the bases.”

“I realized that these people are really stupid. They didn’t even notice that we were so close to them.”

Yan Kuan glanced at Shen Xiaoxiao’s tsundere look and could not help but say, “How do you know that they did not notice? Maybe they are deliberately bringing us there.”

“Ah? You say that they are leading the way for us? Why? Why would they do that?”

“Why? It should be because the woman in black wants to see us. Isn’t it good to have an official meeting?”

“An official meeting? Are you sure that we can really see her?”

“I’m sure.”

“Alright, after hiding for so many years, it’s time for her to show herself. Where’s that thing? Isn’t there that thing in the car?”

Yan Kuan looked at the increasingly rude little guy and shook his head helplessly:

“It’s under your seat, but you probably won’t need it. Just follow your husband closely and no one will hurt you.”

Shen Xiaoxiao didn’t comment on Yan Kuan’s words.. She pursed her lips and took out a gun and put it on her waist, just in case.


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