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Chapter 189: Erguotou

“Beauty, it’s better to meet by chance than to invite each other. It’s fate that we can meet in the common people, and we can even sit here and drink together. You and I…”

“Speak Englis.h.!.+”

“Beauty, do you want to go out?”

Shen Xiaoxiao listened to the bald man’s chattering for a long time and finally got to the point. She glanced at him, then at her own wine gla.s.s, and said to the bald man in a rare good mood, “On account of you pouring me wine, hurry up and leave. I’m here to vent my anger!”

Shen Xiaoxiao’s small face was completely cold. The colorful lights really added a unique charm to her frosty face.

The bald man had been in this bar street for many years. What kind of woman had he not seen? Of course, he also knew what kind of woman he could provoke and what kind of woman he could not provoke.

Did you see that million-dollar motorcycle outside? An ordinary person could not afford to drive it, and this woman had a temperament. He understood.

He did not hesitate. He said to Shen Xiaoxiao, “Fine, they all call me Brother Qiang. If a beautiful woman needs help, feel free to look for me. I’m leaving first. Please take it easy. This place is a mix of dragons and snakes. Don’t say that Brother did not warn you, but this place is very crooked.”

The bald man, Qiang, was extremely accurate in judging people. Moreover, he did things without hesitation. Even the bartender, Xiao Liu, was stunned when he saw him leave.

However, he had seen this kind of situation many times and didn’t feel curious. Not all men would be able to leave on their feet when they saw a beauty.

Shen Xiaoxiao watched the bald man by her side leave. She felt that this person was quite tactful. Although he had made a large pile of them from the start, she didn’t hate him.

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at the two bottles of Erguotou on the table. One of them was hers and she had already drunk half of it. The other one was about how the bald man had drunk it. Anyway, she had almost finished it. She reckoned that there would not be much left when she brought it over.

The two large bottles of Erguotou were placed in front of Shen Xiaoxiao. Everyone who came and went could see it clearly.

This beauty could really drink.

Almost everyone who pa.s.sed by muttered like this.

Shen Xiaoxiao drank one cup after another. She had been tired all day and stayed up all night last night. She did not even have a bite to eat before she had a big fight with that d.a.m.n man, Yan Kuan. Her mood was as bad as it could get.

Liu Yufei and Scarface went to the bar to cause trouble according to their usual practice. Today, her family’s matters came one after another. The Liu Corporation that Liu Qianmin secretly opened was seized, and Liu Qiangui, who was a legal person, was taken away.

Fortunately, Liu Qianmin used Liu Qiangui’s name at that time. Otherwise, the person who was taken away today would not be someone else. No matter how Liu Qiangui caused trouble, her father, Liu Qianmin, just stood there without saying anything.

Instead, he said to Liu Qiangui that he would definitely think of a way to get the person out.

However, the Liu Corporation was seized, and what awaited them was a few hundred million yuan of compensation and filling in the hole. Money had become the thing they needed the most.

Because Liu Qiangui had been taken away, Liu Qianmin, as a ‘part-time worker,’ had not been taken away for investigation. Although everyone knew that all of this was caused by Liu Qianmin, if Liu Qianmin was taken away, then the Liu family would have no choice but to step aside.

Therefore, even if w.a.n.g Lihua made a fuss, she knew that it could only be temporary.

Liu Qianmin, who needed a large amount of money, was now burning with anger. Those romantic affairs had been thrown to the back of his mind, and Gu Yuehua did not mention it again.

However, she did not bring it up, but Liu Qianmin remembered. It seemed that he had to find Ouyang Minyan and his future son-in-law to help.

As for Liu Yufei, she was naturally sent out to meet up with those people who were doing business. She was waiting to sell a few more goods recently, so it would be good to earn some money in her hands.

In addition, Scarface had once said that Liu Yufei had to accompany him every day. Therefore, Liu Yufei had a motive today. Although she was full of anger, she still came to the bar earlier than usual.

This bar had already been taken over by Scarface and the others. Because they had made some good things to sell here, this place could be considered as the most lively one recently.

However, Liu Yufei was different from usual. Today, she was dressed exceptionally seductively. Moreover, she had specially put on thick makeup. Not to mention, her figure was already outstanding. Her mini pants, suspenders skirt, long leather boots, and coat were all taken off. The moment she entered the door, she attracted the attention of many people.

She had always been particularly fond of the attention of these people. However, tonight, as soon as she entered the door, she unexpectedly b.u.mped into that d.a.m.ned woman.

She actually got drunk here. Look, she had already drunk two bottles of Erguotou. She really sent herself to the door to be cleaned up?

How many old and new grudges were there between them? Hmph, since she came to her doorstep voluntarily, she would definitely take good care of this d.a.m.n woman.

‘Like to drink? Alright, I’ll let you drink until you don’t want to drink anymore.’

Liu Yufei walked quickly to the private room. Many people here knew her, especially the little brother standing at the door of the private room. He knew that this was the boss’s new favorite and was extremely liked by the boss. She was almost a one-of-a-kind person.

The most exciting thing for these brothers was that this woman was extremely flirtatious. She could flirt with anyone.

As soon as Liu Yufei saw the little brother looking at her with a twinkle in his eyes, she knew what this kid was thinking.

She deliberately walked in front of the little brother and whispered to him, “Do me a favor. I can give you some benefits.”

The little brother’s eyes lit up. He stole a glance at the closed door of the private room and said to Liu Yufei in a very wretched manner, “I don’t want any benefits. I just want, just want, hehe…”

“Yo, you’re quite bold, but it’s not impossible. But you have to do this well for me.”

When the little brother heard that there was a way, he immediately became excited. He thought that this woman was flirtatious. Seeing that he was able to succeed without any effort, he immediately nodded and said, “Tell me about it. It’s just a matter of words.”

Liu Yufei sneered. What an idiot. “Isn’t that thing the most popular thing in your venue recently? Did you see that? That woman, treat her to a good meal. That’s a great beauty. She’s not even slightly inferior to me.”

When the little brother saw it, he thought, ‘Heh, that’s true. Look at this figure. Although it doesn’t reveal any flesh, it looks very s.e.xy.’

However, the boss also said that he could not use this thing../

“But Boss said…”

“Hey, if you don’t say it, I won’t say it. Who knows? Think carefully. She is a great beauty. Not only that, I am quite free tonight, okay?”

This time, the little brother’s heart was touched. He immediately nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll go. Then you have to wait for me, hehe!”

Liu Yufei saw that this idiot had already walked over and her heart relaxed. ‘Hmph, let’s see how powerful you are. This thing is the easiest to get addicted to. If you touch it, I guarantee that you won’t be able to get rid of it for the rest of your life.’


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