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“Today when can simply work on studying and understanding the scroll, no laborious exercise for us for a while.” Kibo said with a smile on his face, he then he turned to Naruto and informed him, “Don’t forget tomorrow’s Hinata’s birth day, and we don’t want to tire ourselves out. So think of today as a sort of break.”

Naruto placed his hand on Kibo’s forehead, while Karin checked his pulse, “He doesn’t seem sick.” Naruto said, “I don’t sense any thing wrong with him either.” Karin followed up. Kibo’s eye brow was twitching when he smiled and said, “Oh; so you got jokes?” The two laughed at him while Kibo pouted.

“Alright that’s enough, if you really wanna train that badly, I suppose I could come up with a few life threatening routines.” Kibo said with an evil smile on his face. The two now seemed scared as they tried to laugh off their earlier remarks.

Kibo then laughed himself, “As they headed inside to the Hoshi Estate’s library and started to study. It was another round of ardent and crazy conversations between the three; Kibo also started teaching Naruto about the Uzumaki Seal Techniques. Karin seemed interested in the topic and decided to learn it as well; it seemed she had an impeccable talent for Sealing Jutsu.

Figuring this stuff would come naturally to an Uzumaki, Kibo made sure to answer every question she asked. Whenever they were stuck on a difficult section of the Ninshu Scroll, Kibo switched over to teaching them the Uzumaki’s clan seals, and during these lessons, whenever Naruto would come across a problem he couldn’t comprehend, Karin and Kibo would offer up as many examples as it took to make him understand.

They had been debating for almost 7 hours, when they were brought lunch and ate through it while continuing their research.

Another 7 hours had past helping them to further their studies greatly over the span of a single day. Kibo especially had made great progress, he felt like he was only a few steps away from completely understanding the basics of Ninshu. However the latter half of the scroll still seemed like jumbled nonsense to him, but that would change in time, as he wasn’t alone.

During their conversations, it was Naruto and Karin’s conjectures that led him to his most influential breakthroughs concerning the material, when he felt he was on the verge of another discovery, his parents interrupted because it was time for dinner. Karin stayed over for to eat; she seemed to be b.u.t.tering up to Kibo’s mother as she had complimented her several times throughout night. Niwa really liked Karin, she thought she was a sweet and caring young girl, and the flattery seemed to have worked because his mother was seriously thinking of arranging a wedding between the two.

“Mom we’re kids were too young for that stuff!” Kibo shouted fl.u.s.tered and red faced when his mother countered with, “Oh, so you wouldn’t be opposed to doing so in the future?”

Kibo was stuck as he slammed his forehead onto the table; “Stick a fork in me, I’m overcooked!” Kibo thought as his mother had thoroughly embarra.s.sed him. He turned his head to peak at Karin, and for the first time he saw Karin acting sheepishly. She looked happy and shy all at the same time as she hid behind Niwa’s back. “This is different. . .” Kibo thought to himself.

After dinner Kibo and Naruto walked Karin home, when they arrived at her apartment building Kibo walked her up to her room. Before he left, Kibo looked around and when he saw that no one was looking, he gave Karin a quick kiss on the lips. Karin’s face lit up like a christmas tree, when Kibo turned around, scratched the back of his head and said, “I said I’d pay you back.” and with that he left a happily stunned Karin standing at her door way. It took her a while to notice the copy of his Pink Muscle Transformation Technique he left in her hands.

When Kibo exited the apartment complex, Naruto took one look at him and said, Hey Nii Chan, why is your face so red!?” Kibo covered his face and told Naruto “It’s nothing; it’s just a little cold out here that’s all!” After tossing him a copy of the pink muscle transformation technique he added “Practice this technique during your Tai-Jutsu training, it will be benefit you in the long run.” Naruto looked over the technique and went wide eyed. “This is an S rank technique, how did you get it? We don’t even have our license yet!” Kibo laughed “You shared your family’s inheritance, now I’m sharing mine!” Naruto felt a warm surge in his heart as he smiled and put the scroll away. The two returned home and Naruto went to his room to finish working on Hinata’s present. He kept Kibo from looking as he commented “It’s a secret! You’ll see what it is when I give it over.”

Kibo stopped bugging him and went to his room to prepare for tomorrow’s mission. Kibo opened up his shop for the first time in a long time and saw something that surprised him; his Gravity Suit was up for sale. Navi explained that other than relics, the items earned from rewards can be purchased from his shop. The price was a little steep though it cost 2,500 for a suit. He decided to purchase two of them; he would give one to Naruto, and one for Karin. As an additional option was that he could choose the colors, he gave Naruto his traditional orange base with blue markings, and Karin a black with red markings.

He continued to scroll through his shop and was rewarded when he saw a new technique available. It was a D rank Jutsu, but one he was interested in, The Body Flicker Technique and it was only worth 500. It appeared after seeing Shisui use the Flicker Jutsu around a few dozen times in his presence, it allowed the System to copy the technique. After Purchasing it, unlike having to read the technique the information was directly transferred into his brain. The move was simple enough to perform with his current level of Chakra, and thanks to his Chakra Control Mastery he was very proficient in using it. His speed wasn’t too far behind Shisui’s Flicker technique, but in the future he would only improve upon this skill at a monstrous rate.

Kibo also bought a new pair of regular katanas for 150 points; his old ones had started to chip so he purchased the same swords as before. After checking everything over twice he began to prepare a special Chakra molding to prepare for the Nin. After a few hours he finally felt confident enough to take on his next mission, so he jumped into bed.

Kibo finally went to sleep, he was woken up by Naruto in the middle of the night, apparently Naruto wanted him to stand by the bathroom while he used it, Naruto looked a bit scared like he had seen a ghost, and once again Kibo was reminded that Naruto currently was only 4 years old. Kibo indulged his little brother and asked him what scared him, “I had a dream that Kurama was talking to two will-o-wisp, there were ghost I tell ya.”

Kibo thought of Naruto’s parents Chakra, “Navi will anything happen to them?” Kibo asked.

“No the Star Chamber will support their Chakra, so they aren’t at any risk of dissipating. As for them talking to Kurama, your guess is as good as mine!” Navi replied.

After Kibo sent Naruto back to bed he went to sleep himself. It wasn’t until breakfast the next day that Kibo gave Naruto the Gravity suit, “Awesome! It’s even in my colors.” Naruto put the suit on and was surprised at how comfortable it felt; he tried to put the gravity to the same level as Kibo when he fell to the ground. “Ow!” Naruto shouted as he tried to pick himself off of the ground, Kibo patted his shoulder and told him “It will get easier once you complete you muscle training, in fact this can help you advance through it quicker.” Naruto shut off the Gravity difference and sighed, “I’m gonna catch up to you, just wait and see Nii Chan!”

Kibo laughed and replied “I look forward to seeing such a day, but your Nii Chan isn’t going to make it easy for you.”

The two continued to study the Ninshu Scroll until it came time to leave, Naruto was dressed in formal attire, he wore a black and white hamaka with the image of the Uzumaki clan symbol on his back, Kibo and his parents wore something similar but with their own clan symbol on their backs.

The left and headed for the Hyuga Estate, the snow was coming down lightly tonight, most of the snow had faded from the streets, and it looked like the snow would stop before the nights end. The group walked up to a large gateway to be greeted by members of the Hyuga family, after revealing their invitation they were let in and shown to the main hall.

The Hyuga family was lined up, and many guests and visitors including the Ninja that would later kidnap Hinata, Kibo found it strange that the Ninja wasn’t the same Jonin from the original timeline, perhaps the things he’s already changed have altered the course of the future. Kibo brushed off the thought, it didn’t matter whether it was a Jonin or Chunin, the fact remained that he came here to kidnap Hinata. Kibo stared intently on his jaw, and hands, like he was memorizing their exact dimensions, the skill he prepared just for him demanded it.

The party continued and many people came up to congratulate Hiashi on his daughter’s birthday, many people gave gifts to Hinata, and talked to her like she was some prized doll instead of a living person. Kibo shook his head at these shameless people trying to gain favor from the Hyuga clan, Kibo looked to Naruto and asked, “Why don’t you give here your gift?” however Naruto’s eyes seemed glued onto the dressed up Hinata, “So pretty.” Naruto said under his breath, Kibo grinned and nudged his elbow into Naruto’s ribs. “When are you going to give Hinata her present?”

Naruto’s face was flushed as he stuttered, “There are too many people around her; I don’t want them to a.s.sociate me and the Hyuga clan. They might start calling them bad names.” Kibo shook his head and said “Yeah, sure!” in an ironic tone. As he headed over and greeted Hiashi, he pulled out a lunch box “The Hoshi clan greets the Hyuga head.” Kibo said holding out the gift, it was 6 cinnamon rolls made by using the Chakra cooking method.

Hiashi took out one and bit into it to test for poison, once he bit into however it surprised him greatly, he felt a slight improvement in his Chakra; after eating the rest of it he nodded his head before saying, “You are the new clan that has joined Konoha recently, I can see you are quite the genius, and know that the Hyuga clan welcomes your clan to the Village as our trusted allies.” Kibo and his family bowed before taking a step back, Hinata saw Naruto in the crowd and hid behind her mother. Her mother seeing this smiled and giggled, Hiashi saw Naruto and thought, “So that’s Minato’s Kid huh?” He, as the head of the Hyuga clan was on good terms with Naruto’s dad, he felt bad for the child in his heart, yet he was glad someone who supposedly didn’t know of the Kyuubi adopted him.

Kibo kept an eye out on the, when it came time for the party to end everyone began leaving including Kibo’s family, he knew he only had a few minutes to catch the Ninja escaping from the estate, so after the gained some distance, Kibo grabbed Naruto’s arm and told his parents “Naruto forgot to give Hinata her present, go on ahead without us.”

Naruto’s face was bright red, and he was about to protest when Kibo yanked him along. Seeing this Niwa and Aka laughed, as they continued on home. Naruto and Kibo were almost to the Hyuga compound when a shadow could be seen leaping over their heads. Kibo didn’t wait to activate his Tengan to see the Ninja carrying Hinata in a bag on his back. Kibo grabbed Naruto and used his Flicker Technique to get ahead of the Nin.

Kibo filled Naruto in on the situation as they traveled, Naruto who was taken by surprised spoke with a hint of worry. “Why aren’t we supposed to have peace treaty with How could they dare break their word and kidnap Hinata Chan? I won’t let them get away with this Datebayo!” Kibo smiled as he tracked the path and headed out in front of him.

Naruto and Kibo hid in a tree, while Kibo formulated a plan, “I’ll use my Tengan to slow him down, when I charge the enemy, you grab Hinata and get her back to the Hyuga compound.” Kibo looked at Naruto with a sly smile as he finished with an “Oh and don’t forget to give her your present.”

Naruto blushed before saying “What about you?” Kibo shrugged his shoulders “I’ll be right behind you with the prisoner in tow.” Naruto jumped off the tree to get in position for the ambush, Kibo jumped out and waited directly in the Ninja’s path.

“This is great! I can’t believe I managed to sneak out. Hahah I’m gonna make so much money off this Hyuga b.i.t.c.h!” The was busy reveling in his own success that he almost missed two Shuriken flying towards his legs; the Ninja jumped over them and saw a boy standing in front of him. “You got a lot of nerve kidnapping my brother’s future wife.” Kibo said confusing the when he started laughing in relief, “Time to go back to bed little kid . . . wait did you say kidnap . . .” Before the Ninja could finish the ring in Kibo’s Tengan slowly moved counter clock wise, as the Ninja’s entire body started to slow.

Even though he was only under the influence of Kibo’s Tengan for a second, the had perceived it, as if it were 10. The Nin’s hand loosened releasing Hinata, just as he was about to tighten his grip, Kibo flickered in and quickly charged up his Chakra. With a loud bang he made his Chakra turn into a bright starlight that blinded the Ninja. Naruto had already jumped out from the bushes and grabbed the bag Hinata was in; after jumping on to a tree Naruto pulled her out and saw she was still unconscious, he then began carrying her towards the Hyuga compound as fast as he could.

While Naruto played night and shining armor, Kibo continued to face off against the enemy Ninja; although he was blinded he still managed to swing his sword down at him. Kibo frowned because this guy had the power of a peak Chunin, but Kibo’s physique due to training was far tougher than your average Genin once he added his Star Armor his Physical parameters doubled.

Using his speed he flickered behind the, the Chunin responded by twisting his torso in an attempt to hack Kibo in two. Kibo flickered again, this time he did so twice one to make a feint, and the other to perform a spinning ground kick to the back of his foe’s ankles. The smiled and prepared to take the hit, he positioned himself to counter Kibo by stabbing straight down at him; unfortunately for him he had vastly underestimated Kibo’s raw strength.

If he had raised his Chakra levels to withstand the attack he would have at least only suffered minor injuries. However there’s no medicine for regret in this world, in this spit second Kibo released his gravity suit’s weight and struck at full force. The sounds of bones cracking could be heard as the back of the Ninja’s head fell heavily onto the ground, as the let out a scream of pain he knew he had to kill himself. He tried to bite down on his tooth but found something obstructing his actions.

Kibo stood over the using his Star Chakra to mold a muzzle, the ninja tried to use his hand signs but a thin wire formed rings around his each of his fingers and pulled them away from the center of his palms. Afterwards he yanked out the poison capsule along with the’s tooth and tied the Ninja up like a farm animal. The Ninja was staring daggers at him, but this just made him laugh and tease the weakened foe. Using his wings he started to fly back with the Ninja as his prisoner. A chime went off in his head that made him even happier.

[Mission Complete! Reward: 1,500 Sys Pts, and a Random Jutsu Relic.]

Meanwhile when Naruto was making good progress he felt Hinata starting to wake, he stopped for a second and hid at the base of a tree. When she woke up seeing Naruto he face turned bright red, “N . . . Na . . . Naruto!?” Looking around she was completely lost to what was happening. “That k.u.mogakure Ninja kidnapped you, but Nii Chan and I saved you.” Hinata noticed that Naruto was still carrying her like a princess, she felt faint when Naruto said. “I’m sorry I didn’t give you my present earlier.” he pulled out a carved wooden white lily flower and put it in her hands. Naruto was extremely good at this woodcraft, though one would have to be good with understanding three dimensional structures to properly use a Transformation Jutsu. Who knew that Naruto would pick up wood carving after reading a mental training book that could help improve his visualization skills?

The flower was very realistic, Naruto even had someone from the Yamanaka clan’s flower shop paint it. “I thought you’d like a flower that would never wilt.” Naruto said looking at Hinata’s stunned, flushed face. He was about to put it away while saying, “I’m sorry I should have bought something.” This forced Hinata to snap out of it as she grabbed his hand, “No; I love this! It’s the best present I’ve gotten all night.”

Naruto stared at her for awhile before they both noticed her hand was still holding his. Naruto laughed trying to shake of his nerves when he thought “What the h.e.l.l am I feeling right now.” He’s heart rate started to pick up, as he quickly shook his head, “There’s no time for this, I have to get Nii Chan help.” With that Naruto held on tighter to Hinata and carried her all the way back to the Hyuga Estate.

When he arrived he saw a group of Hyuga members scurrying about, Hiashi saw Naruto walking up with Hinata in his arms, “You!” One of the Hyuga members shouted when Hiashi lifted his hand, “Young man could you please explain.”

Naruto placed Hinata down and said, “You got help my brother, he’s holding off that Ninja!”

“Father, Naruto rescued me!” Hinata said as she ran into Hiashi arms crying, Hiashi looked to Naruto with a thankful expression when they heard the sound of a body slamming into the snow piled grounds.

“No need to worry Naruto, this guy underestimated me, and paid dearly for it!” Kibo appeared releasing his Star Wings.


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