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Chapter 487 Qinger Was Arrested

Song Yunxuan was looking through files in the study, and Chu Mochen was staying with her.

Song Yunxuan was in good form, and she didn’t stop until ten o’clock at night. Then she put the pen down.

As her temples hurt, Chu Mochen helped her to rub them. After her temples didn’t hurt anymore, Chu Mochen sat down on the sofa and started to read a magazine.

After finis.h.i.+ng her work, Song Yunxuan stretched her arms out.

Chu Mochen looked up at her, asking, “Done?”

Song Yunxuan nodded, replying, “Yeah.”

“Go to bed now.” Chu Mochen put aside the magazine.

Song Yunxuan got up from the desk and walked to the door, saying, “I’m going to bath.”

“Have you bathed?”

“You want me to join you?”

Chu Mochen teased her.

Song Yunxuan slightly frowned and turned to look at him, replying, “Don’t do this often.”

“But it was not a joke.”

With this, Chu Mochen walked over and carried her in his arms. Then he walked into the bathroom with her.

Song Yunxuan frowned, grumbling, “Don’t do this.”

“Is there a problem? Are you still afraid that I may see your private parts?”

“I’m afraid that….”

“Ye Meiqi?”

Song Yunxuan lowered her head, whispering, “Yes.”

“It’s time to send her back. She has nothing to do in Yuncheng.”

Song Yunxuan knew that Chu Mochen was right.

Even if she had known that Shao Tianze had something to do with Song Yunjia’s death, so what?

Shao Tianze would never admit it, and they hadn’t found hard evidence that showed Shao Tianze was involved.

So the only thing she could do was waiting.

Even if she had no patience, she must wait.

Ye Meiqi had been staying in Yuncheng because of her daughter’s death, and she had been expecting someone to find out the cause of Song Yunjia’s death.

Song Yunxuan now would not put her energy into finding the cause of Song Yunjia’s death. So the only thing she could do was to make Ye Meiqi return.

“You are right. I’ll find out a way to send her back.”

Ye Meiqi didn’t want to leave Yuncheng after her daughter died. However, many things in Yuncheng could remind her of her daughter, making her sadder.

So it was better to send her back to Switserland as soon as possible.

Chu Mochen walked into the bathroom with her in his arms.

Song Yunxuan began to feel shy.

However, she did not have bad vibes about the man anymore.

Since she had had feelings for Chu Mochen, why wearing a mask?

In the clear sky, a plane from Burlin landed on the Yuncheng International Airport.

Mr. and Mrs. Du clasped their fingers while watching the plane land on the runway, hoping to see their daughter.

In the meantime, Song Yunxuan slightly adjusted her and blinked while watching the plane landing.

Mei Qi, who was standing behind her, said, “Just like you said, the Du Family couldn’t wait to make Du Qinger return.”

“Of course. After all, Du Qinger is the apple of her parents’ eyes. Now something happened to Du Youyu, and the Du Family was psyched out when thinking that someone might have targeted them.”

“In this case, they may regret asking their daughter to return.”

Song Yunxuan gave a brief smile and put the back on again.

She watched the pa.s.sengers that were getting off the plane through her

And soon they had all got off.

She gently turned around and s.h.i.+fted her attention to the departure lounge.

Some Yuncheng police in civvies had been following the couple for tens of minutes.

As soon as Du Qinger got out of the airport, she would be caught by the Yuncheng police.

In this way, she would finish the thing that Guo Yuyue asked her to do.

Thinking of the request, she narrowed her eyes and hoped that Guo Yuyue would not break her promise.

Song Yunxuan kept her eyes on the departure lounge.

About five minutes pa.s.sed.

The couple of the Du Family saw their daughter Du Qinger at the exit.

Du Qinger was wearing a light-grey cap, and her hair was straight. To cover her face, she also wore big and a mask.

Song Yunxuan felt amused when seeing Du Qinger.

If someone had only worn a cap,, or a mask, he would have been normal.

However, if a lady had worn all those three things, it would have made her look a trifle out of place.

Even if a star had shown up in the airport, he or she would have worn a mask or at most.

As Du Qinger was the driver of the hit-and-run case, was she dressed like this because she worried that she might be recognized?

She watched Du Qinger walk out of the exit.

Seeing their daughter, the couple walked quickly to her.

However, just as they were about to greet each other, five or six policemen suddenly rushed to Du Qinger from behind and caught her. Then they took off her mask and

Seeing that someone caught their daughter, Mrs. Du was greatly frantic.

But to protect her daughter, she took two paces forward and grabbed one of the police who caught her daughter, questioning, “What are you doing? Why are you arresting my daughter?”

“Is she your daughter Du Qinger?”

Mrs. Du’s lips trembled with emotions. She took a look at her daughter, not knowing how to answer him.

Just at the moment, one of the police found a and a plane ticket in Du Qinger’s hand and showed it to the man who was confronting Mrs. Du.

Mrs. Du wanted to keep talking.

But a mid-aged policeman cut in, wearing a blank face, “Madame, we are arresting a criminal. Please stay out of it.”

“She is not a criminal. She is my daughter!”

Du Qi couldn’t help quarreling with the policeman.

The policeman looked at him and said with great seriousness, “Mr. Du, your daughter escaped after hitting someone and bought off another person to bear the blame for her. Now we have had hard evidence, so we are going to arrest your daughter.”

“What evidence do you have? My daughter is innocent, and it’s impossible for her to hit and run.”

“You and Mrs. Du have admitted it. If you have some questions, we’ll see you in court. Now we must take the criminal back. Please stay out of this.”

Hearing the words, Du Qi’s face turned dark.

When being caught by the police, Du Qinger felt scared and unreconciled and kept calling her parents for help, “Dad! Mom! You got to save me! I don’t want to go to jail!”

She had been frightened after the accident. And she immediately left Yuncheng as her brother advised her to do so. Then her family bought off someone to bear the blame for her with a huge sum of money.

While in Germeny, she was even wondering whether she could return after the case was settled.

However, her brother was suddenly, and her parents sent some bodyguards to Germeny to make her return as soon as possible.

But to her astonishment, she was arrested right after getting off the plane.

She felt like breaking down.

Their daughter was taken away by the police.

Seeing her husband stood still with a dark face, Mrs. Du hastily went over to shake him, saying, “Du Qi, we got to do something. We can’t let Qinger be taken away like this! Qinger can’t go to jail. She is too young!”

Mrs. Du exerted to shout at her husband.

But Du Qi’s mind was wandering as if he was thinking about something.

Song Yunxuan saw that everything was settled.

She prepared to leave.

Just at that moment, Du Qi suddenly turned his head as if he was looking for someone.

Then he saw Song Yunxuan who was about to leave.

Song Yunxuan felt that someone was looking at her, so she turned her head and saw that Du Qi was glaring at her at the airport.

Song Yunxuan was wearing and kept a poker face when looking at Du Qi.

She was not a bit nervous.

She just looked at Du Qi for a few seconds.

Mei Qi also found it, so he whispered to her, “Manager Song, perhaps you are exposed.”

“It doesn’t matter. Let’s go.”

Song Yunxuan turned around and left.

Seeing Song Yunxuan, Du Qi went blank for a moment.

He couldn’t believe that the woman he saw was Song Yunxuan.

However, Mrs. Du immediately recognized Song Yunxuan after following his eyes. She couldn’t help asking, “Is that Song Yunxuan?”

Du Qi’s face clouded.

He suddenly realized that he was fooled.

He shouldn’t have let his daughter return in the first place.

All this was a trap.

Besides, it was possible that Song Yunxuan was the prime mover.

Seeing that her husband’s face clouded, Mrs. Du seemed to think of something. She pressed her lips and said, “Could it be…”

“Song Yunxuan must have something to do with it.” Du Qi replied.

He clenched his hands.

The youngest daughter of the Song Family was truly vicious.

She was involved in a lot of things.

Why did she want their daughter to be arrested?

To help Guo Yuyue?

Du Qi was confused. But when thinking that he was fooled, he felt that his anger had nowhere to vent.

Mrs. Du grabbed his arm, saying, “Du Qi, regardless of what Song Yunxuan did, we have to save Qinger first.”

Mrs. Du felt worried.

However, Du Qi felt that his heart palpitated when being grabbed by his wife.

He slowly raised his hand to stroke his chest.

As the pain worsened, his fingers twisted, and he looked unwell.

Seeing that, Mrs. Du turned pale and hastily helped Du Qi who could barely stand to maintain balance. Then she asked him nervously and worriedly, “Du Qi? What’s wrong, Du Qi?”

But Du Qi just clutched his chest, and his face twisted in pain. It seemed that he could not bear the pain anymore, so he opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something.

But he was not able to say anything.

It made Mrs. Du more worried, saying, “I’ll call for help. Hang in there, Du Qi. I’ll call an ambulance.”

The pa.s.sers-by noticed that Du Qi was feeling uncomfortable.

Some of them started to make an emergency call.

Seeing that Du Qi’s eyes closed, Mrs. Du instantly shouted, “Help! Help!”

Hearing Mrs. Du’s shout, the Du Family’s bodyguards immediately rushed over to feed Du Qi some medicine and call for an ambulance.

Song Yunxuan didn’t see Du Qi pa.s.sed out.

But she got the news right after she got back to the Song enterprise.

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