Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! Chapter 791 – This Is Good News

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Chapter 791: This Is Good News

The moment she sat down, before she could even put the books in her hand on the table, Jiao Hai came over with a mock exam paper. “Ye Jian, help me with this question. I thought about it for an entire night but I still couldn’t get the answer.”

Ye Jian already foresaw that it would be a difficult question since it was able to baffle the student that used to be the first-place of Cla.s.s One when he was in his first year.

Ye Jian stopped thinking about what happened outside the school. She started solving the question with Jiao Hai. It was a geometry question. They hadn’t learned it in school but both of them self-studied the topic before.

Ye Jian was very familiar with formulas. After adding two formulas inside, she overturned all the calculations Jiao Hai did in front.

“This formula is quite unfamiliar. I don’t think I’ve seen it before.” Jiao Hai couldn’t help but ask when he saw Ye Jian writing a formula quickly on the paper to solve the question. “Where did you see this?”

Ye Jian’s thoughts were very precise. At the same time, she was trained by Chen so she was able to multi-task even when there was something disturbing her. “Advanced Mathematics. Actually, this is a matrix.”

Matrix had been mentioned in senior high mathematics lessons but it was normally taught in universities. Also, their maths teacher hadn’t reached this topic so Jiao Hai didn’t know it.

This allowed Jiao Hai to, once again, see the difference between Ye Jian and him. After she solved and explained the question to him, he smiled and sighed, “Studying really requires talent. I self-study until very late every night but you’re still far ahead of me.”

That was because Ye Jian didn’t do her self-study in the cla.s.sroom every night. From what her roommates said, Ye Jian rarely studied in her dormitory too. But, her speed of reading was very fast. They often saw her borrowing and returning books to the library too.

They didn’t know if she read the books carefully or not. It seemed as though she did but it felt as though she didn’t too.

“You’re not worse than me. I just know more things than you so you feel like this.” Ye Jian didn’t like it when they always compared her to themselves. It should be known that comparisons could be harmful sometimes. She was willing to help all her cla.s.smates but she didn’t hope that they would think they were weaker than her.

As she was speaking, Lu Xin dashed into the cla.s.sroom. He ran towards Ye Jian the moment he saw her and said, “Ye Ying, Ye Ying is doing the school transfer application now. I saw her in Mrs. Tong’s office.”

“She was so arrogant. She said that since Mrs. Tong didn’t like her, she can only transfer to a school where the teachers like her. If I didn’t hear this personally, I will never believe that Ye Ying will say this kind of words.”

After what happened during military training, everyone’s impression of Ye Ying couldn’t be worse. Now, if you asked the cla.s.s to vote on their most hated cla.s.smate, it would definitely be Ye Ying.

Ye Jian closed the paper and handed it over to Jiao Hai. She looked up and smiled lightly. “Since she doesn’t think that it was her fault, it’s natural that she will blame it on other people. For someone who won’t admit her mistakes, that is a normal thing to say. Hence, there’s nothing to be shocked about.”

This was Ye Ying’s way of doing things. Even if she left, she must bring unhappiness to the people around her.

“What you said… makes sense.” Lu Xin scratched his head. He looked up and noticed that more than ten students, who were sitting in their seats a moment ago, had gathered around him. He and said, “I just came to tell everyone that Ye Ying is transferring schools. There will be one less pretty lady in our cla.s.s from now on. What a pity.”

Boys were normally not used to talking bad about girls. Lu Xin didn’t like Ye Ying but at the same time, he wasn’t used to speaking badly about her either.

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