Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! Chapter 641

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Chapter 641: Not Giving In

That kind of friend was not considered a friend. They could turn against each other for benefits, and cooperate together for benefits. In their eyes, there were no friends, only benefits.

Yao Jing and Ye Ying were such “friends”. They both wanted to pull one another down and let the other be their scapegoat. Every sentence was testing the other, and they wouldn’t feel tired at all.

“I’m not uncomfortable. I’ve been used to it since junior high.” Ye Ying would not fall into her trap, her eyes flashed slightly, “Yang Heng and Ye Jian are walking closely together, Jingjing, do you think Yang Heng likes Ye Jian?”

“It happened when they were doing the air defense evacuation. Ye Jian didn’t partic.i.p.ate because she joined at the last minute, and was helping the instructor with some matters. I didn’t either because of my health issues. I saw Yang Heng walking to Ye Jian.” She slowed down and spoke sluggishly, “I was clearly standing beside her, but Yang Heng didn’t see me, and walked directly to Ye Jian’s side.”

“His first words were ‘I can guess that you’re the first.’. I felt that something was wrong and Yang Heng smiled. It was a smile that I’ve never seen before.”

“Next time… Jingjing, don’t say that Yang Heng likes me. It’s obviously not the case. He likes Ye Jian.”

Heh, she’s always the one to take action. Yao Jing, Yao Jing, let’s see how long you can endure this for.

That move really made Yao Jing’s heart go solemn. Hearing that, besides the tightness in her voice, her smile was still as wide as before, “My mom often said that boys are always indecisive when they’re young. They’re always like this.”

“But so what? The key is having a good character. As long as you have a good heart, it would be fine. Don’t be discouraged, I will say good things about you in front of Yang Heng and definitely make him like you.”

Looks like the Ye sisters are really her sworn enemies. Ye Ying’s still not that bad, at least she has some use. But Ye Jian… she’s like a jinx. Nothing good happens when I encounter her!

Looking at Yao Jing, who was pretending not to care, Ye Ying smiled and laughed silently. If she suffered, there was no way she was letting her off that easily.

After all, they were in the same boat. They either win or lose together!

Both of them became friends who could help one another, while Ye Jian, who never depended on anyone’s help, or didn’t succ.u.mb to underhanded measures, always depended on her own strength and capabilities, climbing steadily towards the peak.

The bright red flag was planted at Cla.s.s One’s camp, and it became the driving force for their cla.s.s and the other students. The finis.h.i.+ng line was in sight. Persistence would bring them their own victory!

The last five kilometers, Ye Jian spent twenty minutes to arrive at her spot. To her, it was a piece of cake. She went through two route marches with the Fujun Town’s military unit. One was in summer, and one was in winter.

She completed extreme weather, long distances, and night a.s.sault with the soldiers. In the face of the students’ ordinary training, she wasn’t thinking about winning by herself but becoming a benchmark for her cla.s.s.

“We’re here. We’re here!”

“We finally survived! I’m impressed by myself!”

“Twenty kilometers, I didn’t give in!”

As more and more students arrived at the destination, their sweat was accompanied by laughter and joy. They were tearing with joy and happy that they overcame their limits!

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