Reborn As Harry Osborn – Marvel 7 "The Defenders" First Mission

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Reborn As Harry Osborn – Marvel is a Webnovel created by godfreyngsze.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

Since i have completed my part in the plan, i decided to use the extra time i have to make extra preparations, performs upgrades and try complete my checklist. At first i wanted to help out the others so that we can deal with the syndicates as soon as possible but i decided against it since “The Defenders” need to learn how to work together as a team and i asked Oracle to help keep an eye out on them just in case while gathering evidence behind their back. (Since i want to deal with it within the same week)

Daredevil will teach Spiderman to pay more attention to his surroundings and not to depend to much on his spider abilities but also learn martial art skill while Spidey will teach Daredevil to not be so uptight so he can see the bigger picture and to improvise in any situation. Ironfist will teach Colleen to control her anger and emotions while she can teach him to be more adaptable and to mix his skill around. Finally Luke will help Jessica to come out of her sh.e.l.l that she created due to her past while she will teach Luke investigation techniques and not to be a muscle head.


In the Secret Underground Room “Wing Base”

Oracle is a miracle worker, she is like a thousand house elves in my palm of my hand. R&D of my checklist and the rate of completion of project has greatly improved. As i was working at the workbench in front of the computer monitors, Bernard entered the Wing Base carrying in a tray with a cup of tea and a teacup with him. Seeing him i said “Thanks Bernard!By the way I have been neglecting Stan industries, are you facing any problems and is there anything you need to tell me?”

Looking proud with himself he said “We have been doing very well, sir! Some problem because we are new in most of the industries and slightly low on funds but we are progressing at an acceptable steady pace”. “We have started Stan Airlines, Stan Automotive, Stan Aviation, Stan Biotech, Stan Botanical, Stan Chemicals, Stan Construction, Stan Electric and Electronics, Stan Energy, Stan Entertainment and Records, Stan Foods, Stan Healthcare, Stan Industries, Stan Manufacturing, Stan Medical and Pharmaceuticals, Stan Oil and Mining, Stan Research Inst.i.tute, Stan Retail, Stan Shipping, Stan Stage, Stan Steel, Stan Studios, Stan Technologies, Stan Television, Stan Weapons, and finally Stan Yard”.

“I will be sending you all the details of the R&D information from each industry and provide you the list of possible material you can obtain. Also we can complete complete your all your vehicles any time you want but take small pieces at a time so we can avoid suspicions, sir!” said Bernard concluded.

My jaw nearly broke with each Stan that Bernard stated, rather than neglecting on my on company i have been ignorance of it. Giving two thumbs i replied “You are the best, Bernard! You went above and beyond my expectation”.

With blazing eyes Bernard replied “For you sir, i will do anything and i am proud on what you have accomplished”.

Coughing i replied “Thank you, Bernard. You are more of a father figure to me compare to my own father Norman Osborn. I am thankful to have you in my life and to have you a.s.sist me”. Looking at Bernard starting tearing up with tears and blazing eyes, i decided to look away at the computer monitor to avoid moment.

Seeing Tony Stark on one of the monitor the CNN channel, i quickly said “Oracle please unmute and increase the volume for the CNN channel”.

The CNN correspondent on the channel said “Genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist Tony Stark, who has inherited the defense contractor Stark Industries from his father, is in war-torn Afghanistan with his friend and military liaison Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes to demonstrate the new “Jericho” missile. He is captured and imprisoned by a terrorist group, the Ten Rings. No demand has been made”.

Hearing that i become excited “Looks like Ironman will be appearing soon, I need to pick up my pace”.


After 8 days since the start of our mission, the others has finally compiled enough information and we will be gathering at Jessica’s office. Looking around the Wing Base, i am proud that i have accomplished much with my upgrades and checklist. I have completed my science experiment on the Oz serum (Dubbed as Oz serum’s Sample 42) and i am planning to infuse myself with it after The Defender’s first mission.

With Chucky’s spiderweb and a slight mixture of carbon tube nano fiber (planning to update in the future to nano tech with materials made of proto admantium or vibranium once i get the materials) , i have created upgraded my uniforms to be much more lighter, knife proof, bulletproof and that is able to retract and expand. I have also created uniforms for The Defender’s members with the same mixture with Daredevil having slight Kevlar frames.

This will be an awesome birthday present for them with communicators included. Spiderman uniform is based of Stark Spiderman suit without web upgrades or AI (Don’t want to spoil Pete too soon), Ironfist uniform is based on his New Ironfist uniform from Ultimate Spiderman (Yes, cartoon!! the suit that he wore much later in the season), Luke Cage uniform is also from Ultimate Spiderman (around season 3. sorry hard to find cool looking costume), Colleen Wing uniform is similar to the Ironfist TV series (where she is fighting in the cage), Jessica uniform is nearly similar to the TV series (except she black leather jacket, black leather with a mask) and finally Daredevil uniform from the tv series (season 2).


Seeing the superhero costumes everyone was horrified except Daredevil and Spiderman with the later being super overjoyed. With Spidey’s help i will able to persuade them to wear the costumes.


Captain George arranged our meeting with the NY Chief of Police, Deputy police chief and trusted captains of each precinct in New York to plan out our action which was a very tense and stressful moment. We have decided to take action tomorrow evening where they will capture all the corrupt cops under the syndicate at 7pm sharp at the same time where at the same time The Defenders will attack the heads of the organizations.

Daredevil and I will attack the Yakuza. Colleen, Jessica and Spiderman will attack the Russian. Ironfist and Luke Cage will attack the Chinese Mobs (To attract all the attention of the crime syndicate to protect their boss so large commotion is needed). The cops at 7.30pm the police will divide their departments to strike all parts of the organization and with only the trusted cops to attack the cash safe houses. Once the cops complete their task at hand they will come a.s.sist us. 5 minutes after everything complete, the police will have a press conference and inform the members of the public.

As we were getting ready to leave the meeting, Captain George stopped us and said “Who are you guys really?”. I replied “No, it is not who are we underneath this mask but what we do for justice and the people that defines us”. “We want a good working relation with the police and if one day law enforcement need our help, we can maybe be police consultant”. Pa.s.sing him the untraceable phone i said “Just in case of emergency!”. Walking away.


The next day 6.59pm near the Yakuza Headquaters

“Lets get ready guys and stay safe! If anything just called out for help ok!” i said into the communicator as i heard their approval. “




Spiderman shouted “Yippee-ki-yay, motherf**ker” shouted into the communicator

“Lets go wild!” i said as Daredevil smash our way into the Yakuza from the window roof gla.s.s ceiling and drop downward into the hall and waited there.

As all the yakuza gathered carrying samurai swords and guns. I asked Daredevil “How many?”.

Daredevil replied “73”.

Nodding my head i took out my Escrima sticks (Yes, i can finally use my Escrima sticks!) and casually took out some some smoke and flash bang pellets i whispered “Get ready to close your ears and move away from this location”. Daredevil nodded his head and focus his attention on one guy the head of the yakuza, n.o.bu Yoshioka. Looking at n.o.bu i remembered that he is an a.s.sociate of Wilson Fisk’s criminal empire and also represented Murakami’s faction of the Hand. Oracle can’t seem to get much information on the of Hand with a lot of her search ending up p.o.r.n sites.

Feeling my spider senses slightly tingling warning me of n.o.bu and another four loyal Hand members. I whispered “77 be careful of four of the members they are dangerous”.

n.o.bu_Yoshioka suddenly shouted “Locked all the the doors and windows, don’t let them escape!! (j.a.panese)”.

As the blocked the doors and windows, i intimidated them “It is not that we are locked in here with you but it is you that have been locked in here with us (j.a.panese)”. (Thank you Watchmen”s Rorschach).

“Now!” i said threw down the smoke and flash bang pellets. As guns started firing in the room, Daredevil and I started attacking while avoiding all the bullets. Taking out my electric wingdings, i throw it towards Yakuza members that is using their guns while stunning two members each time i throw one electric wingdings. Realizing the situation Hand(A) started throwing shurikens to deflect my wingdings.

“18, get ready” i said before taking out two grenade wingdings throwing it in two different directions yakuza members in the room and i started focusing using my sticks to fight.

Daredevil growled and replied “6”.

Hand(A) and (B) threw another set of shurikens towards my wingding to deflect it before suddenly two explosion happened “BOOM!” “BOOM!”. Injuring 30 members and stunning the rest. Taking the opportunities Daredevil and I started weaving through the yakuza members and use our batons to injure them while doing moves that remind me of “Deadpool and Cable” combos.

“34′ i said with Daredevil replying “8”.

n.o.bu shouted “Go, Close Range!(j.a.panese)” before he and his four Hand members getting ready to jump down from the second floor. Seeing this i said “Look! Look! It is a superhero landing! it is a superhero landing!” as they jump down falling on their legs and knee.

Throwing up one of my baton, i used my other baton like a baseball bat calculating and hitting the baton like a ball and aimed it to hit my target (yakuza) with the baton reflecting back towards me as i was avoiding the samurai swords. Shouting “First down! Second down! Third down! Fourth down!” and catching my baton while using it to block Hand(C)’s sword.

Daredevil replied “2 and wrong sport!” leaving us with only n.o.bu and his loyal Hand followers.


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