Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1860 – The Two Sides Are Bound to Fight When They Meet on a Narrow Road

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Chapter 1860: The Two Sides Are Bound to Fight When They Meet on a Narrow Road

There was a saying that goes: there are nice routes, yet one chooses to take a h.e.l.lish path.

Sun Yichen chose, on his own accord, to take such a path. Wen Xinya had no choice. Her warning was not a real warning, but a mere conversation starter. However, the smart ones would be able to think of that on their own, yet Sun Yichen chose to fulfill his own greed and ambition. He had only himself to blame.

“Niece, you sure are early!”

At this time, Qian Jianhui came over with a group of shareholders behind him. His smile was so wide on his chubby face that his eyes could not be seen. A black suit was wrapped around his round beer belly, and he looked especially round, like a Buddha. When he walked, he looked like a funny Donald Duck.

Wen Xinya had an elegant smile on her face, but her smile did not reach her eyes. “Chairman Qian did not arrive too late too!”

Wen Corporation’s two sides were bound to fight when they meet on a narrow road.

Anyone with eyes would be able to sense the tension between the two.

Wen Xinya only had Cao Zixing and Xue Yishan by her side. Although those two, one in charge of Wen Corporation’s Executive Management, and another in charge of Wen Corporation’s operations, were Wen Corporation’s key stakeholders, however, Qian Jianhui had by his side a few important shareholders, influential people on the board of directors, as well as Sun Yichen and a few old stalwarts. Everyone could tell who was strong and who was weaker.

The workers of the Wen Corporation panicked a little upon seeing this situation.

Everyone was inclined to believe in the Wen Family. After all, things would change if someone else took charge. If Qian Jianhui successfully took over the Wen Corporation, the workers below him expected to receive several impactful blows.

Qian Jianhui smiled and looked at Wen Xinya. “What were you all discussing about just now?”

His eyes darted between Wen Xinya and Sun Yichen, and in the depths of his eyes, there was a chill that was hidden to everyone else. Although Sun Yichen surrendered to him his two percent of shares, and as a vice-chairman, he was indeed able to bring about many benefits and advantages to him to increase his chances of taking over Wen Corporation.

However, Sun Yichen was extremely ambitious. This did not make Qian Jianhui too happy.

Furthermore, because of his betrayal of the Wen Family, Qian Jianhui seemed as if he respected him on the surface but was wary of him inside.

After all, Sun Yichen had been nurtured by Wen Zhihang and had close relations with the Wen Family. He was worried that Sun Yichen would cause trouble to him in times of crisis.

Wen Xinya smiled strangely and looked at Sun Yichen without saying anything.

Sun Yichen had already nodded and gravitated towards Qian Jianhui’s side, saying, “We met coincidentally, so I just greeted Missy.”

He knew that Qian Jianhui did not trust him very much. However, he seemed to respect him more recently, and it was obvious that Qian Jianhui was giving him a chance to prove his loyalty. Hence, he would put in all his effort to ensure he did not let Qian Jianhui down.

Furthermore, Xia Ruya had promised that he would be able to replace Cao Zixing after this matter was over, to become the chairman of the executive management. Qian Jianhui would not go against Xia Ruya’s wishes.

Hence, although he suspected that Qian Jianhui would kick him to the curb after he had outlived his usefulness, he was not worried.

Qian Jianhui was scheming and paranoid, so he did not believe what he said. He laughed and said, “Is that so? That’s really too coincidental!”

Then, his eyes gravitated towards Wen Xinya.

Wen Xinya greeted his gaze and could sense a hint of amazement in his eyes. “Yes, it is a coincidence.”

Her words held a deeper meaning, and her eyes were filled with mockery.

Qian Jianhui’s smile wavered before he smiled again, like a Buddha.

At this time, Cao Zixing slowly walked to the reserved elevator and swiped his work pa.s.s. The elevator door opened with a “ding”.

Wen Xinya used her arms to invite the two into the lift, saying, “Chairman Qian and the rest, why don’t you all go ahead?”

This reserved elevator was reserved for the use of the corporation’s shareholders, directors, and a few high-level employees. People like Qian Jianhui were above Wen Xinya in terms of experience and seniority, so no matter what, Wen Xinya should be polite and give way to them.

Qian Jianhui’s smile deepened upon seeing Wen Xinya’s eyes softening. “Niece, you are too polite. The normal lift beside is about to arrive as well, us old things will squeeze into that lift.”

Then, he brought the stakeholders and directors into the normal elevator.

At this time, the normal employees in the normal lift, upon seeing the elders entering, were so nervous that they did not dare to even breathe. Those who were about to enter the elevator also retreated.


Wen Xinya’s face darkened as she saw the doors of the normal elevator shut. She coldly said, “Let’s go too!”

Once they entered the elevator, Cao Zixing angrily said, “This Qian Jianhui is too much. Wen Corporation is not his yet, but he’s already being so arrogant. It seems he has absolutely no regard for the Wen Family.”

Upon thinking about Qian Jianhui’s infuriating face, Cao Zixing was a little angry. Wen Corporation was still called Wen Corporation, not Qian Corporation. Even if he wanted to be arrogant, he should wait until he was truly in control of the Wen Corporation.

Furthermore, he did not bother entertaining Missy when she invited him to board the elevator first.

Xue Yishan laughed coldly. “He’s simply taking advantage of the fact that Old Mr. Wen is still at the police station and that Missy is inexperienced in dealing with the shareholders and the board of directors to a.s.sert his dominance. He really thinks highly of himself.”

He did not deny that Qian Jianhui was an important shareholder, but he was too toxic and selfish. He was also so scheming. These shareholders and directors thought that once he took control of the Wen Corporation they would be able to benefit as well.

Although the Wen Family suppressed the small shareholders. However, they had never mistreated or deprived these small shareholders of any benefits.

The funny thing was, these people had been blinded by the benefits that Qian Jianhui promised to provide them with and could not see past this.

Wen Xinya’s face was indifferent and quiet even with her two subordinates speaking angrily.

Qian Jianhui was indeed a little arrogant and had no regard for her. However, that did not matter. One would be able to see who was more capable in the end. She did not need to be calculative with someone as evil as Qian Jianhui and lose her elegance.

Cao Zixing thought of Sun Yichen and could not help but say, “The most hateful thing is that Sun Yichen seemed so eager to be Qian Jianhui’s dog. Missy was right, he should be careful of those who abandon one after one serves its purpose. Does he really think anything good will happen to him in the future?”

After working together for so long, he did not think that Sun Yichen was such an ingrate. His heart held an immense amount of hurt and anger.

Xue Yishan laughed coldly. “He has food yet chooses not to eat it. Why become angry at such people?”

He felt guilty immediately, for daring to speak such vulgar words in front of Missy.

Wen Xinya laughed indifferently. “History has shown that betrayers never end up well.”

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