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Chapter 835 Still Dreaming

His maternal granddaughter was the only person who was qualified to be engaged to Zhai Sheng. No other person’s granddaughter could be engaged to him.

“…” It was Qi Minlan’s turn to be silent. She did not know what to say.

She did not know how she should put it across that Zhai Sheng was indeed getting engaged, but the young lady was not her daughter. Instead, it was someone whom they had the least suspicions and that she came from a humble background.

Qi Minlan was not willing to say all these as it would mean that Qiu Chenxi had lost to someone who was not as good as her. It was too shameful.

“What’s wrong? Hasn’t Chenxi made up with the son of the Zhai family? If that is so, Chenxi is not moving fast enough. It’s been more than two years. I know that there isn’t any girl around that man. As long as Chenxi works on it, their relations.h.i.+p will work. Tell Chenxi to put in more effort.”

“Dad, what I am telling you now is regarding my marriage to Qiu Qin. Do you think I should get a divorce?” Qi Minlan directed the conversation back to her original topic.

She also wished for her daughter to be engaged and to marry Zhai Sheng, but it was impossible.

Zhai Sheng had filed the marriage report. He would be engaged soon. In the past, he did not like her daughter, and it was all the more impossible now.

Qi Minlan knew that it was impossible to create a done deal.

The men from the Zhai family were blockheads. They would never be intimate with any other ladies. Back then, Zhai Yaohui did not do so, and now, Zhai Sheng would not do so as well.

Otherwise, her daughter would have been pregnant with Zhai Sheng’s child, and Qiao Nan could have never got in the picture.

“You definitely have to get a divorce.” old Master s.h.i.+ sighed. “He has done such illegal things. Like you said, if you don’t get a divorce, it would implicate s.h.i.+ Peng.”

“…” She meant that she would be implicating the s.h.i.+ family, while her father said that it would implicate s.h.i.+ Peng alone. Could it be that to her father, s.h.i.+ Peng was equivalent to the entire s.h.i.+ family?

No, it could not be. s.h.i.+ Peng said that her father had some connections. Therefore, her father must be the person who was in charge of the s.h.i.+ family.

Although s.h.i.+ Peng was not a good brother, he never lied to her. “Dad, you have to help me. I have to get a divorce as soon as possible. We cannot allow things to drag any further. Zhai Sheng only agreed to give Chenxi one month’s time. I feel that it is better that we settle everything within this week. What do you think?”

“Look, Zhai Sheng still treats Chenxi very well. He is a sentimental man. Since he can give her one month, it proves that he is fond of her.” Therefore, it was highly likely that they could be in-laws with the Zhai family.

It was useless to discuss it. As long as Zhai Sheng liked Chenxi, n.o.body would be able to object to it.

“…” Qi Minlan, who initially had a bad temper, felt like slamming the phone. Why did her father insist on talking about Zhai Sheng and Qiu Chenxi? “Dad, when will you talk to your connections? I have all the information with me. I will hire a lawyer to prepare the doc.u.ments and I will submit it right away. How about things at your side?”

“Do you still need my help? Zhai Sheng is being very obvious. The Zhai family has connections as well. Tell Chenxi to use this as an excuse to ask Zhai Sheng for help. You are such an insensible mom. This is a great opportunity, yet you don’t know how to make use of it. The Zhai family has power and authority. Yes, Zhai Sheng is interested in Chenxi, but you cannot possibly want Zhai Sheng to take the initiative to offer his help. He has already extended an olive branch. Why are you being so insensible?!”

“Dad, Zhai Sheng is getting engaged…”

“Is Zhai Sheng getting engaged to Chenxi? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Do you intend to tell me on the day before the engagement? When is it? I will buy a ticket now!” Old Master s.h.i.+ stood up in excitement. It took so many years for the s.h.i.+ family to get back what was supposed to be theirs originally.

Even if the future chief would not be his son or his maternal grandson, it was acceptable to him that the husband of his maternal granddaughter was the chief.

“Chenxi is not getting engaged to Zhai Sheng. It is another young lady from the quad.”

“…” Old Master s.h.i.+, who was getting ready to put on his shoes and order someone to book tickets for the earliest flight, almost slipped and fell. “I am hard of hearing. Did you say that Zhai Sheng is getting engaged to Chenxi?”

“He is getting engaged, but not to Chenxi.” Qi Minlan repeated her words reluctantly.

If Zhai Sheng was getting engaged to Chenxi, she would have no need to ask her father for help.

More importantly, if Zhai Sheng was interested in Chenxi, Qiu Qin would not have suffered setbacks in his career.

As long as Zhai Sheng was willing to help, he had the authority while Qiu Qin had the ways to make money. With the money and authority on their hands, the Zhai family and the Qiu family would strike it big in the future.

If not for Zhai Sheng, n.o.body would find out what Qiu Qin was up to.

If Zhai Sheng was getting engaged to Qiu Chenxi, Qiu Qin would not dare to have another woman outside. There would not be any upheavals in her life as well. She would not be in such a miserable state, having to seek help from her parents.

“Dad, does it mean that if Chenxi is not engaged to Zhai Sheng, you will not help me but watch me die? The Qiu family will run into big trouble very soon. You should know my in-laws well. If I am still married to Qiu Qin, they will definitely ask you or my brother for help. My brother just got a new job and he is starting to do well in his work. However, he is not in good health. If my in-laws pester him, it will affect his work and health. I have been to see my brother. He was busy with work and he only had time to eat his lunch box at around half past twelve. He only took less than five minutes to finish his meal.”

Qi Minlan used what she knew to her advantage. She made it sound as if she was very close to s.h.i.+ Peng and visited him frequently. Hence, that was why she knew about his condition.

“Dad, as his sister, I cannot render him any help. Now that he is doing well in his job, I cannot implicate him. If so, it will be implicating the entire s.h.i.+ family. I am not that shameful. Now that the Qiu family is still kept in the dark, I must hurry to get a divorce as soon as possible before the truth is out.”

“…” Old Master s.h.i.+ did not intend to sit by and not do anything. No matter what, she was his daughter and Chenxi was his granddaughter. But it was indeed a pity that the s.h.i.+ family was not destined to be the chief. It pained him that the s.h.i.+ family missed the chance to be the chief time and again. “Alright, after you get the lawyer to prepare the doc.u.ments, you should go to the court directly. If you want to get a divorce as soon as possible, you need to have all the evidence that you can get.”

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