Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator Chapter 1064 – He Is Chen Beixuan

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Chapter 1064: He Is Chen Beixuan

“What’s going on?”

“Hm, why is there a man in black? Who’s he?”

“I don’t know. He said he’s from the North Qiong Sect as well. Is he one of their masters? But he doesn’t seem to have any power in him. He’s just an ordinary man who doesn’t cultivate! How did he knock those Ancestral Patriarchs away?”

“Yeah, what happened?”

When the man showed up, not only were people in the venue shocked, even the audience watching the live-broadcast on televisions and computers were confused.

Chen Fan was too fast, as if he had appeared all of a sudden.

Everyone saw something flash in front of them and he showed up. Even Chen Jiuyang, Old Lord Lu and Lord Xin didn’t see how he had arrived.

Zhao Deyang, Master Xuanjian and the others felt an invisible energy that couldn’t be blocked, as if there were a comet falling from the sky. They were pushed backwards and they couldn’t fight back, no matter how hard they tried. In the end, they took eighty steps back and fell to the ground. The weaker ones were almost injured.

“Who’s that?”

The Immortal State Warriors on the stage were enraged and Chu Tianxiao even got up as he stared at Chen Fan’s back.

The senior members of Jiang Bei were besieging a disciple of the North Qiong Sect and someone had dared to step up and stop them. This was a humiliation to the cultivation families; they had to suppress him!

Old Lord Lu, Chen Jiuyang and Gao Baisheng were also stunned.

Someone had dared to save the girl in such a situation? There were Connate Cultivators in Jiang Bei. They just didn’t want to besiege a little girl.

“Another cultivator from the North Qiong Sect?” Chu Yun was astonished.

“That guy is dead. Grandpa Zhao and Master Xuanjian will never let him get away,” Lu Yang said. Zhao Mingkong also nodded.

The younger generation had faith in Zhao Deyang, Chu Tianxiao and the others. Besides, more than half of the cultivators were Immortal State Warriors. No one would be able to stop them, except for the Connate Overlords.

“That’s strange. Why does he look familiar?” Jiang Feifei wondered.

Xiao Xuan also found that Chen Fan suddenly disappeared. She looked at the man on the stage again. It indeed looked like Chen Fan.

“It wouldn’t be him,” Xiao Xuan thought.

But she didn’t notice that Yan Junze had turned pale and his body was trembling violently.

“Is it him?” Tang Yifei was also excited, while Chu Minhui’s eyes brightened. However, Chen Fan wasn’t facing them, so they couldn’t be sure. They could only keep staring at him.

At this moment, everyone focused their attention on Chen Fan.

“Kid, who are you?”

Chu Tianxiao’s voice resounded around the venue.

Meanwhile, Chen Fan ignored everyone else and only smiled at the little girl, who was panting with sweat all over her face.

“Chen Yaoyao, are you from the Chen family in Jinlin City?”

“Yes, my father is Chen Xiao. Do you know him?” Chen Yaoyao looked at Chen Fan in shock. She found Chen Fan familiar but unfamiliar at the same time, as if she had seen him somewhere.

Chen Xiao, Chen Fan’s cousin, was the dominator of the underground world in Jinlin City.

“Of course. I even held you in my arms when you were little.” Chen Fan gave a beaming smile as he caressed Chen Yaoyao’s head. “I’ll give those people a lesson for you.”


Chen Fan slowly looked up, facing the Immortal State Warriors, Gao Baisheng and Chen Jiuyang. At this moment, everyone finally saw who he really was.

A lot of people were shocked. They thought this mysterious man looked pretty young!

Jiang Feifei, Lu Yang and Xiao Xuan widened their eyes and couldn’t believe what they were seeing. “Wasn’t that Chen Fan? Why did he suddenly run on the stage?” They had never thought he was the man in black.

“He wasn’t lying when he said he was from the North Qiong Sect. However, he doesn’t have any power at all and didn’t even accept Lu Yang’s challenge. Why did he go up there now?”

And yet, Gao Baisheng and Chu Tianxiao were already terrified, as if they had seen a ghost. Even Grandmasters like Old Lord Lu and Chen Jiuyang were stunned.

“You… You…” Chu Tianxiao pointed at Chen Fan and he couldn’t even say a word as his body trembled.

“Why? Didn’t you say that the North Qiong Sect is an evil sect? I’m right in front of you now. You can say that to me once again.”

Chen Fan was speaking calmly, but Chu Tianxiao was so terrified he almost collapsed.

“The Master of the North Qiong Sect?”

Many people in the audience and guests were startled.

This was too unfamiliar to everyone. Even the older generation had to think for a while about who the Master of the North Qiong Sect was. After all, he had disappeared for a decade. And yet, they were all dumbfounded when they finally remembered and they looked at Chen Fan as if he were a ghost.

“Master of the North Qiong Sect? How dare you interfere with the matters of Jiang Bei? You’re digging your own grave!”

Luo Guojun was thrown the furthest away and he felt dizzy. When he got up, he immediately attacked Chen Fan from the back. The Essence Qi of the world even turned into a tornado with terrifying power that shook the ground.

However, Zhao Deyang and Master Xuanjian yelled in fear, “No, Brother Luo. He’s Chen…”


Before Luo Guojun finished his sentence, Chen Fan had crushed him to pieces, together with his Golden Core and Divine Soul. Those pieces were even smaller than atoms and they turned into a blood mist.


As Zhao Deyang and the others said, “He’s Chen Beixuan…”

Their last two words sounded softer.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

This Immortal State Overlord of the Luo family had turned into a blood mist, as if he had never existed. Countless people in the venue and the whole country witnessed this with their own eyes. Even “Jiang Hua,” the commentator of Mango Live, was speechless.

An Immortal State Warrior died just like that? Chen Fan killed him so effortlessly, like he was just sweeping the floor? That was Luo Guojun, an Immortal State Overlord!

Many people felt like there was something wrong with the way they saw the world.

Jiang Feifei, Lu Yang, Xiao Xuan and Cheng Hui were among them.

However, those who recognized the young man or his name were deeply astonished. They knew the earth-shattering energy behind this name.

That was the top cultivator on Earth back then.

Chen Beixuan!

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