Rebirth of the Tyrant's Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce Chapter 330 – Words Can Kill (1)

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Chapter 330: Words Can Kill (1)

With such a big commotion in the marquis’ residence, naturally, many people could not sleep. News of the old mistress’ death spread to many ears in an instant.

Meanwhile, the lights were still on in the Qi royal mansion. Gong Jue was actually still awake.

At this moment, he had buried himself in writing at the study. Countless ideas were pouring out like water. These were all things Gong Yimo pa.s.sed to him, and with high proficiency, he gave it the value it deserved.

But Imperial Sister…Where are you?

Just when Gong Jue was about to hand the letter over to be sent off to the shop, he received two pieces of news. Firstly, it was news of the marquis’ household. He raised a brow and looked toward the East palace, smirking.

Who knows what his good brother who was known for his kindness would deal with this.

But it had nothing to do with him anyway. It was nothing if Su Miaolan could not marry the crown prince. There was no way the crown prince wouldn’t be able to marry. After all, the empress was still around. So, he tossed this matter aside and read the second letter.

There was only a single sentence written above.

Gong Yimo is suspected to have appeared at Yuheng’s border!

He looked delightedly over that sentence several times, confirming repeatedly the words written above. Then, he clasped the letter in his hand. His chest was undulating, and his eyes seemed to be glowing.

Imperial Sister…He finally has news of her!

The next day, a great bout of snow befell Yuheng!

But no matter how cold the snow was, it could not match the coldness of the hearts of the people. In the early morning, corpses were dragged non-stop from Xingyun Palace, leaving a trail of blood in its wake. Now, a shocking red was left on the striking white.

The entire hall echoed with Jin Sheng’s roars!

It was as if he had gone mad, and both his eyes were scarlet red!

The crown prince, Jin Zhou, who was standing below was beaten to a pulp. His face was so swollen that he could not speak at all. But he deserved this misfortune.

In the dark night, n.o.body hard dared to see what was going on with the constant wailings from Xingyun Palace. Things finally went quiet, but the crown prince suddenly ran over. After asking about the situation a little, he rushed in under the guise of guarding the emperor, and this disgusting sight of two men in bed was exposed to the world!

And his screams had also woken up Jin Sheng who had been caught in the abyss. When he realized that he was pinned underneath a man, his mind was instantly burning with rage. Coincidentally, he felt something hard in his hands and found it to be a dagger. Without even thinking about it, he struck forth!

Poor Lu Cha was still enjoying himself when he felt a pain on his lower body! He! Was actually emasculated by Jin Sheng in one strike!

His cries attracted the attention of all his guards. All of them saw their lord’s horror and none of them could bear it. They quickly entered into a fight with the emperor’s men!

Meanwhile, Jin Sheng’s face distorted. He struggled to support his torn body and glared wrathfully at the main offender, Jin Zhou. He wanted nothing more than to tear him to shreds!

It’s over! He’s finished! He, an emperor, was…by a man..!!

If he did not murder all the witnesses, how could he still have the face to live on in this world?

Even though Lu Cha had brought many men, this was Yuheng’s imperial palace after all. His men were all gradually killed, and Jin Sheng had wanted to kill both Lu Cha and the crown prince together, but King An quickly arrived and saved them both.

Right now, Lu Cha had already been sent off for treatment, but Jin Zhou was inevitably beaten. You could say that this truly was a night of chaos!

When King An walked into the audience hall, Jin Sheng’s voice was already hoa.r.s.e from his constant howling. But while sitting on his dragon throne, he was still thinking. Who else had he yet to kill?

Therefore, the instant he saw King An whom he tended to rely heavily upon, his eyes were filled with murder!

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