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“You Master Hua Xialin, I didn’t think that you would actually dare to step into my square meter land again.”

“However, it’s good that you’ve come at the right time. Take advantage of this opportunity and leave you in our land forever. It will save you a lot of trouble in the future.”


The leader of the Mi Fang’s strongest Super Soldier Troops narrowed her eyes and spoke word by word, overflowing with killing intent.


Behind him, over 20 of the strongest warriors, followed up with a cold robotic voice.


A powerful aura instantly exploded forth.

Although there were only twenty or so people, the terrifying pressure that they released was much more than the one that came from the hundreds of super soldiers in the second tier.

Even the current Lin Feng, after they appeared, felt a terrifying pressure. It was as if he was carrying a mountain, and his chest was pressed down by a ten thousand jin boulder, making it almost impossible for him to breathe.


As Lin Feng’s gaze swivelled around, he had already made his decision.

Against the most powerful warriors in the area, even he could not withstand a single blow. He had to escape as fast as he could, otherwise, if he were to be delayed any longer, he might even lose his chance to escape.

The only thing he could do was watch as he fell into the hands of Mi Fang’s strongest Super Soldier Troops.

“Swish …”

With the fusion of his strange flames, he compressed them into a green-red ball of flame and lightning, throwing it into the location of the werewolves. Lin Feng turned around and escaped with his fastest speed.

“Bang, bang bang …”

It was as if a Bomb’s Father had been thrown here. In the span of a breath, the entire werewolf clan was razed to the ground.

However, those super strong warriors who had just arrived were still unharmed.

It was as if the fusion bomb, which could flatten the entire werewolf tribe, was nothing more than a gust of wind to them.


Lin Feng immediately took out his Chaotic Element Flying Sword s and then merged with his sword. With the fastest speed possible, he flew towards the Orcs.

He had never expected to injure Mi Fang’s strongest Super Warrior. The only reason he did that was to buy time for his escape.

Twice, twice, five times.

Six times, seven times, ten times.

Eleven times, twelve times …

Sixteen times, seventeen times.

After the Chaotic Element Flying Sword had reached the low-rank treasure’s rank, Lin Feng’s flying speed on the sword had also increased a little.

From 15 times that of supersonic speed to 17 times that of supersonic speed, although it was only a short increase of two times, it was still extremely terrifying.

After one reached a certain speed, it would become increasingly difficult to break through. Especially after reaching ten times the speed of sound, the difficulty would increase exponentially. From ten times to eleven times the speed of sound, the difficulty was greater than five times to ten times the speed of sound. Thus, from fifteen to seventeen times, the difficulty could be imagined!

“Quickly chase!”

With an order from the leader, he led twenty plus of his best warriors and followed closely behind at their fastest speed.

Unfortunately, although they were extremely fast, with Lin Feng being one with his sword, they were still inferior to him by seventeen times the speed of sound.

Even though he was trying his best, the distance was still shortening.

“d.a.m.n it!”

Within the Mi Fang Super Warrior Headquarters Base, Master responsible, and all the higher-ups were observing the scene from the live broadcast.

Watching the distance between them grow further and further, the Master responsible was enraged.

The same was true for the dozen or so senior executives. Their gazes of fury were on the verge of spitting fire.

“That Master Hua Xialin, he’s really too arrogant.”

“According to the direction he fled in, he would definitely be heading to the Orcs Clan next.”

“The werewolves have all been killed, of the three ancient families, only the Orcs and the vampires are left. The two families must not have any more accidents.”

“Master, we must save the Orcs Clan and the Vampires!”

In the midst of their rage, a dozen or so Super Soldier Troops higher-ups shouted excitedly.

As his words fell, all of them landed on the Master responsible s’ bodies, looking at them with the same expression of antic.i.p.ation.

“The vampire clan can still be saved, but the Orcs clan won’t be able to!”

Under Master responsible’s serious gaze, he shook his head helplessly.

“Milord, we must protect it.”

“If only the vampire race is left, our square-shaped Hidden Martial Arts Forces would be dead.”

The dozen or so higher-ups continued to speak nervously.

The super wartime troops had suffered heavy losses. For the military, this was a huge loss. If Hidden Martial Arts Forces was seriously injured, it would truly be adding on to the snow.

“Safeguard, how?”

Master responsible reprimanded with a roar:

“Based on the speed of that Master Hua Xialin, I’m afraid that after our people rushed to the Orcs, he had already annihilated the entire clan along with their own!”

“Give up on the Orcs race and go directly to the Vampire family. Otherwise, the three ancient clans would be completely destroyed. If that’s really the case, our square-meter Hidden Martial Arts Forces is not about to fall, but really fall. “

“Also, if we go directly to the Vampire Clan, we can also set up a formation in advance so that when the Master Hua Xialin reaches the Vampire Clan, we won’t be able to escape even if we have wings!”

As his voice faded, the dozen or so upper echelons were all silent.

The truth was indeed what the Master responsible had said. Lin Feng’s speed was simply too fast, even if the strongest super warrior chased after him with all his might, there was no hope. Giving up on the Orcs family and arranging everything in advance for the vampire clan was the only choice.

“But… What if that Master Hua Xialin figured out everything and gave up on the vampire race? “

After a moment of silence, the dozen or so people continued to ask worriedly.

“Absolutely impossible.”

Mi Fang Super Soldier Army of the Mi Fang Super Soldier Army denied without hesitation:

“With that Master Hua Xialin’s character, he will definitely not let the vampire race off.”

With that, he contacted the leader of the strongest Super Soldier Troops s.

“Give up the chase and head to the vampire clan to set up an inescapable net.”

Judging by the distance and speed between the two sides, by the time these strongest warriors had caught up to the Orcs, wouldn’t the entire clan of the Orcs be exterminated as well?

It would be better to just give up on the Orcs race and ambush them, then wait for Lin Feng’s arrival.

“Yes sir!”

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh …

After receiving the order, the strongest Super Soldier Troops in Mi Square, under the lead of the team leader, ensured that the distance between them and Lin Feng, was widened to a safe distance.

He immediately changed his direction and headed towards the Vampires.

… ….

Lin Feng’s footsteps did not pause for even a moment, continuing to rush towards the direction of the Orcs’s clan grounds with the fastest speed possible under the state of One with the Sword and Man.

Two hours later, he exited the state of One with the Sword and Man. With the Chaotic Element Flying Sword in his hand, he stood in the air above the Orcs.

“Get out here to die!”

The cold voice exploded in mid-air, as the sword in his hand slashed down.

Although the sword did not unleash a simple sword move, it used the power of the physical body and the immortal elemental energy to attack together.


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